Too Wylde

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The continuation of the Wylde Saga that began in JOHNNY WYLDE. Arms dealers, mobsters, outlaw hackers, off the books government operators, strippers and cops who run on both sides of the law -- that's life on the dark side of Lake City. "Jimmy John" Wylde has a ghost from his past stalking his every step as he tries to find a way to protect himself and his family of friends.

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About Marcus Wynne

Marcus Wynne is a charter member of the Been There, Done That Club. He's got all the T-shirts and knows all the secret handshakes. He enjoys poetry, ballet, knife fighting, and serial monogamy with fierce feminists. He is the author of NO OTHER OPTION, WARRIOR IN THE SHADOWS, BROTHERS IN ARMS, WITH A VENGEANCE, JOHNNY WYLDE, AIR MARSHALS, LOVELADY, TOO WYLDE and, most recently, THREE'S WYLDE in a serial format. He manages, with more than a little help from his friends, to eke out a living in this crazy business.

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Review by: Nick Engelen on Jan. 16, 2012 :
Too Wylde
Having read most of Marcus’ books I was excited to learn there was a new one coming out. So after first reading the novel Johnny Wylde, finishing it in just three sessions, I started to read Too Wylde.
After their adventure in the prequel ‘Johnny Wylde’ the main protagonist Johnny and his friends get into a new one when someone, almost literally a ghost, from Johnny’s past turns up. At the same time agent Capushek, also known as Nina, a female gunfighter and the officer with the most confirmed kills in the department, and her colleagues have to find out who is behind an attack that wiped out a local intelligence cell. Behind this seems to be the US dark, shadowy past of the sixties in SE Asia. Johnny’s ghost seems involved but who is pulling the strings in all this?
The story starts where the prequel Johnny Wylde ended and ends with a bang and a gunfight which makes you craving for more, and impatient to learn how things will turn out in the next part of the Johnny Wylde saga. In this thriller Marcus doesn’t only let us look over the shoulder of the operator where we are shown kit and tactics but he also lets the reader look into their head. Marcus has been there, done that and received the t-shirt to show it, which shows in this and all of his other books.
We get a glimpse into the shadowy world of the special operators where nobody knows who is on which side, the lifestyle of people with ‘the mark’. This all spiced up with chaotic gunfights and exotic sex. You aren’t just looking at how things unfold but you will be given the impression that you are dropped in the middle of it. As with a climactic big firefight at the end, a situation that unfolds as as confusing as it must be for the players.
The book can be read as a standalone but as the main characters were introduced in the prequel Jimmy Wylde and some of how they relate to each other was explained there I highly recommend readers to read that too. This review is about this book so I won’t say more about the prequel that’s is a great thriller as well and highly recommended. This book is a step up with a great story, good character build-up, a nice insight into a world of which most people don’t know much about and great action-scenes.
(reviewed 19 days after purchase)

Review by: Stephen Debros on Jan. 16, 2012 :
Kick-ass action from characters who know what they're doing

As author Marcus Wynne explains in his opening notes to “Too Wylde”, his latest novel is a “continuation of the saga that began in “Johnny Wylde”. It's not really a sequel. It's a lengthy piece of what will be a story arc over five books - this is Part Two. So while this *can* stand alone, if you haven't read “Johnny Wylde”, you may want to." This latest ebook (I bought the .mobi version to read on my smartphone) from Wynne delivers exactly what his growing following of readers has come to expect, kickass CQB fight scenes by men and women who know exactly what they're doing.

In this sequel, which continues the Johnny Wylde story, the narrator and central character is haunted by a ghost from his past, a former comrade-in-arms he last saw engulfed by flames on a mountainside in war-torn Afghanistan. Mix that up with a murky government black-ops agency, a once-bitten-not-so-shy Russian arms dealer, Hmong gangsters and assorted guns-for-hire, cyber blackmail and layers upon layers of intrigue and you've joined the party. Wynne writes convincingly in a no-holds-barred style about the shadowy characters who inhabit the darker reaches of suburban America and inner-city nightlife. As the writer describes elsewhere, "The edge dwellers live in a world where strength, measured by the ability to do harm to others, was the prime virtue. Honour was a fantasy indulged in comic books and movies. The ones with honour were dangerous. The ones who lived by a code were even more dangerous."

You might well ask, who is Johnny Wylde? As the man himself explains, "Being low-pro is one of the criteria for being a competent door man/bouncer/cooler/security, whatever you want to call what I do in here. I like to think of it as exercising my interpersonal communication skills in a high-stress environment, as one of the psychiatrist-counsellor types I’d had occasion to interface with once said to me in a previous life."

