2020 Book Seven: Twisted Stories/Unhinged Poems

As you read these words, know that you have already taken the last step of your journey towards the wickedness we bring you.
So wait no longer, compete the phase and open OUR pages of insanity.
Allow the finality of all things be complete, and in doing so you will allow these moments, these characters, these short glimpses that are collected here for you to witness seep inside all you are. More
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About Matthew Tonks

Together we ride the steed of madness, along a road long foretold. Do not let the dire consequences scare you from this journey, for it is written, so it must be. We traveller. We explorers of otherworldly things. Let us share our providence, so we may all prosper.
Hidden in the depths of it all, you will find your utopia, and it will be a beautiful sight to witness.
For I may walk beside you, and I may carry your umbrella in the sun, just don’t expect me to dig you up, when the zombie apocalypse comes...

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About the Series: 2020 Twisted Stories/Unhindged Poems
Welcome to a different kind of madness, welcome to the world of 2020!
Regardless of the book that you hold in your hands being crafted from digital code or a murdered tree bathed in ink, brings you another twenty tales of madness that share one thing, the insanity forced upon it by the hollowed moon of 2020! Feel the desperation as it gives way to the acceptance of a tomorrow that will not be what you want it to be. As the lies that hide beneath the visage of a new dawn lost upon the blood of an old one.
So take my hand and journey with me as we witness stories that are not meant to be. Let us see these deeds and many more tales that rise from the soil filled holes that litter the darkness, as we journey along the twisted road to madness. For sometimes there are worlds, stories and characters that we need not spend a lifetime with.
For sometimes there are events that require only a moment to be shared. These moments. These characters. These short stories.These glimpses into a world unhinged by the beginning of a new decade.

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