The Colors of Passion and Love

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"Destiny is nothing compared to love." Princess Elanoria Romand has a secret power. She can see the auras of the men around her. But around one special man, Magesty Yoll, Master of Arete, she can see a lot more than the standard twenty two colors. He is the man of her destiny, but he is also the son of her enemy. Betrayal is followed by exile, passion, and a meeting with a strange creature. More

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Retired, former computer tech, married, two grown children, now a grower of coffee, veggies, plumeria and other trees, and an incredible amount of weeds.
But mostly I read and watch sports.

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Review by: Kyra Halland on Feb. 28, 2014 :
(I won a free copy of this book in the Library of Erana Valentine's Day giveaway, and I would like to thank Library of Erana and the author for the book.)

I really wasn't sure what to expect from this book when I won a copy of it. The cover on the edition I received looked like it might be a children's book (in spite of the title), but I was delighted to discover that it's a very charming romantic fantasy (and it's definitely for adults and older teens, with some mildly to moderately explicit love scenes).

Elly, the Princess of Quail, has the gift of the women in her family to see the colors of men's auras and emotions. So when she sees Magesty, the bastard son of an enemy king, for the first time, she knows they were destined to be together. Fortunately, Magesty is open to the idea, if a little wary. As the two of them are feeling their way around their budding relationship, a treacherous attack on the royal palace of Quail forces them, along with Elly's brother Jode and her best friend Daina, to flee for their lives, to take refuge in Magesty's realm and then to defend against more treachery.

I enjoyed Elly's character as she's in that awkward stage of being both a sheltered teenage girl and discovering love and danger for the first time in her life. She's brave and smart, and although she makes a few mistakes along the way, she avoids the trap so many spunky teenage fantasy heroines fall into of doing stupid things just to show that they're strong and independent. Magesty is also admirable; he's older and more experienced, but when he finds himself faced with a young girl - the daughter of his country's enemy, no less - claiming that they were destined to be together, he handles it well and becomes an ideal friend, protector, and lover.

After an intriguing and exciting beginning, where Elly and Magesty begin their relationship and the palace is attacked, parts of the middle of the book were slow. We get a tour of the lands that Elly, Magesty, Jode, and Daina pass through to get to Magesty's personal realm of Arete. They're being pursued by enemies, but there isn't as much sense of danger and tension as I would have liked, and some political intrigue also slows things down a bit. But the land is beautiful and Elly and Magesty's developing relationship is sweet enough to make that part enjoyable. Then the last part picks up again as their enemies corner them in their refuge.

Written in a clear, pleasant style, with lots of colorful detail (color is very important in this book), this is an enjoyable book and I would like to read more about these characters and this world.
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)
Review by: Bob Craton on Jan. 19, 2014 :
I like this book. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review but that fact does not affect my opinion in any way. I hate spoilers and so do not give summaries of books when I write reviews. I prefer getting straight to the things I like or dislike.

First, the characters are very well drawn – and not just the two main leads. Daina and Jode are also appealing individuals who seem like real people.

Second, the love story is well done. Let me mention that I am old and curmudgeonly and never ever read romance novels. This book is NOT one of those tired stereotyped stories. The wedding night scene especially is both sweet and sexy. Admittedly, this is one of those true-love-at-first-sight tales but the author gives a fresh take with an explanation of how it happened. Technically it’s a ‘scientific’ explanation within the framework of this fantasy world although we would call it magic here in the mundane real world.

Other reviewers have commented about some overly detailed descriptions of the land and about a somewhat abrupt ending. I agree with them, but that does not stop this book from being an enjoyable tale worthy of praise.
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Review by: Rebecca Boyle on July 1, 2012 :
A really intriguing concept and some lovely world-building -there was a great depth of detail and the world felt three dimensional. It was at times a little wordy for me, but my main problem was with the main character Elanoria, who at times, and particularly at the beginning of the book, seemed a lot younger and more naive than her stated age. Overall, it was an interesting, original and enjoyable book.
(reviewed 6 months after purchase)
Review by: Christine Anderson on June 19, 2012 :
Heather 3/5

The Colors of Passion and Love has a very unique and intriguing plot line. A young princess who is able to see her mates feelings through a colorful aura, set in a fantasy world with mystical creatures and dangerous enemies. When an unexpected takeover happens the protagonists are forced to set out on the lam.

Once I read the summary of the book I was excited to start. Fantasy novels have always held a special place in my heart and the promise of romance, epic battles and magic was right up my alley.

I found the story to start off a little on the slow side, with too much emphasis put on the description of the land and how the countries were laid out, I believe painting a picture for the audience is very important but this was a little bit of overkill. While the author did eventually delve into the characters backgrounds and developing the characters I found that I wasn’t really able to get to know the characters until the last few chapters.

I felt that the ending was a little rushed and darn it I was just getting into it! The relationship between Elly and Magesty was sweet, he was able to portray their passion for each other without turning it into a trashy romance novel. What I truly enjoyed the most was Elly and Daina’s friendship. He really nailed it with the sisterly love.

The writing had some noticeable grammatical errors, and while minor, I felt they still impacted the story some.

With some proper editing and minor tweaks I think this could be a great novel and the way the author left the ending open, an entertaining series.

Christine: 3/5

The Colors of Passion and Love is definitely an original. Stan Morris brings the fantasy world of Magesty and Elly to life with vivid imagination and description. On a desperate journey to escape their enemies, the Master of Arete and the Princess of Quail marry, certain of their destiny together. Together with their friends, they travel through villages, cities and harsh countryside brimming with foes, until at last the final battle wages. I found the characters likeable and the plot intriguing. At times the depths of the detail tended to drag out the story, but overall, The Colors of Passion and Love was an enjoyable tale with a touch of magic.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
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