Three hundred years after the ‘hippie’ culture burst upon the Earth, an expedition of simulated humans finds the planet it came from. In this ‘coming of age’ intercultural romance a 400 year old girl from that world meets a 20 year old raised by androids on that starship, much to the consternation of the crew of that ship. More
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About Lee Willard

I am a retired embedded systems engineer and sci-fi hobbyist from Hartford. Most of my stories concern Kassidor, 'The planet the hippies came from' which I have used to examine subjects like: What would it take to make the hippy lifestyle real? How would extended lifespans affect society? What could happen if we outlive our memories? How can murder be committed when violence is impossible?

I have recently discovered that someone new to science fiction should start their exploration of Kassidor with the Second Expedition trilogy. To the mainstream fiction reader the alien names of people, places and things can be confusing. This series has a little more explanation of the differences between Kassidor and Earth. In all of the Kassidor stories you will notice the people do not act like ordinary humans but like flower children from the 60's. It is not until Zhlindu that the actual modifications made to human nature to make them act that way are spelled out. To aide that understanding I've made The Second Expedition free.

I am not a fan of violence and dystopia. I believe that sci-fi does not just predict the future, but helps create the future because we sci-fi writers show our readers what the future will be and the readers go out and create it. I believe that the current fad of constant dystopia and mega-violence in sci-fi today is helping to create that world, and I mention that often in reviews and comments on the books I read. I also believe that the characters in those stories who are completely free of any affection are at least as unnatural as the modified humans of Kassidor.

In my reviews, * = couldn't finish it. ** = Don't bother with it. *** = good story worth reading. **** = great and memorable story. ***** = Worth a Hugo.

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About the Series: The Second Expedition
In the 1960's, a new culture burst upon the Earth, throwing society into upheavals that took generations of harsh repression to quell. Now, three hundred years later, an expedition from a civilization of silicon-simulated Angels finds the planet that culture came from.

This whole series was started when someone told me that the hippie way of life was going to take over the world and the old way of life would be swept away. I was of the opinion that it could not because there were too many things in the hippie way of life that are contrary to human nature. The discussion that started that evening eventually grew into this whole trilogy. While this would have been much more current if it could have been released in the 1970’s, life (house, kids, career) intervened. It still has relevance today because the same basic concept between the old culture and the counter culture is still driving much of the division in our society. The fact that we can’t tell what’s real in the virtual world is driving a lot more of that division.

Because this starting point is almost required to begin your exploration of Kassidor I have recently (10/14/2021) decided to make this whole series free.

Also in Series: The Second Expedition

About the Series: The Vogages of Gordon's Lamp
This series collects most of the major novels from Kassidor’s ‘Starship Age’ which is the first part of the 100th century on their calendar, 2267 to approximately 2500 on ours. Three of them, the ‘Second Expedition’ trilogy, take place on both Gordon’s Lamp and Kassidor. Two of them, ‘Tangle in the Dark’ and ‘Vermin Rising’ take place on Gordon’s Lamp after it leaves Kassidor while three of them take place on Kassidor and feature one or more copies of Ava Bancour, the former system’s administrator of Gordon’s Lamp, and in some cases one or two other members of the crew.

The remaining five volumes in this series are an attempt to further investigate some of the issues uncovered in the modified humans explained in the ‘Second Expedition’ trilogy such as the difference in sexuality between ephemerals and eternals, with eternals as defined by the Species Immunity Complex. Also; the possibility of a form of ‘murder’ and how such a society would cope with it, with how to organize a society without coercion, with how to tell which afterlife is real, and what qualities we need in a leader. They also have more to say on the problem of knowing what’s real in a virtual world.

Also in Series: The Vogages of Gordon's Lamp

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