M'Kennit Wind at Blue Kite

Adult Erotica
In a time and place where people don’t age, can control their appearance and there is a modification to human nature called the Instinct which makes violence impossible, women can be willing participants in sexual adventure. Kessil is at the Blue Kite primarily for the show, but an encounter would be welcome. She gets one better than she hoped for but then the crush of the crowd intervenes. More
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About Lee Willard

I am a retired embedded systems engineer and sci-fi hobbyist from Hartford. Most of my stories concern Kassidor, 'The planet the hippies came from' which I have used to examine subjects like: What would it take to make the hippy lifestyle real? How would extended lifespans affect society? What could happen if we outlive our memories? How can murder be committed when violence is impossible?

I have recently discovered that someone new to science fiction should start their exploration of Kassidor with the Second Expedition trilogy. To the mainstream fiction reader the alien names of people, places and things can be confusing. This series has a little more explanation of the differences between Kassidor and Earth. In all of the Kassidor stories you will notice the people do not act like ordinary humans but like flower children from the 60's. It is not until Zhlindu that the actual modifications made to human nature to make them act that way are spelled out. To aide that understanding I've made The Second Expedition free.

I am not a fan of violence and dystopia. I believe that sci-fi does not just predict the future, but helps create the future because we sci-fi writers show our readers what the future will be and the readers go out and create it. I believe that the current fad of constant dystopia and mega-violence in sci-fi today is helping to create that world, and I mention that often in reviews and comments on the books I read. I also believe that the characters in those stories who are completely free of any affection are at least as unnatural as the modified humans of Kassidor.

In my reviews, * = couldn't finish it. ** = Don't bother with it. *** = good story worth reading. **** = great and memorable story. ***** = Worth a Hugo.

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About the Series: Dyoniss and Kessil
Dyoniss is a detective with an office on the 78th floor of the Tower of the Blue Kite in the eastern end of the Ydlonstrostl Cities in Kassidor's 123 century, which lasts from 5787 to 6017ad. During this trilogy he specializes in cases involving the antidote to the Instinct. The Instinct (with a capital I) is a modification to human nature which makes it impossible to use force or violence on another human being. The antidote makes violence possible for a short time.
Kessil is an air handling engineer working for Mbeshna Power, also in the eastern end of the Ydlontrostl cities. She is originally from the VerseM'lOry a nomadic tribe from the great prairie.
This trilogy (and it's prequel) covers their meeting and three cases where their careers intersect between 5880 and 6011ad., approximately coinciding in time with the 'Star Wars' movies. It examines issue like: How does romance work among people who are eternal? How does a society where violence is impossible deal with it? How does a religion work without God?

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