How the People Elected New Systems for President

The 2020 election votes for systems where the best Scientists, Environmentalists, and Educators will organize our country. No President needed. The people are real, the story is fictitious. Designed to spark the imagination, rattle people out of scarcity thinking, and visualize new possibilities. This story is about how it's done. More
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About Ananda Reeves

My author name is Ananda Elyce Reeves. The name Ananda means Bliss and Joy. That is where I live. It’s not a town, but a state of Being. Elyce is the middle name my mother gave me. Reeves is my ancestry – My Grandfathers last name. Future (Ananda), Now (Elyce), Past (Reeves). I have way too much energy and imagination for this world. I radiate with bliss, joy, and imagination every hour of my life. The only thing I can do with this big energy is to gift these stories to people in hopes that everyone will find their own Bliss and Joy. Perhaps it’s the peoples’ imagination that will start the flame to change.
I was born a stillborn baby because my parents lived in an old military compound on top of a chemical heap. I survived birth, which explains a lot about my state of continuous happiness. I’ve been an agent for change since I was a little girl. I organized my Girl's Scout troop with a mission to make environmental changes in my neighborhood. The entire city got involved in the cleanup, and after that, no more stillborn babies were reported.
As a young woman, I started a women’s empowerment group, when the only kind of help a woman could find was if she was abused. That program is now in most colleges in the U.S; called the “Women’s Empowerment Course.” I attempted to start a “One Small Town,” modeled after Michael Tellinger’s design, but the people were not ready for the change. I moved next to the Venus Project in Florida to be of service to the project and to study Jacque Fresco.
I've been a life coach in the Law of Attraction for most of my adult life. Opened my own business school called the Ananda Academy where I trained entrepreneurs on how to manifest a business. I've lived in a variety of intentional communities all over the nation. I have four adult children and a granddaughter. I'm a vegan, on a spiritual path and enjoy gardening. I study Non Violent Communication, and Sociocracy. I'm a visionary who sees a bright future.

~Ananda Elyce Reeves

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