The Chosen One

Vassar's intense eyes captured and held her even while he waved his hand gesturing the others leave the room. All exited quickly and quietly except three body guards who stepped back into the far corners of the room. "Sarah, surely you must presume why you are truly here,"
"And it is not to dance," he added, his voice dropping husky. More

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Words: 71,240
Language: English
ISBN: 9781452456522
About Rebecca Bernadette Mance

Who has a Farm in Kentucky but lives in the Bay Area to work in San Francisco at a day job while writing in spare time? Who was the girl who lived in her car and wanted to be a nun? Who was the girl who witnessed the first rockets and space shuttles including Columbia going up into space? Who danced barefoot to her daddy's bluegrass and drank iced tea from a ball mason jar? Who has assisted in the legal world with the most significant cases in American history? Who has been to four Kentucky Derby's and picked the winner twice (once out of hat)? Who ran to the docks to see the most amazing and important races of America's Cup in San Francisco? Who has a son that served in Afghanistan and a husband who served in Vietnam? Who once dreamed of being a princess and became one by manufacturing her own "princess" doll? Who was a girl of 19 who didn't just manage the process specifications for the Cruise Missile and other weapons, but who actually pioneered the paperless factory to assist in the making of such weapons? Who is a woman who completed six novels that sell worldwide daily? Who is the woman has seen so many of her dreams come true and still chases the ones that are left to find?

Yes, I have lived an amazing life that was God's gift....yes sometimes difficult ...but my granny would say it is what makes us as strong as iron. Hardship is a gift...if it doesn't break you....just don't let it. My granny said, "It is not enough to be pretty and it is not enough to be smart, it is to be tried in the fires of life that makes you strong." My granny was my first inspiration to write.

My husband says I am "the most conservative flower child" he ever knew.

I have lived a most beautiful and fun life.... most times filled with adventure (of my own making), overcoming obstacles and personal growth, learning new and exciting things and chasing my dreams...and even running most of them aground and...I have truly achieved most of them.

I have known so many beautiful and wonderful people along the way....but being a loner they shift in and out of my life and that part is my fault. I always say to my friends, "Life gets away from us."

I suppose that it has always been said that authors are eccentric. It is true. I have not waited until I am old to wear purple...or do embarrassing things...really silly things sometimes. However, I laugh at myself and others sometimes laugh at me too. It is all good. I certainly get crazy from time to time. It is fun. Girls can talk out loud even if we get into trouble doing so....girls should talk out loud.

And wear cowboy boots and at least shoot a gun once in their lives....just saying.

Besides my success with books...thank you to my fans.... Here is a little bit about my odd antics in life and how this girl has talked out loud and solved problems far larger than her (my son once gave me a Ganesha and he said that it was because he thought I was capable of moving large objects others wouldn't even attempt).

I once tried to "save the beer" as in Budweiser Beer. If you look me up on internet there is an NPR news article that says, "Rebecca Mance cried when they sold the beer." Which was not true. I merely gave an emotional speech at the last stockholder meeting. Of course this was after writing many letters and attempting to block the sale by writing the Department of Justice. I did have limited success...there was an injunction in St. Louis court...but who could pay the bond of millions to hold it?.....So, I could not prevent it. The share price did go up, however.

In the end....I can't complain that the new owners did less for the soldiers....they did okay after all. Better than okay.....When I see the cans that say the company gives money to soldiers for each case purchased, I feel gratified in my fight....because I can be arrogant and speculate it was my riveting speech at the stockholders meeting and resistance that may have helped cause this even when the company was no longer "American". I know in certain that the heart travels far. I have a minted coin that the employees gave to me that they were giving to soldiers at the time. I may not have stopped the sale of the beer, but I changed the world in the fight. I am sure of it every time I see a case that says they donate money to the soldiers.

I have designed and manufactured my own vinyl doll. She was a Princess of what else would a future romance writer do? I did this at 25 years old. I don't sell them any longer and have so few left that they might actually be worth something. However, it is an an amazing story that involves me going to China to the factory to make sure everyone was treated well and signing 5,000 doll heads. That story has other interesting elements for an evening of private conversation over wine.

I have a farm in Kentucky with my husband and son where I once raised Rhode Island Reds and French Guinea...and Bobwhite Quail that I released on my land. My son says he hears them at amazing is that?

Besides my wonderful husband Joe and our amazing son Joseph I have two collies Mr. Oliver and Magic Merlin. My four men live at Finnegan's Run back in Kentucky...while I live the exciting life of a paralegal by day and writer by night and weekends....when I actually do write....sketchy in recent times but next book is going to be exciting...when I finally do finish it!

I love every kind of music. I especially love new age, country, bluegrass, rock, classical, pop, Spanish guitar... yes....easy listening...I love Neil Diamond and Barry Manalow. I don't care what anyone thinks. I love Billy Joel. I love Madonna. Abba. Cranberries. I love all of the 80s....Go Gos etc. Love Fleetwood Mac....CCR....just anything rock. Simon and Garfunkel, The Who, John Mellencamp..yes, Bruce...though mad at him...Stray Cats....Cars....Don't music ever.

