My Low Carb Story, Diet Book, Cookbook, and Shopping List

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I used to think that a bowl of cereal with milk and a banana was a healthier breakfast than three eggs with bacon. I have learned better. In 1998 I started a low carbohydrate diet and two medical studies in my heart have proved that this was the right thing to do. I updated this book in January 2020. If you have an earlier version, you may want to delete it and download this one. It is free. More
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About Fernando Urias

Fernando Urias is a process engineer with experience writing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to communicate the best way to do something to a large number of people. To do this successfully, he talks to relevant people, including operational folks and subject matter experts, reads the books available in the subject, listens to the latest podcasts and YouTube videos, and writes what he thinks is the best practice.

One of his hobbies is cooking and one of his objectives in life is to be healthy. This has resulted in having fun writing a low carbohydrate lifestyle series of books.

A Low Carbohydrate Series:

Book 1: My Low Carb Story, Diet Book, Cookbook, and Shopping List.
Book 2: My Low Carbohydrate Home Menu.
Book 3: An Essential Nutrition Diet and Cookbook.

He has learned how to reduce stress while managing multiple projects and he uses other business management tools, which he will share in a business series.

A Business Series:

Book 1: The Automatic Time Management System

Finally, one of his hobbies is to study economic theory and he is fascinated by the different levels of wealth of the nations of the world. This has led him to write of a series of books regarding the production of wealth.

The Wealth of the People Series:

Book1: Your Wealth
Book 2: Your Neighbor's Wealth
Book 3: The Wealth of the Market
Book 4: The Wealth of the Business Enterprise
Book 5: The Wealth of the State
Book 6: The Wealth of Social Capital

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About the Series: A Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle
This series details what I have learned in twenty two years in a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

Also in Series: A Low Carbohydrate Lifestyle

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Tara Drolma reviewed on March 21, 2012

This is a great book. It is easy to read and very informative. The author shares his personal experience with a low carb diet and he also provides a lot of information that he has gleened from reading many books on the subjecct. It is an easy read and you can finish it in a few hours. I would discount spookies remarks. The information the author puts forth is documented so you can do your own research. He makes no claim to be a doctor and states that clearly in the disclaimer at the beginning of the book.
(review of free book)
Kathleen Patel reviewed on Oct. 27, 2011

Great book! Just the inspiration that I needed : )
(review of free book)
Fred Harriman reviewed on Feb. 21, 2011

Being a Road Warrior, I appreciate others' experiences in keeping their weight under control. This was a very useful account of how Mr. Urias was able to eat right. Very interesting.
(review of free book)
spookie reviewed on Sep. 26, 2010
(no rating)
The author suggests that eating three eggs and bacon for breakfast is healthier than cereal and a banana. On page 2 he clarifies and states he was eating two cups of cereal with the banana, a gigantic amount of cereal! It is simply irresponsible to suggest that eating a half a chicken at a sitting is healthy. Large amounts of animal products simply are not healthy, and vegetables and fruits are. Those 100 year olds he refers to undoubtedly ate very little in the way of animal products and plenty of raw, unprocessed vegetables and a reasonable amount of fruit. Weight loss with high-protein/low carbohydrate diets is the result of an unnatural and unhealthy condition in which the body produces ketones resulting in ketosis. If you doubt this, strips which measure the amount of ketones the body is "spilling" into the urine are available at any drug store. After just a day or two the body will show marked ketosis. The best and safest way to lose weight is to start observing HOW MUCH FOOD one eats, and eating normal portions of food. When one eats without measuring, one often eats two or three times a normal portion. When portions are measured, enough food to stave off hunger are eaten but excess food is not. This approach is far healthier than one in which one food type is eaten to the exclusion of another.

Simply eliminating soda is enough to explain the author's weight loss, as soda is packed with calories more densely than most natural foods. It is a great way to a healthier lifestyle to reduce soda consumption, but studies show that diet soda is just as unhealthy as sugar-sweetened soda. The healthiest drink is water, and, contrary to the author's assertion, it does not hinder digestion. In fact, the stomach's job in digestion is more to mechanically break up food than to chemically break up food. If you doubt this, ulcer patients on medication that block ALL production of stomach acids still absorb foods just fine. Water helps, not hinders the mechanical breakdown of food, and people are well-advised to drink plenty of water, both with meals and between meals. While it is possible to drink too much water, it is VERY difficult, and NO MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL recommends restricting water intake for normally healthy people.

The author is not a medical professional, and this shows.
(review of free book)
Lynn reviewed on March 13, 2010

This is quite interesting. As you say a person with diabetes needs to watch this. I try and watch my carbs when I eat. Readers should check with their doctor before trying any kind of diet
(review of free book)
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