The Heart of the Buddha's Path

The Heart of the Buddha's Path is the second in a three-book series on Buddhist practice. This volume covers the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, subjects such as the Four Noble. Truths, dependent origination, karma, emptiness, and the Three Characteristics. This is followed by a discussion of mindfulness and concentration as found in the Pali Canon. More
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About Eric Van Horn

Eric Van Horn was born and raised in Lower Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania. He graduated Pottsgrove High School in 1970 and went to college at Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. He graduated from Goddard in 1973 with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. His senior thesis was about his experience as a community organizer for a drug abuse prevention program in Pottstown, PA.

After graduation he worked in a number of social service jobs, but eventually discovered a love of computer programming. He spent the next 33 years working as a software engineer. In his last job he spent 18 years working in the field of medical informatics at the PKC Corporation in Burlington, Vermont. He retired from PKC in 2011 to devote his life to his Buddhist practice.

His interest in Buddhism began in 1991 when he attended a "spiritual support group" at the Burlington Unitarian Church. Over the next 20+ years he attended many retreats at the Insight Meditation Center in Barre, MA, the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Barre, MA, the Zen Mountain Monastery in Mt. Temper, NY, the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, the Bhavana Society and Monastery in High View, WV, the Embracing Simplicity Hermitage in Asheville, NC, Kharme Choling in Barnet, VT, and Maple Forest Monastery in Woodstock, VT. He went to India on Buddhist Pilgrimage in 2004.

Eric has written several papers on Buddhism, including "Jhāna in the Majjhima Nikaya" and "Reverse Engineering the Buddha's Enlightenment." These can be found at In 2015 he published the "Travel Guide to the Buddha's Path," a practice guide that provides an outline of the whole of the Buddha's path as described in the Pāli canon. This volume has since been replaced by a greatly expanded three-volume set "The Buddha's Path Series," which includes (1) "Foundations of the Buddha's Path," (2) "The Heart of the Buddha's Path," and (3) "Awakening on the Buddha's Path." He has also written a biography of the Buddha called "The Life of the Buddha" and is currently editing and illustrating the Buddhist Jātaka Tales literature.

He moved from Vermont to New Mexico in 2014 because it was "sunnier, warmer, and cheaper." He also found a living situation that is quieter and more conducive to meditation. He has an ongoing love of the Land of Enchantment, its rich cultural heritages, breathtaking landscapes, and ancient history. He has two adult children, Seth and Rebecca, a daughter-in-law Britomarte, a grandchild Jay, and a virtual son-in-law Toby.

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About the Series: The Buddha's Path
The Buddha's Path series covers the entirety of the Buddha's Path to awakening. The first book, "Foundations of the Buddha's Path," provides an introduction to Buddhist practice. This includes (a) establishing a daily meditation practice, (b) the Buddha's teachings on virtue, ethic, and morality, and (c) bringing the Buddha's teachings into daily living.

The second book is "The Heart of the Buddha's Path." It begings with the wisdom teachings of the Buddha. These include the Four Noble Truths, dependent origination, emptiness, karma, and the Three Characteristics of existence. This is followed by an explanation of the Buddha's teachings on mindfulness as found in the Buddhist Canon. Finally, there is a discussion of "samadhi," which is variously translated as concentration, serenity, stillness, and meditative absorption. This includes how to attain these meditative states.

The third book is "Awakening on the Buddha's Path." This book begins with a look at the issue of rebirth and the Buddhist cosmology. Then there is a discussion of the ways in which the Buddha described nirvana. Finally, there is a description of the path that leads to awakening, or "enlightenment."

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