To Serve and Obey

Adult Taboo Erotica
An erotic, fetish-fueled tale full of brainwashing, hypnosis, and a superheroine doing her best to resist the seductive allure of another woman controlling her mind. More
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About M. Kistulot

Ink on the page, and ink in the blood, I've been writing since I can remember and nothing has ever fascinated me more than playing with the concepts of control, obedience, and the self. Since 2005 I've been using fiction to explore these concepts. This generally involves a copious amount of women being very intimate with other women, but how better to make any journey more fun along the way than with company?

I don't like to write the same story twice, but exploring the same concept from different angles is a must. You can expect my writing to be focused on characters, their feelings, their thoughts (or their lackthereof) and to have these things be challenged, or played with, or explored through intimacy, dominance, submission, hypnosis, and other methods of mind control. As a practicing hypnotist myself I know that it has very real limits, but sometimes in fiction it can be fun to suspend one's disbelief just a little, and my stories tend to reflect that. Fiction should feel real, but also be a bit larger than life. Enticing. Tempting. Just out of reach.

I like to play in different genres, with different styles, but it all comes back to some very simple concepts: women controlling other women, women losing control with other women, and women being very close with each other. If any of this sounds appealing, then I think we're going to get along just fine.

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About the Series: To Serve and Obey
By day, Sarah LaSilvas is a mother to her beautiful daughter Aurora, and lover to the always punning Olivia Whitner. By night, she becomes Silver Girl. While her partner Aureus stays home to protect their daughter, Silver Girl takes to the rooftops to defend those who share her home of Midas City. Most of her patrols are still uneventful, but they're still very important to her.

Silver Girl's life is turned upside down when an old friend arrives at her door needing help. Chronos once again casts a shadow over her life as Silver Girl rushes into action, doing her best to stop Midas City from falling under a web of hypnosis, mind control, and a fate that she spent entirely too long desiring while never imagining she'd experience it again.

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About the Series: The Adventures of Silver Girl
Sarah "Silver Girl" LaSilvas has her life change forever when she's invited to join Chronos, an organization that pays metahumans and gives them training, supplies, and other things they need to be successful. She doesn't like the sound of that, but what happens when she goes to say no in person changes her life forever...

Also in Series: The Adventures of Silver Girl

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