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What are the first signs of pancreatic cancer?- Treatments
Price: Free! Words: 340. Language: English. Published: August 17, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Cancer
Pancreatic cancer firstly begins in the tissues of your pancreas( lower part of the stomach) — an organ in your abdomen that lies horizontally behind the lower part of your stomach. Your pancreas releases some enzymes that aid digestion and hormones that help manage your blood sugar( that help regulate the metabolism of sugars).
What are the Symptoms of Measles and How to Prevent it?
Price: Free! Words: 450. Language: English. Published: August 16, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Family health
Measles is a viral disease that can spread rapidly. This is a highly infectious disease caused by the rubeola virus. This is a viral infection that's serious for small children but is easily preventable by vaccine and medication.
Impulsive behavior during teenage can trouble you in adulthood
Price: Free! Words: 320. Language: English. Published: August 15, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Healthcare issues
Nowadays when your teen nature is not normal like excessively impulsive, arrogant, depressed, stressed out and has conduct issues, so you can not neglect it. Consult a counselor immediately.
The Beltway Beast: Stealing from Future Generations and Destroying the Middle Class
You set the price! Words: 34,780. Language: English. Published: July 4, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Politics and Current Affairs » Democracy, Nonfiction » Politics and Current Affairs » Current affairs
The Beltway Beast: Stealing from Future Generations and Destroying the Middle Class, transcends the anger and frustration of American people with their leaders failing to solve the country’s problems. It documents our current reality and offers transformational ideas, such as shrinking the Presidential Primary process by utilizing technology, reducing healthcare cost through Smart Patient Credits,
What's Up Doc: How to Get Your Doctor to Really Listen to You
Price: $6.99 USD. Words: 15,750. Language: English. Published: June 29, 2018 by Hybrid Global Publishing. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Medicine, Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Medicine
Communication is the cornerstone of a strong doctor-patient relationship. This book will help you get your information across clearly and succinctly. It will assist your doctors to do their job better, which is to diagnose, treat, and provide care. The better job your doctor does, the more you’ll benefit.
Remembrance Acres: The Golden Years of Super-Heroes
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 97,390. Language: English. Published: June 28, 2018 by Bold Venture Press. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories, Fiction » Fantasy » Contemporary
The Golden Years of Super-Heroes aren't always golden, especially when they spend their final days in Remembrance Acres — in poor health — and their only advocate is Gardner Flookz. This crusading malpractice adjuster flunked medical AND law school ... but gained enough understanding to swagger through both worlds. If space cadets, wizards, and vampires have nowhere to turn, Flookz is on the case!
The Purple World: Healing the Harm in American Health Care
Pre-release—available September 4, 2018. Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 61,880. Language: English. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Healthcare issues
In this riveting book, Dr. Joseph Jarvis, MD, examines how our nation's focus has radically shifted from the disease to the dollar-drastically harming Americans in the process. With unforgettable stories drawn from Dr. Jarvis's thirty-plus years in the medical profession, he gets you thinking about health-care reform in a big way.
Confessions of an Old Man: How Millennials are Being Robbed
Price: $1.99 USD. Words: 36,520. Language: English. Published: July 4, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Politics and Current Affairs » Current affairs, Nonfiction » Social Science » Political science
The future is being stolen from the millennial generation. Baby boomers have much to answer for: a legacy of economic instability, poor job growth, and an environmental disregard. Confessions of an Old Man is a statement of collective guilt that places the responsibility on the author's generation for dealing a bad card to its children.
The Silver Water Coincidences: Will a Unique Form of Nanosilver Ever Be an Approved Treatment for Cancer, TB, HIV and Several Less Serious Conditions?
Price: Free! Words: 16,890. Language: English. Published: April 17, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Cancer, Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Alternative medicine
At 85, Harry Watson was diagnosed with cancer and given a month to live. He discovered a high-quality nanosilver drink and found himself in good health six weeks later. He had to share, so he obtained distribution rights to make Precious Waters™ nanosilver affordably available. The FDA forbids making claims that it treats or cures disease, but this book was written to help Harry spread the word.
The Six Million Dollar Question: A Guide for Health Care Organizations Struggling with Cash Flow
Price: Free! Words: 4,020. Language: English. Published: April 9, 2018. Categories: Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Accounting / managerial
Medical providers are among the best trained to talk about uncomfortable problems. Yet when it comes to money, many health organizations fall short. Financial challenges rank No. 1 on the list of hospital CEOs’ top concerns. Find out how to transform your hospital or healthcare group from having cash flow problems to getting paid on time without complaint — all thanks to one simple question.