Beyond Religion Volume II

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You are invited to join a curious mind on a journey to explore the reality we live in—to examine the truth, the half-truth, and the lies.

In the Second Collection Kapuscinski delves into diverse ancient scriptures, as well as into the latest scientific discoveries. The author also demonstrates his unique perspective on diverse subjects dealing with life and death. More

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About Stanislaw Kapuscinski

Architect, sculptor and prolific writer. His special interests cover a broad spectrum of arts, sciences, and philosophy. His fiction and non-fiction attest to his particular passion for the scope and the development of Human Potential. He authored more than thirty books, twenty of them novels, under the pen name Stan I.S. Law.

His life attests that his View of Reality leads to success and happiness. A refugee from Poland at 13, then at 33, having overcome the difficulties of schooling in a foreign language, he left England for Canada in search of new horizons. Later his family scattered, his house burned to the ground, the firm—where he worked for many years—bankrupt… he began his search for the secret of life. Now he is a successful writer, happily married for 25 years, with an assured future.

If you suspect you are more than flesh and bones, read Stan Law. If you want to be sure, read Stanislaw Kapuscinski.

Novels by Stan I.S. Law
(aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

WALL—Love, Sex, and Immortality
[Aquarius Trilogy Book One]
[Aquarius Trilogy Book Two]
YESHUA—Missing Years of Jesus
PETER AND PAUL [Intuitive Sequel to Yeshûa]
MARVIN CLARK—In Search of Freedom
MARVIN CLARK—In Search of Freedom
ONE JUST MAN [Winston Trilogy Book One]
ELOHIM [Winston Trilogy Book Two]
WINSTON’S KINGDOM [Winston Trilogy Book Three]
GATE—Things my Mother told Me
ALEC [Alexander Trilogy Book One]
ALEXANDER [Alexander Trilogy Book Two]
[Alexander Trilogy Book Three]
[Avatar Trilogy Book One]
[Avatar Trilogy Book Two]
AWAKENING—Event Horizon
[Avatar Trilogy Book Three]

Short stories
Sci-Fi Series 1
Sci-Fi Series 2
Cats & Dogs Series

by Stanislaw Kapuscinski

[Commentary on the Gospel of Thomas]
[Three Collections of Essays on Perception of Reality]
VISUALIZATION—Creating your own Universe
DELUSIONS—Pragmatic Realism

Poetry in Polish


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Amy Taylor reviewed on Jan. 2, 2015

Beyond Religion II is a collection of essays that inspires us to find the truth within ourselves. We are aided on our journey to self enlightenment by Author Stanislaw Kapuscinski's thought-provoking and introspective writings; writings that inspire readers to think, question, and ponder our beliefs. When we question our beliefs and start to think of new possibilities we venture into the unknown. As we so eloquently learn, venturing into the unknown is the only way we grow and achieve progress.

Kapuscinski refers to our beliefs and truths as our gardens. With this collection of essays Kapuscinski is trying to help us "...cultivate our own, individual gardens." This is my favorite feature of Kapuscinski's work, it is like having your best friend guide you through your journey of self discovery without pressuring you to believe one thing or another. Kapuscinski explores his own thoughts and beliefs and invites you to do the same. His perspective often leads to further questions and discoveries you may not have thought of otherwise. I highly recommend this book and Kapuscinski's work to anyone looking for the truth within themselves and to find greater communion with spirituality.
(reviewed 11 months after purchase)
Sylvester Drake reviewed on April 13, 2012

Mr. Kapuscinski did not disappoint me. The appetite he’s whetted with the BRI is now partially sated with this collection, though I am still waiting for BR III. The originality of thought I mentioned in my BRI review continues to amaze me. The author has ignited in me a strong desire to start my own research, mostly to confirm his conclusions, but also to develop my own philosophy. This is what’s so good about Kapuscinski’s writings. He informs, proposes, but does not impose. You are free to draw your own conclusions.

This is truly a diverse Inquiry into the Nature of Being.
(reviewed 5 months after purchase)
Ron Pike reviewed on Dec. 13, 2011

As with “Beyond Religion I”, if you have an open mind, there is no way to read this and not feel different when you were done. This text continues the journey that started with Beyond Religion I. Another reviewer says it better than I ever could: “The essays are deep yet light, profound yet presented without philosophical mumbo-jumbo.”

