Power, Passion, and Faith: Emmy Carlsson Evald, Suffragist and Social Activist

It is the morning of July 1, 1938, and New York City is just beginning to stir. For Emmy Evald, it is a day of reckoning.

Born in 1857, Emmy Evald grew up on the poor side of Chicago. Despite her humble beginnings, she was a religious leader and a suffragist alongside Susan B. Anthony and became one of the most influential Swedish American women of her day. More
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About Sharon M. Wyman

Since childhood, Sharon Wyman has heard family stories about Emmy Evald. They were grand tales indeed of Emmy’s trip to China, where she thwarted a robbery attempt, and of her travels to India, where she spent the day with a viper in her cot. But it was not until Wyman relocated to Chicago, where Evald grew up, that her interest in family history blossomed.

As Evald’s great-granddaughter, Wyman has access to her personal papers, scrapbooks, and photographs. Plus, she has the inside scoop from family members who knew Evald best, adding to an intimate portrait of Evald’s life.

Wyman grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, and spent twenty years in corporate communications. She currently lives on Cape Cod with her husband, Bob, their beagle Annie, and a cat named Calvin.

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