The Feuds of Zil

The Zil escarpment is a fantastic land of canyons and spires, winding rivers and remote villages. Dorrick and TongSu went out of their way to see the spectacular scenery but not to become embroiled in a conflict with roots in the Troubled Times. They also did not expect to become embroiled in a conflict between two people who’s relationship was troubled by their drifting sexual orientation. More
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About Lee Willard

I am a retired embedded systems engineer and sci-fi hobbyist from Hartford. Most of my stories concern Kassidor, 'The planet the hippies came from' which I have used to examine subjects like: What would it take to make the hippy lifestyle real? How would extended lifespans affect society? What could happen if we outlive our memories? How can murder be committed when violence is impossible?

I have recently discovered that someone new to science fiction should start their exploration of Kassidor with the Second Expedition trilogy. To the mainstream fiction reader the alien names of people, places and things can be confusing. This series has a little more explanation of the differences between Kassidor and Earth. In all of the Kassidor stories you will notice the people do not act like ordinary humans but like flower children from the 60's. It is not until Zhlindu that the actual modifications made to human nature to make them act that way are spelled out. To aide that understanding I've made The Second Expedition free.

I am not a fan of violence and dystopia. I believe that sci-fi does not just predict the future, but helps create the future because we sci-fi writers show our readers what the future will be and the readers go out and create it. I believe that the current fad of constant dystopia and mega-violence in sci-fi today is helping to create that world, and I mention that often in reviews and comments on the books I read. I also believe that the characters in those stories who are completely free of any affection are at least as unnatural as the modified humans of Kassidor.

In my reviews, * = couldn't finish it. ** = Don't bother with it. *** = good story worth reading. **** = great and memorable story. ***** = Worth a Hugo.

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About the Series: The Adventgures of Dorrick and TongSu
The only way for people to fly on the planet Kassidor is on a lighter than air motile plant who’s name we have translated as ‘floater’ or ‘balloon’. TongSu owns one of the largest such creatures and has used it to move cargo for nearly two centuries but loses her employment contract as this series begins.

Dorrick has been a paramilitary on Centorin for most of his 151 years, first in Navorkensville, and later working on Earth for the University of Kex supporting archaeological expeditions, first to the ruins of Ellay in western North America and then to the ruins of Talstan in central Asia. The Ellay expedition had been made difficult by hostile savages with primitive long rifles, the one in Talstan by ancient and malfunctioning weapons systems.

This the stories in this series are shorter and intended to be more entertaining and less intellectually challenging than ‘The Voyages of Gordon’s Lamp’ but that doesn’t mean the stories are without meaning, whether it be the treatment of women, addiction, mental illness, or mistakenly thinking Centorin cinema is all done with special effects.

Enjoy and feel free to let the world know what you think by leaving a review.

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