Blood 4 Life

Stay living in secret—in peace—or help the humans with their “zombie problem” and risk having the life you’ve built torn to pieces? One vampire family faces such a dilemma, and whether they like it or not, they’re about to have the biggest adventure of their lives. More
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About M. Lorrox

Schmechnically, I’m a human, American, independent author and publisher. I like to say, though, that I’m a weird, sentient blob of independence, stubbornness, and creativity. Also, I like to think that my story is like any good novel; full of mystery, suspense, drama, and comedy. Hopefully my story turns into a fine wine—instead of a stinky cheese. In any case, while I’m writing that book (as slowly as possible), here are some highlights so far:

- I was raised in a barn in rural, upstate New York. It was cold. We had a wood-burning furnace that never worked well. I gained an early appreciation for sweaters.
In junior high, I tried…and failed, to publish a book about dragon science. I still have the manuscript, and I’ll publish it someday.

- In college, I made up some BS, (a self-designed Bachelor of Science degree, to be more specific), then I earned a MFA in story-telling. I learned Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and taught it for a while.

- After college, I discovered I had problems with authority… And conformity… And bigotry… And misogyny… And etc., etc., etc. I tried to make small changes while still fitting in, then I gave up on fitting in altogether, and I started flipping tables like no tomorrow.

- I bought a motorcycle and crashed it. Then I fixed it and kept riding. Hey, want to harden your nerves? Spend a couple years riding 25 miles a day, rain or shine, on Route 66 and the 495 Beltway of DC in rush hour. You’ll either be dead or a badass.

- After gaining badass status, I wanted to postpone putting that last update on a gravestone, so I decided to move out of the busy DC area. Instead of renewing the lease on my apartment, I signed up for an awesome gym membership, moved my stuff into storage, and squatted in a DC warehouse for a few months. I worked out and showered daily at the gym, which required me to carry various bags around. Homeless people on my routes thought I was also homeless, and they would offer me advice. I always thanked them.

- After six months of squatting shenanigans, I decided to push my luck in DC, and I signed a lease for an affordable apartment on the top floor of a building. The roof collapsed on me on Valentine’s Day. I took a selfie with the rubble on my head; I was pissed.

- I now live in Durham, North Carolina, in a nice, warm house, under a brand-new roof that shouldn’t collapse, with my polyamorous family, our dogs, and our streaming services. I get plenty of exercise while fixing up my home, and when I’m not wearing my tool-belt, I enjoy riding my motorcycle to local coffee shops, very safely. Most importantly, though, I continue flipping tables like no tomorrow!

If you’re active on social media, search for @MLorrox and you just might find me. I’d love to say hi!

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Infinite Vampire follows an American family (of vampires) during an epic, edge-of-your-seat story over 500,000 words long. It’s a smart, dystopian alternate history, dark comedy, coming of age, vampires living in secret vs. grotesque zombies, adventure story, with kickass men and women, boys and girls, best friends, worst nightmares, legendary heroes, ancient weapons, a pet "dog," and a stuffed unicorn.

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