Soul in the Storm

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Transform the way you relate to stress with this practical guide to stress management. Learn how to neutralize stress triggers, shift into the peace of soul at any moment, and remove obstacles to inner peace. Combine psychology and ancient enlightenment philosophy to use all your inner resources to your benefit. Includes 57 techniques to stop stress and apply soul as the ultimate stress remedy. More
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About Nancy Wagaman

Nancy Wagaman is a human technologies innovator specializing in personal growth and transformation. Her practical techniques enable people to transform self-limitations and improve their lives. Rooted in science and intuition, Nancy’s transformative techniques are practical and easy to use. Nancy began developing human technologies during her early career at Bell Laboratories, and she has also consulted and conducted research for corporate, university, and private clients. Her work has been featured in magazines, radio, and television. Nancy holds advanced degrees in applied psychology and communications, and bachelor’s degrees in psychology and biology. She is the creator of The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary ( and has written extensively on applied psychology, intuition, and other personal growth topics.

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Reviews of Soul in the Storm by Nancy Wagaman

Amy Shannon reviewed on Aug. 21, 2020

A piece of Peace

Wagaman pens a motivational and mindful title in Soul in the Storm: Stress Management through Mindfulness and Inner Transformation. This book is best to be read by anyone who wants to find that little bit of peace. I got it on my reading list at just the right time. The title definitely fits this book, and it's not just about managing stress, but finding something inside yourself. Wagaman writes, "“Soul” may not be the real or best name for soul. I call it “soul” here, but you can call it anything that resonates with you: essence, Divine self, the “I” of “I am,” “the higher me,” or something else..." So whatever you call it, its within this book, and yourself. I really liked this book, and could resonate with the perspective of the author. Since the world is in a pandemic chaotic stage, a new "normal" so to speak, this is a read to help gain some type of peace, even a little bit of faith. I look forward to reading more by this author. This book is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.
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Dr Bob Rich reviewed on Aug. 14, 2020

While this book uses terminology and concepts that are new to me, the underlying ideas are those of psychotherapy, positive psychology, and the philosophical basis of the great religions (without there being any religious overtones). As such, I am confident that a serious, honest implementation will work. One of my clichés is the Shintoist saying, “There are many mountains to God, and many paths up each mountain.” Nancy’s mountain is the same as mine, and our different paths lead to the same place of inner strength, peace, a life well lived, regardless of circumstances.
“Soul in the Storm” is basically a toolkit for identifying and changing aspects of personality, habits and circumstances that lower quality of (inner) life, and replacing them with positive, uplifting, helpful alternatives. I think the author must have one of those marvellous minds that can visualise in three dimensions, because there is a complex, many-faceted set of connections among the various tools, with constant cross-references tying them together. This is an excellent format for complex learning by someone willing to put in the effort, but makes a casual read-through practically useless. To benefit, you do need to follow the internal links and keep skipping around in the book.
So, the proper thing is to read through once, taking notes, then to follow the program, probably taking months if not years.
Is it worth it?
If you consider living a deliberate, self-respecting, powerful life worthwhile, then it is.
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