Young King Arthur And The Round Table Knights

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Arthur grew up a peasant, but when he was fourteen, Excalibur chose him, and now as King Arthur, he must learn to play the game of royalty quickly…or suffer the consequences. More

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Siryn Sueng is a writer of fantasy, paranormal, and even sci-fi genres. She’s married to a wonderful husband with a minion of two years. They have a full house with three adorable fur babies, Anubis, the mighty cat hunter, Kida, the momma bear, and Mishka, the loveable husky.

Siryn is a lover of games on a wide range of platforms. She plays on the PC, console, and hand-held devices including the phone. Japan is where she would love to visit sometime and is a huge inspiration to many of her projects. She’s a huge fan of Japan, including manga and anime. Siryn has even begun to dabble in comic/manga script writing. Future works in this will be posted on WebToon.

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About the Series: King Arthur Series
A teenaged King Arthur must find the confidence in himself before he can lead his people.

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GaoRyuki reviewed on Oct. 1, 2020

This is a new take of Arthurian Legend, and fits very nicely with YA LGBTQ+. I really don’t want to spoil that part but just know that there is more to Arthur than what we initially see, and I am eager to see how things develop.

Arthur is the fourteen-year-old son of a baker in the castle town of Camelot. The story begins two weeks after the death of King Uther Pendragon, and it is time for the Choosing Ceremony to see who the next King of Camelot will be. By that, each person will take a chance at pulling the Holy Sword Excalibur from the stone. The one who pulls the sword gets crowned King.

We all know that Arthur gets chosen. How he gets chosen changes with each book in Arthurian Legend but the end result is always the same: the Holy Sword chooses Arthur as the next King of Camelot.

This book is one non-stop action and had me eager to read the next page. Before I knew it, the end of the book arrived, and now I’m happily pestering the author for more books (and yes, there WILL be more books so Yay!)

This book has the struggles that any young teenage boy goes through. These include: Figuring where they fit in with the world, family, peers. Nervous, stressed, fearful to speak up. So much to learn in such a short span of time. Butterfly feelings in the stomach when around certain individuals. Petrified of bullies and scary people. Too scared to tell mum of certain secrets about themselves. This book also has the awesome best friends, mentors, loyal people, scary people, bullies, and the healer to help heal the wounds, both physical and emotional.

On top of all that, Arthur has to deal with being King. Which means more deadlier bullies and scary people, way more things to learn, and learning fast which people he can trust and not trust (or get killed in the process).

This book is perfect with introducing Arthur and his Knights, along with the mysterious Merlin. A great start to a brand new series as we see Arthur struggle to fit in, trip over his own feet multiple times, gain powerful allies and deadly enemies. We see how he tackles each hurdle that comes his way. He grows a lot as a character, both in knowledge and feelings. And he eventually realises that he doesn’t need an excuse just to wander down into the Castle Town just to visit his own mum.

This book is Young Adult, but I feel any age can enjoy this book, whether they are familiar with Arthurian Legend or not. I know people older than myself that have enjoyed this book. Either way, it’s a great book about a young teenager growing up in an unusual way in a Fantasy setting, and is worth checking out.

I love this book so much and very, very eager to get my hands on the rest of the series! Sadly, I have a long wait ahead of me.

Thank you! ^_^
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