Blind Veil

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How can an unreported crime that occurred forty years in the past,and across the country, affect a New York City Cop today?

What happens when the former U.S. Marine, turned New York City Cop, meets an eccentric scientist who claims to hold secrets that have been kept from society?

Is this all truly happening, or is he slowly losing his grip on reality?

Find out in this psychological thriller. More

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What does an unreported crime that occurred decades ago have to do with a NYC cop? Everything! The old scientist had to be lying-or so the decorated police officer and former Marine tries to tell himself. In a race for his life he must decide if he is crazy or if the world he knows is merely an illusion. As the evidence mounts,he faces the terrifying question--is the Blind Veil lifting?

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Heather Boustead reviewed on on May 20, 2012

Blind Veil
By Michael Lorde

Former marine and now a long time police officer Lamont Simms has just bought a boat and is spending a few days out on the ocean taking a much needed vacation. As Lamont is napping off the few beers he has consumed a shadowy figure boards the boat only to sink it and wait for Lamont’s body. Fortunately Lamont escapes his imminent death and is rescued by an elderly man only to find himself the focus of a bizarre experiment.

Michael Lorde combines psychological thriller and science fiction to create a strange and intriguing novel, what if what you thought you knew was not real at all? The author did a wonderful job at leaving you guessing and in the end wanting to know more but would it be a true psychological thriller if there was a sequel; I loved the cliff hanger of this book. The scenes were exceptional and you can tell the author’s police background came into play giving the scenes a much more realistic feel to them. This was a quick and fun read if you enjoy detective novels you should definitely give this one a try it is unlike any I have read before.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
aobibliophile reviewed on on May 6, 2012

"The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible." - Oscar Wilde

Lamont Simms is a New York City cop who does his job well and has a clean record to show for it. after days of little sleep and putting up with his partner on their beat, Lamont takes his boat and goes on vacation. little did he know that this trip would forever change his life and the way he would view the world around him.
author Michael Lorde's novel crosses multiple genres. his story, which has a combination of sci-fi, police procedural, crime, mystery and thriller elements, grabbed my attention from the first chapter to the last. at each turn of the page, i never knew what was going to happen next. it was a strange, oftentimes surreal yet exhilarating ride that sustained my interest from beginning to end.
this page-turner deals with a subject matter that has been written about and even shown on the silver screen but i have never read or seen anything like it before. the fact that the author still managed to come up with something brilliant and original is really remarkable.
although the setting is contemporary, it has a classic, vintage feel to it reminiscent of the 50s and 60s which i liked.
overall, i loved this book and its premise. even if this book can stand alone, i would not mind if there were a sequel. in fact, i welcome it.
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
Mallory Heart Reviews reviewed on on April 13, 2012

An incredibly intense reader’s hook rockets us into this novel, yanked by the throat, jaw-dropped, and that hook never lets go. It’s difficult to “race through the pages” when you’re reading an ebook, but I just about managed to because I simply couldn’t turn away. Author Michael Lorde demonstrates a sure eye for identifying social patterns and cultural milieus, and delivers those without judgment or faulting.

“Blind Veil” is a VERY complex novel, thankfully the first in a series. There are multiple layers, several different genres, solid protagonists and numerous deftly-designed secondary characters. I was riveted, and could not sleep until I had stayed up later than usual, simply because I was unwilling to set the novel aside to finish later! I marveled at the ways in which Author Lorde intertwined the diverse threads of past and present (and future) and was stunned by the impact of the conclusion. “Blind Veil” works fine as a stand-alone, but I for one am grateful to see it continuing into a series, because I definitely wish to learn more about Lamont Simms, about research scientists Byron Chelevski and Rae Sullivan, and especially about that incredibly dramatic conclusion, which I refuse to spoil for the reader. (Be good to yourself: read the book through-this is NOT a novel in which to read the end before the beginning, as some readers do. Please do NOT read the END first!)
(reviewed 18 days after purchase)
Zoe Saadia reviewed on on Feb. 15, 2012

Great tension, great premise

Blind Veil is a very gripping, fast moving thriller that is difficult to put down. The tension never slacks as Lamont Simms, a very likable main character, discovers something he doesn’t sure he want to discover. Along with Simms, the reader is kept in a perpetual suspense, not knowing what will come next.

This novel has a great pace and its premise is great. I love the way the author chose to present his story, the way the plot is revealed to the reader, slowly but surely, never boring, always keeping you on edge.

I recommend this read to anyone who loves a great story.
(reviewed 25 days after purchase)
D.A. Graystone reviewed on on Feb. 5, 2012

Michael Lorde's Blind Veil is a fast moving blend of mystery and science fiction. The novel brings to mind Asimov's robot novels. Lorde's main character, Lamont Simms, is first and foremost a cop and the story is an excellent mystery/conspiracy story. However, it has the added benefit of a sci-fi twist that adds so much to the tension and psychological thrills of the novel. Whether you enjoy mystery or sci-fi, you will love this novel. I can't wait for Mr. Lorde's next novel.
(reviewed 16 days after purchase)
White Sun Press reviewed on on Jan. 29, 2012

I really enjoyed this book, and it is a fast read. It starts out with a very likeable character, Emmett, an older, African-American man who owns a farm in a time and a place where that didn't happen very often. When a crime is committed on his land, he is forced to cover it up because of who and what he is to the other ranchers, but it haunts him until the day he dies, and pretty much tears his family apart. The story starts there, but then fast-forwards about forty-odd years to his nephew, who is a NYC beat cop and a lot more affected by those past events than he knows. What follows from there is one of the most intriguing plot lines I've read in a long reminded me of "They Live," a movie I really loved when I was younger, only without the dark humor of that movie. Instead it carries a far more serious tone, one somewhere between the X-Files and a police procedural. Simms, the main character, has a pretty normal life for a cop, until one day he is kidnapped by a bizarre and seemingly scientist who tells him a fantastical story about a conspiracy threatening to annihilate the human race. In the process of his kidnapping, the scientist shoots Simms up with a substance that he claims will allow him to see the "truth." After that, Simms' life is never the a reader you're put through the wringer with him as he starts seeing things he can't explain, ends up in a mental institution and then on the run, all the while caught up in a conspiracy whose players he can only guess at, some of whom appear to be friends he's known and trusted for years. If I had any gripe at all (and it's a small one), it was only that it ended a little abruptly, and I would have liked more regarding the final payoff where the reader finally learns the true extent of what's going on and Simms' connection to all of it. But I really hope Lorde is planning a sequel, because I definitely want to read that book! Strong recommend.
(reviewed 10 days after purchase)
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