Christian Author Marketing Secrets Volume 1: Connect with Confidence

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Are you a Christian author who is frustrated by the lack of sales in your book? You are not alone. Many authors are struggling with low book sales and they want answers.

Good news: Even if your book is not selling at all right now, it’s not too late to turn things around and start seeing real results. Christian Author Marketing Secrets is the answer to your prayers. Get your copy NOW! More
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About Tamara Jackson

Feeling invisible? Let's fix that. My name is Tamara "Coach Tam" Jackson and I am a published author, host of the Top 100 Publishing Secrets podcast, Facebook© Certified Digital Marketer, and founder of I specialize in helping mission-driven authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs 10X their visibility so that they can get the word out, grow their audience, and increase sales. Together, we will create a brand and message that clicks with your ideal audience and feels authentic and true to the best version of you. Then, we will put a strategy in motion that enables you to "attract" a tribe of followers that 1) "see you", 2) love what you do, and 3) are willing to invest in your business, cause, or movement. And we will accomplish all of this without being sleazy or resorting to manipulative tactics.

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About the Series: Christian Author Marketing Secrets
The Christian Author Marketing Secrets series will help you succeed by showing you how to attract your ideal audience and get them excited about your book. I know marketing seems hard like learning a foreign language but I promise it really is not as hard as it seems. You just need the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to sort through the fanfare and the fluff. Once you have access to the right information and know-how to apply it, everything changes.

This series is all about taking you from where you are - confused and discouraged - to equipped and empowered to market and sell your book with confidence. The strategies will help you stand out from the thousands of published authors that are competing for your audience's attention and sell more books - without resorting to inauthentic, unethical marketing tactics.

Christian Author Marketing Secrets is the answer to your prayers. Get ready to sell more books and make a mark on the world for Jesus!

Reviews of Christian Author Marketing Secrets Volume 1: Connect with Confidence by Tamara Jackson

Verna Mayers-Fakunle reviewed on Nov. 13, 2021

Life-changing, Inspirational, and Engaging! This eBook is chock full of information that breaks down the complexity of marketing your book into simple steps that are easy to understand and follow. Coach Tam shares her own personal journey, and her transparency is refreshing and helps readers believe that they too can fail forward. The principles in the book challenge the traditional processes of marketing and encourage readers to focus on relationship building instead of making sales.

My favorite part of the book would be the personal stories and how the author shares her own challenges and allows us a glimpse into the pain of her journey. It makes the strategies she shares so much more impactful to know she has 100% had to use these techniques to recover from a time when she was challenged to think outside the box so to speak and do marketing different.

The one thing I would change has nothing to do with the content, because that was absolutely wonderful. I would however make the eBook more accessible in different formats. I had to actually download another app for my computer in order to read it. It would not open as a PDF or standard file.

My biggest takeaway involves the connection between vision, strategy, and execution. So often one of the three major components are overlooked, and it is essential to know you must have a solid plan for all three to achieve results.

Any person who is thinking of writing a book, has written a book, has published a book, or needs to market their business effectively should read this book MORE THAN ONCE! I feel so blessed to have been able to read it! Thank you for allowing us access to your knowledge and for using your gift to inspire and assist up to reach our full potential.
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Benjamin Kroger reviewed on Oct. 23, 2021

SIMPLE, REAL, AND FANTASTIC. The author lays out a simple way to market to your audience. They are authentic and genuine ways to reach your audience. The great thing is that you can implement them while you're learning! She teaches VISION + STRATEGY + EXECUTION = RESULTS. The 5 C's: Captivate, Connect the Dots, Call-out, Content, and Call-to-Action. Building your brand. These are some of the key elements of the book. She also expresses how important it is to make it about the customer. How do we serve them the best we can and make it about them. It's great how she stresses that relationships are truly what matters!
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Vee Daniels reviewed on Oct. 23, 2021

WOWOWOW!!! This Christian Author Marketing Secrets Volume 1 in one word is - explosive!! I can only hope that my capability to be successful as an "authorpreneur" is just as explosive as I utilize these God-given principles to help me: "build relationships, serve over sell, and add real value" to my audience. My favorite part about this ebook is learning to "step out of my comfort zone" in order to connect with my audience so that they will "know, like, and trust" me. This is huge! I am often not very trusting of anyone; thus, it is imperative for me to keep this in mind when I seek to "create awareness, interest, and consideration" in getting my message to them. Honestly, if I wrote this myself, there is nothing I would change in terms of the content; there was one typo I noticed though. Other than that - it was beautifully done. Moreover, my biggest takeaway from what I have read so far is that serving my audience is more important than selling to them. Service in any business is critical to success, which is why I am reminded of the customer greeting, "How may I serve you?" You can have the BEST products available to potential buyers, but if your customer service is poor - it will ruin any possibility of relationship building. In my opinion, anyone who is thinking about writing a book (or books) should highly consider reading this ebook. In fact, anyone who conducts any type of business would enjoy reading it since the principles outlined in it can help propel them to building valuable and ultimately lasting relationships!
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Mimi Kroger reviewed on Oct. 22, 2021

This book is honest! The author is “keeping it real” by sharing her failures as well as her successes. She’s clearly learned from her experiences and now shares how to do the work...right! She’s been in my boat and as a result can speak into what I need to do to get out of it...before it sinks completely. My biggest takeaway was the 5c’s in that it teaches me to build a relationship with my reader before asking them to marry me! Who knew? She did! I’d love to see more information on the technical side of things because that’s been another huge challenge for me. Although, that might need to be another book all-together! Any new author or even an established one who has had trouble building their brand would highly benefit from this quick, practical, and informative read. To God be the glory.
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S B reviewed on Oct. 22, 2021

I would highly recommend this ebook for anyone who aspires to grow in the Christian author business. I especially love how Tamara organizes the book in a simple to follow step by step guide, and integrates Scriptural principles and references in marketing as a tool to glorify God through our words. Who knew the Bible had marketing principles?!
This ebook has not only inspired me to grow as a budding young ‘authorpreneur’, but also to live out the personal vision outside the author space. I love her authenticity in sharing personal experiences of both successes and failures, so us readers don’t have to repeat mistakes.
The only thing I would add to the book (perhaps in a separate volume) is more specific information about available tools (e.g. software, automations) and templates that Christian authors can use to make their marketing strategies more efficient. Having follow-up volumes with guides on setting up specific marketing channels (e.g. A beginner’s guide to setting up email marketing and integrating with personal websites) would be very useful. Looking out if something like this is considered!
One of my biggest takeaways from the book is the motivation that God has placed us all with a message that someone needs to hear. The need for authenticity and openness, to win our audience’s trust, is one of the secret keys. I tried this technique with one post, and the positive feedback was overwhelming!
Whether you are a debut author (like me), or just someone who wants to grow in Kingdom work, I highly recommend this resource. Great work, Coach Tam!
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