Before You Me & Us

Luciana Cavallaro lost her mother at a young age, depending on her brother, Jake, to be there. As Jake moves on with his life and starts a family, Luciana struggles to build her own life and gain the acceptance of her friends and family as she navigates her career and her personal desires to live an authentic life. More
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April 30, 2023
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About Kate Smith

A World of Second Chances …

Beginnings and endings. Joy and pain. Love and loss.

Canadian author Kate Smith writes Contemporary Fiction, Contemporary Romance and Women’s Fiction.

The Hamilton Series is a six book collection of full-length novels that tie together, and you will enjoy following the stories of not only the main characters, but their extended group of friends and family. Each book centers on two specific characters, giving you an in-depth view of their lives, while giving peeks into the worlds of their friends. This series is available at your favourite booksellers worldwide in ebook and paperback formats.

You Me & Us is a Contemporary Romance series of full-length novels that can be read in any order. Each story follows a different heroine as she navigates the challenges in her life and seeks her happily-ever-after. Book 1, Between You Me and Us is available at quality booksellers worldwide in both ebook and paperback formats, Book 2, Before You Me and Us is available for presale in ebook format, paperback presale will be coming soon. Book 3, After You Me & Us, will arrived in bookstores winter 2021.

Kate lives in the sunny Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada and has two daughters. She fell in love with reading at a young age and dreamed about the day she would write her own stories. She is currently studying publishing at Ryerson University and writing the second book of her new trilogy You Me & Us as well as an illustrated speculative fiction novel.

Kate loves travel, a good cup of coffee, chocolate, and beautiful sandy beaches. When she’s not writing or editing, you will find her visiting the local wineries, enjoying a visit with friends, hiking the local trails, or kayaking on Okanagan Lake.

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About the Series: You Me & Us
This Contemporary Romance trilogy is more than just a romance and deals with real-life issues.
Three full-length novels are planned, the first Between You Me & Us is available worldwide in ebook and paperback. Before You Me & Us and After You Me & Us are set to release in 2021, again worldwide in both ebook and paperback.
Each is told from the view of a strong female lead character as she navigate careers, friendships, love, and family expectations.
This series is rated as slightly steamy with non-graphic sex scenes, diverse characters, and mild profanity.

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