Heart Bound

Although Maya is happy to wear the pants in the relationship and "dominate" Xavier Thaeos in bed every night, she is beyond tired of the workload that comes along with the job she has inadvertently received. There are constant challenges being thrown her way.
***This steamy werewolf novel contains explicit scenes of adult intimacy.*** More
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November 17, 2023
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About Tay T.

Tay T. enjoys writing dark, steamy romance in her free time while connecting with her readers. Her dream is to write and share as many books as she can with everyone willing to read and envision the worlds she builds. After publishing her first book, The Alpha's Breeder, she hopes to publish many more from The Cardinal Alpha series and The Breeder series. This year, she plans to head off into the darker world of Omegaverse and draft her own story.

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