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It is a translation of (Cevap Veremedi) into English. Harputlu Ishâk Effendi explains how the Bible - the true book revealed to Isa 'alaihis-salam - was distorted; how words that belonged to people were put into firstly written four Gospels; that the theory of trinity is erroneous; the belief of Tawhid (the unity of Allahu ta’ala) in Islam. More
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About Is-haq Efendi Of Harput

The Islamic scholars have answered all the views, ideas and philosophical thoughts contrary to the Islamic faith. Meanwhile they have exposed the errors of defiled Christianity. They have declared that it is not permissible to follow the changed and invalidated books. They have explained that, for living in comfort and peace in this world and attaining endless bliss in the next world, it is necessary to be Muslim. Priests have not been able to refute the books of Islamic scholars. The books written by the Islamic scholars to refute strayed religions are numerous. Among them, the following are renowned for replying to Christians: Tuhfat-ul-erîb, Arabic and Turkish; Diyâ-ul-qulûb, Turkish and English; Iz-hâr-ul-haqq, Arabic and Turkish; Es-sirât-ul-mustaqîm, Arabic; Izâh-ul-marâm, Turkish; Mîzân-ul-mawâzîn, Persian; Irshâd-ul-hiyârâ, Arabic; and Er-redd-ul-djemîl, Arabic and French.

Of these, Diyâ-ul-qulûb, written by Is-haq Efendi of Harput, especially answers the wrongful writings and slanders written by Protestant priests against Islam. The book was first published in Istanbul in 1293 [A.D. 1876]. Simplifying the book, we published it in Turkish in 1987. Now we present the English edition. We used brackets for adding statements borrowed from a second book. As will be seen in various parts of the book, the priests could not answer the questions they were asked. We therefore considered the title Could not Answer appropriate for our book. The unscientific, unreasonable and immoral contents of today’s existing copies of the Holy Bible are obvious. On the other hand, the writings of Islamic scholars, shedding light on reason, knowledge, science and civilization, teem in the world’s libraries. Being unaware of this fact would therefore be no more than a flimsy pretext. Now, those who search for a religion other than the Islamic religion brought by Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm’ will not escape endless torment in the world to come. In our book, the meanings of âyat-i-kerîmas are explained in such terms as “It is purported that...”, “It purports that...”, “It is meant that...”, etc. The meaning of these expressions is “According to the explanation of the scholars of Quranic interpretation (Tafsîr)... .” For, the meanings of âyat-i kerîmas were understood only by Rasûlullah ‘sall-Allâhu alaihi wasallam’, who explained them to his As-hâb. The scholars of Quranic interpretation distinguished these hadîth-i-sherîfs (explaining the âyat-i-kerîmas) from those hadîth-i-sherîfs concocted by munâfiqs, mulhids and zindiqs, who could not find hadîth-i-sherîfs to suit their purposes and so made their own interpretations of âyat-i-kerîmas within the principles of the science of Tafsîr. The interpreations of those religiously ignorant people who know Arabic but who are unaware of the science of Tafsîr are not to be called Tafsîr of the Qur’ân. For this reason, it is stated in a hadîth-i-sherîf: “He who interprets Qur’ân al-kerîm according to his own inferences will become a kâfir.”

May Allâhu ta’âlâ bestow on us all the fortune of obeying the master of this world and the next, Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm’! May He protect us against believing the erroneous ideas and propagandas of missionaries, especially those heretics called Jehovah’s witnesses! Âmîn.

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This book is very enlightening and everyone should take the time to read and understand its contents. Thanks a lot to author of this great book.
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