Soo Toglak and the Lyrical Mermaid

No one doubted the braveness of Soo Toglak for she was a fierce Mangoria girl. Yet even she admitted she could not match Lyra Bellicosa when it came to swimming in dangerous waters. Her desire to emulate the talented girl led to puzzling discoveries and seemingly sinister behaviour. What was the secret obsession regarding dolls and why was the lyrical Lyra behaving like some besotted mermaid? More
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About Martyn Brown

Winkel World Tales began as a wonderful writing experiment, an endeavour to update old plot twists and outrageous emotional dilemmas by means of futuristic settings. Originally written at the rate of one a week over a five month period, the stories quickly evolved into extravagant melodrama, pungent satire and unlikely adventures. Unexpectedly, the characters who populated these stories began to enrich them with a depth of pathos and passion that supported the improbable plots, adding a realism to the heartfelt emotions, aspirations and beliefs that defined each individual (even the notorious Massking twins!).

Due to the rapid development of the stories an inter-connected timeline allowed each tale to impinge on others where paths sometimes crossed, effectively creating an epic quarter million word super adventure if all the twenty tales were read at once. Is there an essential reading order? Not at all for each novelette is a complete adventure in itself.

Why do the mischievous Massking twins keep shouting "Mind the bones!" or leave empty snail shells in shady pathways for the unwary to crunch underfoot? How does the elegant and serene Princess Rapture deal with the unfortunate phenomena of exploding roses or rogue dust mice?

What is the sinister truth behind the Congress of Dolls and what the best way of dealing with the most devious cactus of all, the Mercy Lure? Who does Billy Buckle have a soft spot for and how do the mysterious Tinkers seem to travel everywhere instantly?

Could you answer Sharshua Dragonsong's quite reasonable question: at what point does complex life reach a level of consciousness so that it recognises itself as a living soul? I certainly can't. Is it possible, truly possible, to ever anger the sweet-hearted and infinitely kind Vetta Mindal? Perhaps, if you were to steal her plate of cheese. Yet not even then for sharing is a kind of generosity, and that as she would be sure to tell you is one of the five wellsprings of joy, the faith which imbues her soul with angelic serenity.

And finally, can you catch a fairy? You can if you are the lucky recipient of a Fairy Tangle, if you know what that is. All the above and a thousand other curious puzzles and surprises can be found solely and exclusively in Winkel World Tales! Written with pleasure in mind to be enjoyed by all. Cosy fantasy at its cosiest and most fantastic!

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