The Cowboy

Cadmus the Crooning Cowboy.
That’s what they call me. A Marine for life, a cowboy by birth, and a county music singer by trade. I’ve sold out stadiums to thousands and traveled around the world to crowds shouting my name until their faces started to blur together. Then one night I really looked into the crowd, and I saw my future sneaking into my show. More
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November 6, 2021
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About Leone' Sweet

Hello, Leone’ Sweet at your service.

I’m a former law major, turned English major, turned romance writer and author living in the Midwest.

I’ve been reading romance novels since the age of fourteen. I guess you can say becoming a romance writer for me was inevitable.

When I’m not working my full-time job, I’m working out in the gym, reading a romance novel by one of my favorite authors, drinking tea out back on my deck with my laptop and working on a new erotic tale—weather permitting—or in the kitchen testing out new recipes.

For me writing is fuel to my creativity, and I love to create stories that I hope readers will enjoy.

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About the Series: Cody Mountain Cowboys
This is how the West was won.

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