Nutcracker (Social Services Family-splitting)

A top-heavy monolithic state is a hugely unproductive massing of honest-work-shy human resources, mighty in oppression and extortion, or capture and confiscation, of the small and helpless. A rocking boulder, hundreds of tons in weight, could crack a nut, to extract the kernel. It was, in effect, a Nutcracker. Britains barbarian bureaucracy of family-splitters is also.a Nutcracker of sorts. More
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About Richard Lung

My later years acknowledge the decisive benefit of the internet and the web in allowing me the possibility of publication, therefore giving the incentive to learn subjects to write about them.

While, from my youth, I acknowledge the intellectual debt that I owed a social science degree, while coming to radically disagree, even as a student, with its out-look and aims.

Whereas from middle age, I acknowledge how much I owed to the friendship of Dorothy Cowlin, largely the subject of my e-book, Dates and Dorothy. This is the second in a series of five books of my collected verse. Her letters to me, and my comments came out, in: Echoes of a Friend.....

Authors have played a big part in my life.
Years ago, two women independently asked me: Richard, don't you ever read anything but serious books?
But Dorothy was an author who influenced me personally, as well as from the written page. And that makes all the difference.
I was the author of the Democracy Science website since 1999. This combined scientific research with democratic reform. It is now mainly used as an archive. Since 2014, I have written e-books.
I have only become a book author myself, on retiring age, starting at stopping time!
2014, slightly modified 2022.

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