Wall — Love, Sex and Immortality [Aquarius Trilogy Book One]

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If you suspect you are more than flesh and bones, read Stan Law. If you want to be sure, read Stanislaw Kapuscinski.

WALL is a novel about Love, Sex, and Immortality. Action takes place in Montreal - Canada, Milos - a fabulous Greek Island, and in realms accessible only to those who read this book.
It also explores quantum tunneling where physics and metaphysics blend into a new reality. More

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About Stan I.S. Law

Stan I.S. Law (Stanislaw Kapuscinski), architect, sculptor and prolific writer was educated in Poland and England. While there, he also played concert violin, and studied opera at the Guildhall School of Music.

Since 1965 he has resided in Canada. His special interests cover a broad spectrum of arts, sciences and philosophy. His fiction and non-fiction attest to his particular passion for the scope and the development of human potential. He authored more than thirty books, eighteen of them novels.
Under his real name he published seven non-fiction books sharing his vision of reality. His non-fiction books can be found at:





As an architect [RIBA, MRAIC, OAQ ret.] he designed a number high rise buildings in Montreal, including Regency Hyatt Hotel (now Delta), Place Mercantile, Headquarters for the Mutual Alliance, as well as a number of low and middle rise structures for private clients. In the National Capital he was the associate in charge of design of Royal Bank Headquarters on Sparks Street.

His novels include:

NOW—Being and Becoming
One Just Man (Winston Trilogy Book I)
Elohim—Masters and Minions (Winston Trilogy Book II)
Winstons' Kingdom (Winston Trilogy Book III)
Yeshûa—Personal Memoir of the Missing Years of Jesus
Peter and Paul—Intuitive sequel to Yeshûa
The Avatar Syndrome (prequel to Headless World)
Headless World—The Vatican Incident (Sequel to Avatar Syndrome).
The Princess
Alec (Alexander Trilogy Book I)
Alexander (Alexander Trilogy Book II).
Sacha—The Way Back (Alexander Trilogy Book III).
The Gate—Things my Mother told me.
Marvin Clark—In Search of Freedom.
Enigma of the Second Coming
Gift of Gamman
Wall—Love, Sex, and Immortality (Aquarius Trilogy Book I)
Pluto Effect (Aquarius Trilogy Book II)
OLYMPUS—Of Gods and Men (Aquarius Trilogy Book III)

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Update on Love, and Sex, and Immortality
There is more on heaven and earth than meets the eye, more than our senses can detect. We, you and I, can walk through walls, visit other realities, past and present, make love on Greek Islands drenched in sunshine, all by an act of our will. How? Let Ambrosia and Simon show you. The abilities lie dormant within us.

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Amy Taylor reviewed on on Aug. 18, 2014

Wall – Love, Sex and Immortality is the thrilling first book of the Aquarius Trilogy.

Author Stan I.S. Law introduces us to Simon Jones, a young man whose ankle seizes on him but for which no doctor can find a reason. It appears that Simon’s ankle is perfectly healthy though it causes him a great deal of problems. Simon’s Rugby adventures were cut short due to his ankle seizures and comically so were any hopes of losing his virginity. After a while Simon has become a professor and continues to try various solutions to heal his ankle. One day Simon meets a beautiful and brilliant young physicist Ambrosia Milos. Simon and Ambrosia soon fall in love and experience amazing things together.

Law’s imagination and creativity never cease to amaze me. Simon and Ambrosia are beautiful together and easy to fall in love with. This story is inspiring and thought provoking as it delves into incredible possibilities. Law’s command of spirituality and science allow him to create a realistic science fiction that draws the reader deep into the wonder that is his world. ‘Wall’ is full of suspense, sensuality, love, renewal, technological advancement, theft, humor, science, and spirituality. I highly recommend it!
(reviewed 6 months after purchase)
Lorinda J Taylor reviewed on on Feb. 17, 2014