I danced through the Doge's Palace in Venice looking at Renaissance paintings that take your breath away and make you the tune of Cranberries "Dreams".

I have stood under the Rialto Bridge in Venice listening to Taylor Swift on tiny speaker phone with local wine and assembled a dancing crowd. We waived at everyone passing under the bridge. They loved Taylor Swift too. I agreed with them and shared my wine.

I had my musical fantasy in Venice too. Got to hear Vivaldi's Four Seasons played locally in "his own church". That made me cry and I have relived it a hundred times in my concert will ever compare to that and I waited a lifetime to experience it.

For fun, when I am not in my day job in SF as a paralegal.....I go Bohemian in San Francisco. I will hike about the city with beer or wine in tow. I love to sit by the water and watch the sail boats. I bring my book to make edits and watch people get onto the ferries to go home after work. Sometimes I locate a hamburger or a sandwich in ferry building.

The Big Four or Palace Bar are lovely places for a chat and drink. Top of Mark has a lovely sunset view...a lovely view anytime, actually. Big Four has the most amazing Chicken Pot Pie in a puff pastry!

My favorite beer is Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (I can't get in California). So, I settled for "Liberty Ale" made by Anchor Brewing Co. in...yes....San Francisco. Dedicated to Paul Revere and his famous ride. Yes, it is true....that beer was born in San Francisco.

If I did drink bourbon....I'd be into the first bourbon back in Bourbon County (Paris, KY) called, "The Gentleman". "Small Town - Small Batch." They are not selling it yet, but you can get a t-shirt.

Paris, Bourbon County Kentucky is a most amazing place filled with the most beautiful people on earth...and lots of horse farms....

My favorite called Casali. Specifically Casali 5. It is a blend. It is made by two of my good friends at Crocker and Starr....stunning wine. I am no wine snob. Their Cab. Sav is amazing no matter the year. I guess as a country girl....I just shine to the Casali...which is a blend. It is absolutely stunning wine. This year it nearly brought me to tears. Of course everything they make is nectar of the gods.

Yes, sometimes very fine wine ends up being tasted in Ball Mason Jars transported from Kentucky when I moved back....I am no wine snob....but....Ball Mason Jars do have an excellent seal in case you want to save the wine....or hike about the city with the wine perfectly a mason jar!

San Francisco is surely an artist's town. When I am worried about something I hike down Columbus to Peter and Paul's Church to light a candle or two then hit Original Joe's...lovely place for a drink too. Sometimes I have drinks at Joe's before going to Church and lighting candles (when they reopen in evening for Rosary).

I saw the important races of the America's Cup. I was standing there the day the "wind died". I saw it with my own eyes. I never, ever felt no wind in SF. It was scary really. I ran down from my job with a dozen American Flags....convinced it was our day to lose. However....because those wonderful Kiwis have stood with us in every war I wanted to prove to them we don't give up, no matter what. So, my American Flags and I went down to that dock. I waived them vigorously as if I fully expected a victory. They were nice to me....I was one of very few Americans that turned out. I pretended victory was at hand. I was brave. Bravery after all is not being without fear, it is acting even when you are afraid (or in this case know your backside is nearly whipped). There is always honor after all.

Yes, I saw it happen the legendary "wind dying down" in the middle of the race. In America's cup if you can't finish the within a certain time, it is called. I stood there not believing what had was our day to lose....because we had to win that day and every day after....and by some most amazing miracle...the race was called and I stood there...watching the would be winner with no wind and the race called. I said something my husband once told me. He said, "If the battle is lost your goal is to survive to fight another day." On that day, I actually put my flags high and said, "We survived to fight another day."

I tucked my flags back in. I went back every day I went down after that. Every day I gave away another flag.

The following weekend....where I had stood alone...with my few flags....suddenly the docks were awash with American Flags. I stood there watching them go by while waiving mine. It was magic and amazing. Yes....they were all from San Francisco area. I thought...they are in the closet....but.....they came out.

The reinforcements had arrived.

Though, I fell in love with those darned Kiwis. We never give up and they don't either. They are Americans too. And we are Kiwis.

A lot of people in San Francisco believe in one world. I do too, a world of Americans. We are all Americans because we are tied together by the drive for personal freedom and liberty. As a daughter of the American Revolution (Thomas Hale not only fought in the Revolutionary War, he was in the militia where he retired after serving and being captured by the British), I am especially vigilant in the notion of one world where everyone has freedom and liberty. It is an idea born in America but all have that right it is something that belongs to everyone, all of us, all over the world.

One photo I feature on my author page is a welcome home photo of a soldier ....I don't have the honor to utter his name. What I can tell you is that he left a wife and three children. When he returned for his last ride home, his entire town in California greeted him and welcomed him home again.

I was honored to meet him and to greet him on his last journey home.

