Locus Origin - The Never Born

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In a world decimated by a long, drawn-out war where a never-ending stream of fresh clones are fed to the Terran war machine, a genetically engineered squad of soldiers must fight to survive against all odds. They must struggle to establish their own identities in a world that has little respect for human life, and even less for that of a clone. More

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Locus Origin - Merillian, trailer
A book trailer for the second chapter in the Locus Origin series.


stephen j gallagher reviewed on on July 15, 2014

Loved Locus Origin....great tech and creature descriptions even though the format is pretty standard now. I would love to see it with a better cover though (i know never judge a book etc...) but
i almost did thinking it was aimed at a younger audience and it really deserves to be read by anyone who loves the scif-fi genre
(review of free book)
Lord Sinister reviewed on on Sep. 23, 2012

I gotta say this book rocks! Just finished it 10 minutes ago and already downloading the sequel. Still leaves a lot of unanswered questions, hoping the next will reveal more. The setting's dark and cruel. Dig all the lil background info and the world feels very alive. Ps. Jago rules!!!!
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Phillip Ryers reviewed on on Sep. 21, 2012

This book is pretty epic. I'm not a fan of series, i prefer one off storeis, so i was a bit dissapointed to find out only after i finished it that it was a part of a sereis. The book could function as a standalone story though, leaving some thigns up for the reader to decide for himself i guess. I was gonna give it 4 stars for being a series, but I just couldnt. Anyway, just bought book 2 and started readin it yesterday and I'm already hooked. Damn you Christian Matari!
(reviewed 8 months after purchase)
Majiek Wojcik reviewed on on Sep. 20, 2012

Im only half finished and already love this book so much i buy the second book! Love the pitures and races on facebook! want more!!!!!!!
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Marc Denuto reviewed on on Sep. 19, 2012

A pretty great book I have to say. Wasn't expectin much but it's well written, full of excitement and fun characters. Love how dark the world is and theres a lot left out for the imagination. Some nice surprising twists as well that I absolutely didn't see coming.
(reviewed 8 months after purchase)
Torelli Noz reviewed on on Sep. 18, 2012

This book is intense. Finally got around to reading it after all this time. Got stuck in the airport with my kindle this weekend for 8 hours and thought I'd give it a go. Almost missed my flight when it finally took off as I was completely immersed in reading :D
(reviewed 8 months after purchase)
Brendan Dougherty reviewed on on Aug. 27, 2012

I downloaded this book a few weeks ago. Got sent a free coupon over twitter. Wasn't really sure if I was giong to read it as I've heard horror stories of bad spelling and grammar among self published books, as I think this is? But I'm happy to say that there's none of that in this. At least none that I could find. Not only that, the book is terrific. From the moment I started reading I just couldn't seem to put it down. I just purchased the second book yesterday on Amazon and can't wait to get home from work and start reading it.
(reviewed 19 days after purchase)
Jake Ian reviewed on on Feb. 5, 2012

The character's are a bit underdeveloped but apart from that I really like this book. Since it's the first in a series, hopefully they will continue to develop. Taz and the Ape are really funny and Marcus and Reid, the sniper guy, are really cool! I'm not sure I understood the ending though. Don't want to spoil things for others so I won't get into it.
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)
Dorothea Grear reviewed on on Feb. 3, 2012

A really great book. A bit less hard-scifi than I normally like, but very exciting and hope the rest of the series will be just as good, if not better!
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)
Adam Pherson reviewed on on Feb. 3, 2012

This book is amazing! Read it in two days, something I haven't done in years. Normally I'm a very slow reader, but this book just grabs a hold of you and refuses to let go. I hope the next one comes out soon, because I really can't wait to read it.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Sadie Holsinger reviewed on on Nov. 17, 2011

I‘ve been waiting for this book to come out for a couple of months now. When I finally saw it on Amazon I thought it was a bit expensive so I came here and downloaded the sample chapters to give it a try.
To be honest, I didn't really love the beginning. Don't get me wrong, I liked it, just didn't love it, apart from the prologue which was excellent and really sets an awesome tone.

After reading through the rest of the sample chapters I was sort of hooked and decided to sign up on Smashwords and give the rest of the book a try, mostly because I‘m a sucker for a good long scifi series and I was really hoping that this one would have potential. I was really surprised that almost immediately after the sample chapters, the book takes on a completely different direction than I had expected and is just full of nasty surprises which really made me fall in love with this book. It‘s really exciting, intriguing and just full of details which tie into the short stories on the book‘s website in such a way that you almost have to look for them.

I absolutely loved most if not all the characters, especially Jago. Also, while the author does a great job of wrapping things up, he also leaves you yearning for more. There are questions that need answers, which I can only hope to be explored later on in the series. Some might find that annoying, but I love the mystery.
If the rest of the series is anything like the first one, then I think it's going to go really far.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)

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