Well done Mr. Kapuscinski! I can’t wait to finish the trilogy with Beyond Religion III
(reviewed 15 days after purchase)
D Piecuch reviewed on Dec. 12, 2011

As with Beyond Religion I, if you can check your pre-conceived notions and brainwashings at the door, then read this book, Mr. Kapuscinski will open your eyes and your mind, and enrich your life. You will think differently when you are done.

Mr. Kapuscinski’s style, with a constant blend of wit and humor, remains a pleasure to read. Although obviously far more knowledgeable than the rest of us, Mr. Kapuscinski never gets “preachy”, simply presenting the information for the audience to consume.

I walk away enriched, yet yearning for more of Mr. Kapuscinski’s work. In fact, I’ve already started Beyond Religion III
(reviewed 20 days after purchase)
Ronald Piecuch reviewed on Dec. 6, 2011

In Beyond Religion II, Mr. Kapuscinski continues to take us on our mind-opening journey, delving into both mysteries that have previously confused us, and some mysteries we have not previously thought about.

Again, Mr. Kapuscinski’s enormous base of religious, scientific, and mythological knowledge makes this a truly enlightening read. And as always, the author’s wit and humor in the text make it constantly enjoyable.

As with Beyond Religion I, many of the essays influenced me right away, some required some reflection and additional thought, and some I have bookmarked to read again.

I can’t wait to move on to Beyond Religion III, and have already put Visualization—Creating Your Own Universe and Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism on my reading pile.
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)
Marlon (Marvin) D. Clark reviewed on Aug. 10, 2011

Some of the subjects are surprising in their simplicity considering that moments ago I, and I strongly suspect thousands of others, considered them mysteries. Of course, nothing comes free. I might have to buy Kapuscinski’s Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism before the penny drops all the way down. There is knowledge, and mystery, and humor here. I found it well worth it.

Every page is a jewel.
(reviewed 8 months after purchase)
Bohdan Czytelnik reviewed on Jan. 21, 2011

In the Catholic Poland, I have been brought up in the midst a vast plethora of ecclesiastical mysteries. I always doubted that the saints, prophets, let alone saviours, would leave a legacy, which would be incomprehensible to later generations. Now, here, at long last, there are essays that prove my point.

All essays are informative, original, many are exciting. But after years of searching, of doubt, MYSTERY sated my inner needs. Read them all, but if you can’t, read MYSTERY.
(reviewed 13 days after purchase)
BozenaH reviewed on Jan. 18, 2011

I might as well admit it that some of the Essays I had to read twice before they really sank in. But when they did, I was very glad I took the trouble. I think Kapuscinski has just freed me from dozens of preconceived ideas, which, on closer examination, didn’t make sense.

The Baboon, Birds of Paradise, Miracles, Antichrist, among others, are all jewels, which still linger in my mind. As for Heaven, I couldn’t stop laughing. All in all, they are a marvelous introduction to his Visualization—Creating Your Own Universe, which could be regarded as the quintessence of all his essays.
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)
Hanna K. Loda reviewed on Jan. 18, 2011

Only now I realize that I am reading Kapuscinski’s books in reverse order. I should have read all his Essays before tackling Visualization—Creating Your Own Universe. At least I bought his Dictionary of Biblical Symbolism before attempting to fathom the Key to Immortality. This man has a lot to say on great many subjects. He must be a speed-reader himself.
I am not. But of one thing you can be sure. I’ll read every one of his books, fiction and non-fiction. And, I suspect, some of them twice!
(reviewed 9 days after purchase)
Anetta Bach reviewed on Jan. 15, 2011

There are subjects here I never thought about. Birds of Paradise? Wunderkind? Antichrist? Bliss? …and forty-eight others. All esoteric, seemingly weird, puzzling, peculiar… Only Mr. Kapuscinski lifts the veil of mystery to make them all real. Almost simple. This collection is not only educational but, believe it or not, it is full of fun!
(reviewed 10 days after purchase)
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