The poem "Whisper of the Brave" is included in my novel The Chosen One and is in honor of that soldier. It was because the moment he was lifted out of the jet to the tarmac flags next to me picked up in the wind. The sound of the fabric sounded like whispers. For several minutes there was a gentle wind while his family greeted him, covered in his own flag. I thought to myself, that is the whisper of the brave. I wrote that poem as we followed him home again in a fire truck.

Most of my books, though romantic, have bigger messages. Some of them are more subtle than others....

Lots of people ask me if I have experienced things in the books. I wish. I have had a lot of fun in life, but writing is the ability to really live vicariously through characters.

However, if I was to say which book has a character most like me, it would be Jolene in Once Upon a Misty Bluegrass Hill. My son's story of hope for Afghanistan is in the "hour of the lamps" also contained in Misty Blue Grass. He told me the story of seeing the lamps on the that gave him hope for Afghanistan.

My book The Letter deals with a woman who writes a letter that completely alters her have written many letters and gotten myself into trouble many it was an obvious book for me to write.

The Iron Horse King is my only truly "historically" based novel and it was inspired by a real life person that simply needed a romantic twist. That was the easiest book to write and it just wrote itself. It was a lot of fun. Silent Magic Music is my only "mystical" book and was written in my final months being able to live on the farm in Kentucky before I had to return from my "sabbatical" after being hit by a car.

I even made my dog Merlin into a character in Silent Magic Music....and my other dog Oliver, Merlin's brother, is featured with our other collie now deceased, Molly, in Once Upon a Misty Bluegrass Hill. Merlin required his own novel of magic where he gets to fly. Oliver and Molly were perfect for a story about a horse farm and a girl who lost everything...but rides in the Kentucky Derby.

The Wine Prince, Vine of Obsession is my only erotic novel...inspired by my friend/editor Liz who wanted more erotic. She loved the dress ripping in The Letter and the dominant hero so I kicked it up a notch....dominating men do not need to hurt someone to have power...that is all I am saying about that book. It is a book about sexual power with a fine hand, not a beating hand.

Of course of those that follow me you follow me most likely for my best seller which is The Chosen One. It was a book started because of my love of middle eastern music and middle eastern dance....revised a thousand times. Transported by magic somehow to the modern days...thank you to those who keep buying that book. My best seller.

The time is now and the place here. So the girls can talk out loud.

S'il vous plaît Monsieur le Président. Laissez les petites filles et garçons sont exempts.

Thank you so much....

Yes, somewhere in my biography is a clue about the next book.

My life is possible...perhaps a modern renaissance woman with a life like a quilt...fabric of different colors and amazing experiences....the life of a little girl who didn't wear shoes all summer, danced to bluegrass at West Virginia Day, in Titusville, Florida where we sent people to the moon and beyond....who lived in her car, who tried to save the beer, and did manufacture a doll, and write books that sell all over the world....that life, was only possible because of the sacrifices of the American Soldiers who keep us safe and not only keep Freedom's Front door safe for us....but open it for others all over the world. Thank you to all of you, especially my husband and son.

I have an amazing family besides my husband and son. I have an aunt that is an amazing psychologist, lovely cousins...a sister that is a genetic genius. I mean that literally. She can map....exactly the genetics of anything.

I have another sister who kayaks and we call an elf because she is magic and small and we love her so much. I have most beautiful brother that takes care of computers at hospitals and loves you no matter what you do...knows the best wine and what to say when things get awkward.

I have a second artist brother who is a music producer and has a day job (so he is like me...but he writes amazing music and is amazing enough to recognize talent and invest in promotion).

I have a little sister who is a manufacturing wizard with a heart of gold. We all have a niece who is a beautiful niece studying to be a nurse....who has a soul of an angel. I have several other nieces and nephews all wonderful.

Mother Theresa is one of my heroes. She said once, "I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, there is no hurt, only more love."

Perhaps that is the key to writing and life......

"As an Indie writer I find that it is a jungle out there sometimes, you are going to take it in the gut because you do everything yourself without backing....When book strikes a controversial chord, it invites trouble, but it also makes for an excellent book. I have learned that to be a good story teller, you have to break rules, you aren't perfect, you don't have professional editors unless you can afford them....but you pour your heart into the book and in the end, it is what drives you to write. Being an Indie writer has been an amazing means you take the hits, but you write exactly what you want to write, with all of its flaws and beauty...and I think that is what writing is really is the story, the characters...being submerged in a moment and truly feeling that moment.

The best thing is you don't write what an editor thinks is the "trend". My books often have an edge that would never be published traditionally....and I have a unique writing style that would never get past an editor (I often ignore rules in writing because it is fun and I like advancing words differently, anyone can follow the rules...not everyone is willing to break them)...I feel deeply every book I write...from The Letter, The Chosen One, Iron Horse King, Once Upon A Misty Bluegrasss Hill, Silent Magic Music and now my latest book which is light erotica, The Wine Prince, Vine of Obsession.

Thank you to all my fans, friends, family and supporters. I can't believe that I sell books every day all over the world. I am utterly humbled. My blog follows are from countries all over the world and in places I may never have a chance to visit. That is an accomplishment for a girl who once did sleep in her car. Follow my blog at

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