I’m not sure why this novel has received so many 5-star ratings. The book is long on ideas and short on conflict and tension. In fact, there is hardly any plot at all. The reader is presented with endless speculation on philosophical, religious, and scientific topics as the main characters attempt to turn a combination of Out-of-Body experiences and quantum mechanics into the invention of StarTrek’s transporter technology. I don’t mind books that deal with esoteric subjects – in fact, I rather like them – but I prefer those subjects to be integrated into a plotline – to be suggested rather than to be fed out as an academic lecture.
That being said, the characterization isn’t bad. One can’t help liking the characters, especially Simon Jones, the first-person narrator, who often injects a wry humor. The love story between him and Ambrosia Milos is nice – that’s the only word for it. I prefer books where the sex remains off-screen and low-key. And Papa Milos is a bit of an entertaining trickster character, while Mama Milos is essential to the small amount of plot development.
This book is interesting, but it’s not a page-turner. And I must add, I would have given it four stars except for the fact that hardly a page went by without some typo or punctuation problem. The book would profit from some attention by a competent copy editor/proof reader. One of the worst gaffes was the use of “cleaver” when the author meant “clever.”
(reviewed 70 days after purchase)
Fred Schäfer reviewed on on Nov. 30, 2012

This book is exactly how intelligent literary fiction should be.
Quantum physics deals with the behaviour of objects in the microphysical, subatomic, world. In this context Einstein had many discussions with physicists who were committed to an interpretation from which they concluded that nothing – the moon included – exists unless it is being observed. In other words: if you look at the moon, the moon exists, if you turn around and look in the opposite direction, the moon no longer exists. I suspect not many people would take this kind of reasoning seriously if not a genius, Albert Einstein, had taken it seriously.

With this somewhat unusual introduction let me tell you what this amazing novel is all about. Ultimately, it is a very beautiful love story. Without exception, the major characters in this book are likeable people. As you get to know them you would like to meet them, perhaps share a bottle of wine with them and talk about religion, God, reality, the US president Laura Georgina Bush, the CIA, about neutrinos and leptons, out of body experiences, love, sex, immortality and the best way of walking through a solid wall.

Some of these topics may sound unrealistic. They are and they are not, readers will have to decide that for themselves. They are presented in an often comical fictional context. But just let me remind you of Einstein’s discussions with physicists about the existence (or non-existence) of the moon. So don’t make up your mind about the reality of our world too quickly. The author’s great achievement with this book is that he manages to embed these largely philosophical topics in a gripping plot about the life experiences of Simon and Ambrosia, the couple at the heart of the novel’s love story.

This book is interesting and hugely entertaining; it presents challenging ideas and is very witty. It is exactly how intelligent literary fiction should be. I couldn’t put it down. It cost me a night’s sleep and made me change my priorities the following day. I am truly excited about this novel and recommend it highly.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
Glenda Bixler reviewed on on Aug. 19, 2012

The thing that scares me most about reading books by Stan I. S. Law, is that I know he is brilliant and has written both fiction and nonfiction books in his fields of expertise--so that I don't know whether to think his fiction is fantasy or really reality! By the way, his real name is Stanislaw Kapuscinski... I think it is so cool that he has adopted an AKA in order to help us better remember his name... It worked for me! And I've so enjoyed meeting Stan on line!

I met him first through one of his other books--anybody that knows me would guess that my first choice was Cats and Dogs! After reading his thoughts on animals, I decided to risk his thoughts about love and sex! But it's the immortality issue that I'm just not sure about...LOL

Anyway, I'd like to say that Stan creates a wonderful love story! Reading Wall as Romantic Fiction is bound to please any lovers out there! Let me tell you a little about the couple...

Simon Jones attended a Jesuit school and was now an Associate Professor teaching Comparative Religion. We meet him as he is once again having problems with his ankle. In school all students had been required to play Rugby, but he was unable to continue because of his ankle...Yet no doctor or specialist had been able to find anything that would account for his ankle being painful or giving out on him... Now, you may think that is a strange way of starting a novel; however, it was very important to Simon for a major reason--he "believed" after the problem was finally discovered and cured...

I found while working on a university campus that professors of religion are not necessarily religious... Simon was, though, an expert in all religions across the world and could converse fluently about ancient as well as modern day beliefs... Whether Simon had faith or not is something you will need to discover in the book.

Stan Law has a droll sense of humor that I enjoy and readers, if they pick up on it, will find a small smile or smirk appearing as they read. It's still about that ankle, you see, because it seemed that often his ankle caused problems when he was on his way to be intimate with a girl! And so it was that, shhhh, don't tell anybody, but he was a virgin when he got married... Quite a quandary for a healthy young man who was able to find potential partners, but then have his own body betray him!

