The Highlander's Loving Heart

Cillian Pherson is the Duke of Blackridge and chieftain to the legendary Pherson Clan, one of Scotland’s oldest and fiercest. More
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January 7, 2023
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About Z. Peabody

Peabody is new to Christian Romance.

A believer in the teachings of Christ, Z. came to Christ at any early age. It was her deep love of Christ's teachings that lead Z. to read Young Adult Christian novels as a teenager. Years later, Z. finally sat down and applied pen to paper to start writing her own Adult Christian Romance novel.

“My characters are not perfect, and I wanted to write storylines that show that the walk to Christianity is not always an easy one. I want characters, that have lived a life, away from Christ, and then show how they come into the body of Christ, with a testimony.”

"I hope you enjoy the stories that I have created. Each story, plot, Hero, and Heroine have been created to give honor to God. My novels are Christ-centered because God had taken up permanent residence in my life, and I want to give him glory in my writings.”

Until next time.

—Z. Peabody

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About the Series: The Pherson Clan
The Pherson Clan is one of Scotland’s fiercest. Follow these warriors as they discover their loving hearts, receive their blessings, and accept charity as it comes.

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