The Tide of Her (The Sea of Her 3)

The Twins are gone. Leilani and Keanu have taken the Crown. And they can’t let anyone find them. Leilani fails to get answers from the sea; she has no idea where to find the King. But then Leilani and Keanu meet an enigmatic woman, who claims to have all the answers they need—yet it comes at a price neither is sure they’re willing to pay, as it might cost them their love and their lives... More
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October 26, 2021
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About Lynn Robin

Lynn Robin (1992) is an author of Paranormal Romance Dark Fantasy novels.

Born and raised in the historical city of Leiden in the Netherlands, she has felt the urge to write stories ever since she was little— preferably ones with ghosts and other spooky things (probably because her parents let her watch Stephen King film adaptions when she was nine).

Next to that, she likes to add a healthy dose of romance to her books; star-crossed lovers and forbidden romances, preferably about monsters hiding in the bodies of young men, and girls blessed with angelic powers—or at least humans touched by magical abilities.

She made her debut in 2017 with her Dutch series entitled the Schimmenwereld Serie (the Phantom World series), containing six books about ghosts, angels, demons, music, dance, art, and—of course—love. She won the Best Book of 2018 award with the fourth installment, Schimmendroom (Phantom Dream), chosen by the jury of The Dutch Indie Awards.

In 2019 she debuted internationally in English with the Insomnia Saga. In 2020 and 2021, she published the highly romantic Kissing Monsters series. The Sea of Her is her newest series.

Besides being passionate about writing, she’s also a rather dedicated running/fitness/yoga/martial arts enthusiast, and likes to spend time with her family, play videogames, or freak herself out watching documentaries about haunted houses (for research, she claims).

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