Until he met Ambrosia! Ambrosia--the nectar of the gods... And for Simon she was just that! "Right there and then, I'd be willing to drink anything she'd deign to offer me, a mere mortal..." he thought. Then he quickly shares that he hadn't met her actually, he had fallen down the stairs at her feet... (Now if it were me, I'd have thought that his ankle was being manipulated by God, fate...or whatever, don't you think?) But, no, that's not the answer with his ankle...

And then there she was and Simon froze! She had raised her hand in his class!

Ambrosia Milos... And he later learned she was just as interested as he was...

Enough of the love stuff...

Anbrosia was also very intelligent and was a physicist--a scientist who had no real use of religion, especially since she was doing on-the-edge research that was so important that she and the college president had been required to sign a confidentiality statement for the government!

Her theoretical hypothesis was on tunneling...and that's all I'm going to say, because, frankly, I didn't understand enough to give you more information. LOL

Actually, I might also add not to get too excited when Professor Jones starts talking at the beginning of his own lecture... I promise that the book does not get into too much in-depth concepts/info and readers will not need to totally understand all that is explained...LOL

The key, though, was that the merge of Simon and Ambrosia was not just love and sexually--it was also intellectually. Those two minds combined made "it" happen! What? Why walking through walls of course!

Now an interesting thing was that Ambrosia's mother had been doing that for years...

What this all means for readers is that there is a mystery to solve--there is danger because others want to learn and obtain the basis and use of Ambrosia's work, and, of course, there are the rich and powerful forever looking for immortality (Ok, I just can't figure out why...if I accept the Christian principle that it happens, then fine--if I accept the scientific fact that we all die, then why search for some fantasy, but anyway I digress...)

It is a great novel! Definitely not chick lit, a cozy mystery or anything similar. When two brilliant researchers get together you must know that you will be reading college-level subject material. It was deep, complex, and briefly over my head but not so much that I couldn't comprehend what was happening. In fact, I loved it!

What I don't know...though...is if this can be done in reality... That's where Stan leaves me...is he really teaching us about the principles of exploring human potential within his fiction? And should I get a book on self-hypnosis and study out-of-body experiences? Thanks, Stan, for continuing to make me think, even while I'm thoroughly enjoying learning about your, excuse me, Simon's virginity issues. Enjoy this one!

(reviewed 25 days after purchase)
Ron Pike reviewed on on March 27, 2012

I loved the suspense, the mystery and the walking through walls. It sounded very well reasoned and convincing. Simon and Ambrosia make a hell of a pair. They remind me of that other couple from Da Vinci Code. Only the end in the Wall is more exciting.
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
D Piecuch reviewed on on March 27, 2012

Love, Sex and Immortality. That’s a good as it gets. Throw in a Greek Island, washed with sun, surround it with warm water, add good food and good wine, and you have a novel I like.

I didn’t really need all the walking through walls stuff, but you can’t have Stan Law without magic and mystery and suspense. On the other hand, it might be just your cup of tea.
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
Jo Steinman reviewed on on March 23, 2012

Greek sunshine, warm seas, mystery, suspense, a beautiful woman, a handsome man – what more can one expect? Well… there is also espionage, science, physics, travel, ancient myths, moving through walls, flying – without wings, love – lots of love. Ah, yes, and don’t forget sex and immortality. Not a bad way to finish. You might say, it’s a vintage Stan Law.
(reviewed 78 days after purchase)
Barbara Woolfe reviewed on on March 16, 2012

When I first read Stan Law, some of the stuff he writes about sounded to me a bit like mumbo-jumbo. Now, that I read more of his books, his ideas take on a reality of their own, they sweep me along onto their magic carpet, and I accept Law’s world as my own. I don’t quite know how he does it, but either he’s a brilliant writer, or his reality really is real.

I read some passages again. He is a brilliant writer!
(reviewed 71 days after purchase)
Bohdan Czytelnik reviewed on on Jan. 5, 2012

By some means that are not clear to me, Stan Law manages to blend and harmonize physics and metaphysics with the ease of an experienced maestro. Yet over and above his obvious talents, this latest book of his is most of all fun. Great, big, piles of fun. Fun in the penthouse, fun in the park, fun on the beaches and fun of a king-sized bed that stimulated my scientifically-oriented imagination.
This is Stan Law at his best.
(reviewed 30 days after purchase)
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