Amaqhalo neZaci zesiXhosa: Awamandulo nakule mihla

Blend your language use by flavouring it with olden days and contemporary written and verbal expressions. This book contains 278 proverbs and 1300 idioms in simplified isiXhosa language. It contains lists of proverbs and idioms with explanations of their meanings and with selected examples of usage to make your written and oral communication skills fun.

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About Monwabisi Mgulwa

An established ebook author and publisher at Smashwords. Also able to format scripts for Smashwords publishing. My major focus was initially socio-cultural and socio-political works. Two books are historico-cultural, viz. Amasiko nezithethe zamaHlubi, translated to English as AmaHlubi Culture and Customs. One is politico-religeous, Enoch Mgijima- Inkintsela (The Genius). Amaqhalo neZaci zesiXhosa is for general and academic reading. Then
Intsika is poetry. Bavumeleni abantwana beze kum which is scriptural based on Christian religion. The recently published ebook is Umomgo Womphefumlo which relates my thoughts about the mystery of the soul. It endeavours to to answer questions like 'What is a soul? From where does the soul originate? What is the relationship between the soul and the environment? What is the relationship between the soul and other souls? Where does the soul go when it leaves the body?'

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