Chasing the Idol - Part 4 - Seducing The Gods

Adult Erotica
Subverting the will of the gods can be tricky business…

I’d managed to escape the clutches of the local crime boss Raul, only for my partner to find him transformed into a buxom Latina with an eager urge to pleasure men. Raul’s former researcher had taken over his operation using the magic idol that I’d found to turn his enemies into passionately submissive women. More
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About Farleven

I've enjoyed writing stories from a very young age and as I grew older it only seemed natural to expand my writing into more adventurous realms. I grew up a child of the eighties and weaned on rerun tv and well stocked local library that stoked a love of adventure in me.

As a youth, I was drawn to mind control and transformation. The ability to be whatever you wanted to be or have complete control over your domain were both compelling. Of course, as I grew older, the relative innocence of these interests gave way to an ever growing kink that eventually exploded into my writings. To my surprise, I discovered that the opposite of complete control, the notion of being completely dominated, held an almost equal power over my fantasies. In both ways one can give into pleasure without reservation.

It is that energy that I try to weave into my work. A passion for pleasure, even when it may not have been requested, in the end it is begged for. For sometimes only in darkness can a single light shine brightest.

As always I enjoy feedback, no adventure is complete if walked alone.

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About the Series: Chasing the Idol
It was supposed to be the find of a lifetime…

My partner, Brian, and I had tracked down an undiscovered cave full of relics in the wild jungle of Central America. That alone was going to make my career. At least until I sat on a pedestal and Brian accidentally cut himself on a strange idol. The next thing I knew, some ancient magic had turned me into a woman.

If suddenly having curves wasn’t enough, one of the local thugs had followed us to the cave, and held us at gunpoint while he looted the room. Now, my only chance to change back is to track down that idol and figure out how it works. So we’re stuck in the woods, and I am quickly figuring out that my new body came with new desires, and Brian is looking disturbingly attractive. By the time we escape the jungle, will I be able to resist the power of lust?

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