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The Sleepwalking Vampire
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 36,760. Language: English. Published: May 21, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Readers / Intermediate, Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction
12-year-old detectives Steve, Matt, and Jenny agree to help their friend Tyrone with a unique problem –his niece thinks she’s a vampire. Believing the girl has an over-active imagination, the trio spends the night at her home. But when the young girl vanishes and a bat turns up in her place, the three friends find themselves facing something they never thought possible –a real vampire.
The Magic Sapphire
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 21,720. Language: English. Published: May 20, 2019. Categories: Fiction » Children’s books » Readers / Intermediate, Fiction » Children’s books » Fiction
Steve, Matt, and Jenny always dreamed of becoming detectives. One day, their dreams become reality when they discover an ancient treasure map written by a pirate named Elias Darby over three hundred years ago. According to legend, the dying pirate hid a magical stone with mysterious powers somewhere in the Northern California hills, with only a poem titled El Alma de Dios as the key to locating it
Catherine the Great: Empress of Russia
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,030. Language: English. Published: April 13, 2019 by Categories: Nonfiction » Children's Books » Biography & Autobiography / Royalty, Nonfiction » Children's Books » History / Europe
Sophie von Anhalt-Zerbst was an intelligent and ambitious girl. She first met her cousin Karl Peter Ulrich when she was ten. She didn’t like him. The scheming of others saw her life turned around. A new name and country and an unhappy marriage lead to Karl "Peter" on the Russian throne. Catherine soon overthrew him. Ruling Russia for 34 years, she became known as Catherine the Great. RL: 6.9
14 Fun Facts About Life in the Early 1800s
Series: 14 Fun Facts. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,330. Language: English. Published: March 21, 2019 by Categories: Nonfiction » Children's Books » History / United States / 19th Century, Nonfiction » Children's Books » People & Places / United States / General
Life in the early 1800s was very different than it is today. If you had been born in America 200 years ago, you would have had much more work to do, much less free time, fewer toys and clothes, and no internet or even computers! Life was much simpler then, but it was also a lot harder. How much do you know about what life was like back then? Here are some fun facts. Reading Level: 6.3
14 Fun Facts About George Washington
George Washington was our first president and the father of our country. Many books and articles have been written about him, and his life has been studied thoroughly. We are also aided in knowing him by the many records he kept about his life, his farms, and his purchases. With all that information, some facts get lost in the shuffle. Here are a few fun facts you may not know. RL: 6.9
14 Fun Facts About the Dead Sea
Series: 14 Fun Facts. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 2,900. Language: English. Published: January 2, 2019 by Categories: Nonfiction » Children's Books » People & Places / Middle East, Nonfiction » Children's Books » History / Middle East
The Dead Sea is a salt-filled sea which sits on the border between Israel, Jordan and Palestine. It is 31 miles (50 km) long and 9 miles (15 km) wide at its widest point. It is one of the world's saltiest bodies of water. At 997 feet (304 metres) deep, it is the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. Find out more about the Dead Sea and amaze your family and friends with these fun facts. RL: 6.3
Dem Bones: The Skeleton Inside You
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 2,090. Language: English. Published: December 31, 2018 by Categories: Nonfiction » Children's Books » Health, Nonfiction » Children's Books » Science & Nature / Anatomy & Physiology
"Dem Bones, dem bones, dem dry bones." You've heard the song, but what are bones? Are they living things? Or are they just stuff that got hard? The quick easy answers are: Things in your body, yes, and yes. Bones are the levers in your body. They attach to your muscles so you can move. They also give your body shape. Find out more about your bones, how they are built, and how they work. RL: 4.3
14 Fun Facts About the Sahara
Series: 14 Fun Facts. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,190. Language: English. Published: December 29, 2018 by Categories: Nonfiction » Children's Books » People & Places / Africa, Nonfiction » Children's Books » Science & Nature / Environmental Science & Ecosystems
The Sahara is a land of extremes. It is the largest hot desert on Earth where the sand can reach a whopping 176 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius). It is also a land of mountains, plains – and snow. It is a constantly changing landscape with winds that blast dust halfway around the planet. amaze your family and friends with these fun facts. Ages 8 and up. Reading Level: 6.9
14 Fun Facts About Earthquakes
Series: 14 Fun Facts. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,320. Language: English. Published: December 28, 2018 by Categories: Nonfiction » Children's Books » Science & Nature / Earth Sciences / Earthquakes & Volcanoes, Nonfiction » Children's Books » History / United States / General
Earthquakes can be frightening occurrences. Suddenly the ground begins to shake. Things are thrown around and buildings come crashing to the ground. Scientists have studied earthquakes for years and have discovered many things. How much do you know? Amaze your family and friends with these fun facts. Ages 8+. RL: 6.2
14 Fun Facts About Gladiators
Series: 14 Fun Facts. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 3,240. Language: English. Published: December 15, 2018 by Categories: Nonfiction » Children's Books » History / Europe, Nonfiction » Children's Books » People & Places / Europe
Roman gladiators have captured the interest of many modern people. We look at the practice of fighting to the death for a crowd's amusement as horrifying. But who were the actual gladiators and what do we really know about them? Do you know: How did gladiator fights start? Were all gladiators slaves or criminals? Were there women gladiators? Learn this and more in this fun 15-minute book. RL: 6.5
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