The Keeper of the Wolf Clan

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Only married she-wolves act as the Keeper, but the honor falls on virginal Layla due to a tragedy. The mysterious Bonding Ritual, which takes place every full moon, keeps the four Alpha males unified. If Layla fails to complete her duty, the mighty werewolf clan will erupt into civil war. Layla is about to find out the forbidden act that is responsible for the Daric Clan’s dominance in the empire. More
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Words: 17,030
Language: English
ISBN: 9781465829955
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** Complied into a full-length novel
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* Varick: The Reckoning - A dark, sexy vampire story. The hero navigates the dangerous world he has been thrust into with lusty passion and a pure heart.

* The Keeper of the Wolf Clan - a novelette about a werewolf clan who practices the Bonding Ritual every full moon. Sexy...and taboo.

* And Then He Saved Me - When a young girl tries to kill herself, a man of great character intervenes. (Free)

* Play With Me at Noon - A desperate wife lives out her fantasies by taking five different men in five days.

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Review by: Kathy Harrington on June 10, 2013 :
Wow, you don't usually find wolf/human sex in a book. Fantastic!
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Eveilyn on April 13, 2012 :
As always Red Phoenix is one of the great authors!
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Nina T. on March 03, 2012 :
The Keeper of the Wolf Clan was a very sexy read & quite a suspenseful one at that. Layla's mother had just passed away. She was the Keeper of the Daric Wolf Clan, the strongest in the empire because she kept the four Alpha males bound together. Without the Keeper, the clan would fall into civil war. Now that she has passed, the Keeper role is now passed down to eighteen-year old Layla. Not knowing anything and what takes place during the Bonding Ritual ceremony, Layla steps up to the role of the Keeper for the sake of her clan. Little did she know that what happened during the Bonding Ritual was about to change her life and her views; she soon learns that it is a forbidden act during the Bonding Ritual that is responsible for the Daric Clan's dominance in the empire.

This novella by Red Phoenix was an entertaining read. The author weaved a fast-paced, hot and suspenseful story. It kept me clicking the pages to unravel what was the mystery behind the Bonding Ritual & I must say, I was quite surprised by it. This was a different take on werewolf stories which I think was quite refreshing. Overall, highly recommend.

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