Within the folds of “Too Wylde” we meet Wynne's usual menu of suspects and likeable rogues, including Lizzy (Johnny's drop-em-dead gorgeous exotic-dancing lover and sometime-muse), Deon (his South African gun-running buddy), Nina (a hard-as-nails cop who's also a gun-toting she-wolf in disguise), and Dee Dee (assassin for hire and a sexy, shapely, chameleon killer in form-fitting clothes). There are new surprises too, not least of all a juvenile-delinquent hacker called Neo Dark God aka KiKi, "a 13 year old girl in a severe Catholic school frock". As Wynne describes her, “Born Kitten June Warren (her mom loved cats, probably more than she loved her only child)”, she's reinvented herself in cyberspace, where a girl with “a deep pocketbook courtesy of her mother's carelessness with credit cards and bank accounts, and a deep and abiding desire to be somebody, could make a name for herself."

Thrown in with Wynne's articulate descriptions of running gunfights and sex-scarred survivors are moments of reserved humour. Inside the Trojan Horse, the stylish strip club where Lizzy dances, a new character looks over the owner's 'I Love Me Wall' and surveys the framed photos of wrestlers, movie celebs and well-known authors. The names dropped include: "David Morrell, the Rambo guy, Janet Evanovich, mystery gal, some others, hey, Marcus Wynne, thriller guy." It's this type of self-referring humour that spices Wynne's text with added flavour and frequent opportunities for inside jokes.

What knowing readers particularly relish are the other names Wynne drops, his throwaway references to guns, ammunition and knives that quickly mark the author as a man who knows his material. I was first introduced to Wynne's earlier work “Air Marshalls”, which deals with the hands-on business of close-up fighting with bladed weapons - not the bumph of action movies - but the real red-blooded stuff, where men and women with proper training slice and get sliced. The guy who recommended Wynne is himself an edged-weapons instructor - and he's a stickler for gory details.

A quick scan of “Too Wylde” reveals a host of insider names such as: HK-416s with the 10.3 inch barrel, Aimpoint Micros mounted up top, three London Bridge E&E bags, a Magpul magazine, loaded two down, ASYM Precision ammo, Glock 19s and 23s, the Beretta 92FS, Karl Sokol modified firearms and Comp-Tac Holsters. You'll also find Emerson and Spyderco knives (hats off to Sal Glesser and Joyce Laituri), Surefire combat flashlights, Bill Rogers and Massad Ayoob shooting and firearms training as well as Dennis Martin's CQB combatives. These names may mean nothing to the average reader but they read like an expert's guide to cutting-edge weapons and contemporary specialised training.

If anybody is unsure what sort of material Wynne covers, enjoy a taste of his confessional style: "Here’s a little secret about killing the virgins will never know. There is a Mark of Cain. It’s invisible to the civilians, all the polite sheep who wander peacefully through their day... I’m a wolf... We can smell the blood on one another... Killing a human takes you into another country. Killing dangerous humans for work, as a warrior, a soldier, a cop, a hired killer - that’s the ticket into a special fraternity... No matter how not-innocent you might have thought you were before you pulled the trigger or inserted the knife or tripped the switch or swung the blow... We’ll smell it on you. And you’ll know the secret we all know."

The only downside about picking up “Too Wylde” is that it all ends far too quickly. The pace is as dizzy as it is relentless and before you know it, the last page is staring you in the face. My fervent prayer is that Wynne is a man of his word and delivers on his promised "Three's Wylde" novel, expected in Spring 2012, which continues the Johnny Wylde journey.

(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

Review by: TORCH2J on Jan. 12, 2012 :
A great sequel to Johnny Wylde. This is book that grabs you by the throat and refuses to let you go until the end, when, you're shaking from the adrenaline rush. The great thing about Marcus Wynne as an author is the level of authenticity, attention to technical detail and gritty realism that he brings to his writing. Of course that is easy to understand given his bacground.
If you're new to his writing, get ready for a roller coaster ride, if you're a returning fan, be glad because Marcus Wynne is back and doesn't show any sign of stopping.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)

Review by: Renee Nyman on Jan. 06, 2012 :
I just finished Johnny Wylde and Too Wylde. I cannot wait for more! There are very few books that I'm willing to read on a computer screen, but it was clear only a couple pages in that I was hooked. The descriptions of characters are phenomenal. I feel like these people have become my friends, and like I'm right there...bleeding with them. Marcus' use of real world gear, and his tangible level of excitement and threat really made these quick reads for me. I found myself sitting at work, feeling like I had to get home and read because I felt like I'd hit "pause" on a movie. I also found myself Google-ing gear he'd mentioned after, just to get a better picture of it in my minds-eye.
I like the way Marcus writes in his own style, and allows his grammar to feel like an actual conversation. No stuffy textbook grammar here. Just raw, gripping emotion.
Loved it.
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)

Review by: Matt Levi on Dec. 22, 2011 :
Another winner from the best Gunfighter Thriller author on the market.

The story picks up where Johnny Wylde left off, however can be read without a knowledge of who Wylde is. It really helps to read all of the Wynne books before this one to understand who the Characters are.

Looking forward to the next book and can't wait.
(reviewed the day of purchase)

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