Demon's Moon

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Ceridwyn Brent is out to do just one thing, write her PhD thesis on the metaphysical transformation process of were-creatures. But when her research leads her into one of London’s werewolf packs, she discovers an ancient threat to both wolf and human-kind is returning. Under the Demon’s Moon, Ragnarok will begin unless Ceri can find a way to stop it. More

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Words: 79,190
Language: English
ISBN: 9781465923608
About Niall Teasdale

I'm a computer programmer who has been writing fantasy and sci-fi since I was fifteen. The Thaumatology series is, therefore, the culmination of 30 years work! Wow! Never thought of it like that.

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Review by: Mallory Heart Reviews on April 21, 2012 :
Intriguingly magical, a London where Fae, Demons, Succubi, Werewolves (both “true” werewolves and lycanthropes-which are those subjected to the werewolf virus and thence turned), exist, are accepted, studied, and considered “natural.” This “world” even has weres of other species: panther, fox, and so forth. It ranges from high academia and research science to lowly nightclubs and exotic dancing. Magic is real, accessible, and utilized.

Ceri is a serious scientific researcher, preparing her doctorate dissertation in the field of thaumaturgy, or magical energy-specifically as it applies to weres. Her research has already had practical applications: she’s devised a device to measure the energy surges cast off by weres as they enter into a change. Such an application has been extremely effective in nightclubs, for example. Ceri happens to have been the daughter of a witch, and lives in a magicked multi-story home. Her roommates are a Faery, and a half-demonic succubus; not too surprising, as Ceri has some unidentifiable energies and is partially demonic herself.

This novel is sexy, but not too explicit. I would still rate it at 18+. It will highly appeal to fanciers of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, as well as those who prefer traditional fantasy brought into a contemporary setting. The juxtaposition of the different magical species (weres, succubi, demons, Fae, and more) will broaden the novel’s appeal and bring in expanded readership.
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)

Review by: mdlagarland on April 18, 2012 :
Demon's Moon has a bit of everything in it.....demons, werewolves, vampires, witches, sorceresses. It also has a lot of sex in it without the sex. It seems like everyone was having sex every other page, but without the descriptive detail.

I love paranormal books and shapeshifter stories are one of my favorite.

There were some things I liked about this book and others I did not. I loved the battle scenes and reading about the fights was interesting. I was a bit disappointed in the final battle. I found it anti-climatic. I was also disappointed in Ceri that she didn't figure out how to win until the very last moment when I figured it out as soon as I read the prophecy.

I also loved her pet demon Lily. Lily added a lightheartedness that was enjoyable and very much needed in the dark story. I also found her to be a fierce protector of Ceri and that made me lover her more.

A couple of things I did not like were just flat out confusing to me. The beginning of the story focuses on Ceri and her doctoral work. New terminology had me struggling with the story at first but then it got easier to follow. I'm not sure why we spent so much time on her scientific research. I thought it was going to come into play later in the story but it never manifested.

I also had a hard time following the mythology as she was conducting her research. It became more clear after she spoke with Alexandria and then even more clear as they approached the final battle.

The first half of the book was a struggle for me to get through. The last half of the book was very good and I couldn't put it down after that point.
(reviewed 3 days after purchase)

Review by: Ellen J. Miller on March 01, 2012 :
An excellent continuation to the series, advancing the plot, the growth of the characters and building the intrigue. If you enjoyed the first book, the second is a must-read. No other Urban Fantasy series has me reading this voraciously, The science and detail behind the setting are still what makes it shine for me.
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)

Review by: Tera S on Dec. 28, 2011 :
There are two things that I like… One is curling up with a good book… The other is looking up from finishing it and realizing that I spent seven hours reading and didn’t stop once. This work gets both of those check-marked off… Another engrossing story from the Ceri universe that is lovely in every way.

The story itself builds in an interesting way in that we get hints about what might be happening through most of the story, but the actual revelation of what the threat is, how that threat is coming to pass, and what can be done about it, are kept away until the right moment to reveal them. I thought that seeing the way this universe works, especially in its government and how it guards its secrets, was fascinating.

The characters grow, the world is more and more detailed, and most of all, the underlying plot, which I will not spoil, made a lot of sense. I didn’t see the resolution of the plot at all, I had an idea, but it didn’t turn out the way I expected. But the climax was everything I could have asked for. You created a world within a world for the weres and what they have as their own society which was well explained and brought a lot of questions from the pervious story to their logical ends… bravo!

The book itself mostly focuses on werewolves in this universe and the author has constructed a society and structure for it that serves well for the characters to live in but also doesn’t feel like something that was added as an afterthought to the story. It has a core relevance to the book, it’s important, and you need to pay attention to it. I thought it was interesting that even within a society were, generally, all of the characters are weres of some kind, the social structure broke into small groups with their own opinions of other groups they were attached to, by biology at least if little else sometimes.

I can’t honestly call any of the characters in the work minor ones really… That is to say, there is no point at which you can look at one and think that having them there was a bad idea. What’s more interesting is that minor characters from the first book grow into major ones in this book and vice versa to an extent. In doing so the mythos of this universe is enriched and it makes reading the work, and the series, more gripping as you care about the individual characters more throughout the book.

Lily, my favourite half-Succubus was central in the story again, which I enjoyed… I loved the way that Lily grew in this story and how her relationship with Ceri is progressing. I think that I like this smarter and more… passionate Lily as she comes to realize, and I hope, to help Ceri realize what she can do. I also liked that we learned some of the fears that Lily has through the story, and also how much she loved Ceri and would, really I think, if it came down to it, die for her, which I hope never happens in the series.

Ceri, the heroine of the series, I also think grew up a lot in the course of the story, though there were two moments where I was a little squeamish at what happened to her. But she didn’t break and I think that in the end, you have to place your characters into jeopardy… and Ceri seems to be into a lot of that doesn’t she? Ceri is hurt, there is no doubt of it, but she pushes through that hurt in order to battle the evil that wants to turn the werewolves to its goals. That shows a great deal of character in herself, but, I think that it also shows that Ceri is vulnerable in other ways which I expect the author to explore in the future.

Solidly written overall, it kept my attention throughout, and I eagerly turned the pages wanting to see what would happen next. There are some sexual scenes in the book, but like the first book they aren’t the point of the work, but endeavour to solidify the relationships between various characters.

Lily showed some of her Succubus powers in the work, but she didn’t go so far over the top that I didn’t like it when she did so. What was interesting, and happens somewhat in each book so far, is that Lily treats her powers and her relationships with others in the book as just being the way things are. However, and this is the part that I like, you can sense how proud Lily is with Ceri after a battle with what she did… mind you it makes Lily just ever so slightly horny when Ceri displays her power. Then again our Lily is connected to someone that is very special in this universe and that is becoming more clear as each book comes to its end.

Lots of questions left at the end, but that’s just fine as, of course, book three has appeared with its own trials and tribulations for our heroines and friends… I saw a lot of foreshadowing of what the next book will be about, and if I am right, then Lily and Ceri are going to be in a lot more trouble personally next time… and honestly, if that trouble reveals more about Lily, then I’ll be okay with that…

I’m giving this work, like the first book, five pitchforks out of five.

The work expands on the first book well, the characters develop in ways that are a joy to see, and most of all, the story is a gripping one. I also liked that there are some openings in the plot for the story to continue smoothly into the next book, which will have Lily facing her own demons in a lot of ways…

All are the marks of an excellent story teller and I look forward to reading the next book in the series…
(reviewed 53 days after purchase)

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