Hotter on the Edge

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An anthology of science fiction romance novellas from Erin Kellison (the SHADOW and SHADOW KISSED series, Kensington), KC Klein (DARK FUTURE, Avon Impulse) and Jessa Slade (the MARKED SOULS series, NAL Signet Eclipse).

On the edge of space...
On the edge of danger...
On the edge of desire... More
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About Hotter Edge

Hotter on the Edge is a science fiction romance anthology from authors Erin Kellison (Kensington Books), KC Klein (Avon Impulse), and Jessa Slade (NAL Signet Eclipse). Come join us on the edge!

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Debbie Robbins reviewed on Aug. 24, 2012

Sci-fi meets romance in these three novellas by Erin Kellison, KC Klein and Jessa Slade, and oh boy do these ladies know how to fuse the two.

I've always been a big fan of sci-fi and romance but this is the first time I've read them together. Convincing worlds, strong characters and steamy sex, all three of these are worth the galactic credits, but to put them in one anthology? Well let's just say, I'd trade my best wookie for more. And that's no bantha fodder.

I've read Erin Kellison's Shadow series and can't say enough about her amazing fantasy novels/novellas. If you haven't read them, do. Erin easily slips us into the sci-fi world in ALL THAT GLITTERS. I totally bought into the planetary landscape she created, and the romance between Simon and Mica. Would love to read more sci-fi from her.

TO BUY A WIFE by KC Klein and ENSLAVED BY STARLIGHT by Jessa Slade were the first novellas I've read by these two authors, but they won't be the last. Imaginative, witty, sexy and everything I look for in both sci-fi and romance.

Well done ladies!!
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
linda lonetto reviewed on July 15, 2012

this book was a great read.i think the title says it all each story was interesting and would make me delve into these,new to me,authors.
(reviewed 25 days after purchase)
Proserpine reviewed on March 30, 2012

A romantic story that combines action, conspiracy, the discovery of personal needs and of course, a super sexy space mercenary! The story began with Corso, the captain of the Asphodel, being waking up by a call from a stunning stranger, Benedetta, who ask him his help to save her planet. What a great way to start a day!

Benedetta is what we can call a sex slave, but from her point of view, she's one of the last treasures of her planet. Giving herself to Corso in payment for his hard work, the captain is intriguing but no willing to keep a sex slave. Benedetta finds her way to get the captain, his ship and his crew to help her out, but at what cost?

The story was really interesting and different from what I read (well so far from ''other space paranormal romance''). The way the author, Jessa Slade, introduced her characters, her story with humour and sexy exchanges between Benedetta and Corso, so I give my candy love for they relation!

I really enjoy reading and discovering this new world: Benedetta's lives on a planet were people are ''matched'' with a patron by the crystal they wore. Once they are together, the ''sex slave'' will developed feelings and will do whatever the patron needed be satisfies.

I appreciate the characters and the fast-paced storyline. I never wanted to put it aside. I dive into this new world and I was able to see it in my mind! I love all the descriptions and details around the rituals on Benedetta's planet.
I recommend you this novella, for its price, you really should buy it; it worth the payment and this is only for the third story from this book! This one should be on your TBR pile!

Proserpine @ Proserpine Craving Books
(reviewed 51 days after purchase)
Melanie Adkins reviewed on March 9, 2012

Three novellas that are in a fantasy setting, but explore the same topic. How quickly you can fall in love with someone who pushes your buttons. Authors Erin Kellison, KC Klein and Jessa Slade, each have their own unique style of taking you on the voyage in a sizzling, exciting and new way.
In "All That Glitters" Mica Sol is part of a royal family. She doesn't really want to be. She wants to explore the planet. She goes away to do just that. Then her sister contacts her to let Mica know she's getting married. On her way back home, Mica literally falls for her ex Simon. They go through a lot, but in the end realize they were meant to be together.
"To Buy a Wife" is set after the global war. Hudson Black Creek witnesses a female being beheaded. When they bring the second female prisoner to be beheaded, Hudson is immediately taken by her. Without realizing it, he speaks up to save her. Lake is to be executed because she was found with a personal computer. They must learn to get along and might fall in love too.
" Enslaved by Starlight" finds Corso Deynah lounging on his ship. His spaceship. Suddenly he is contacted by someone. Benedetta Galil asks for his help in saving their planet. Her planet is home to some very special crystals and pleasure slaves. Reluctantly, Corso goes to the planet to see what they expect him to do. If he succeeds, his payment will be Benedetta herself. Even though he declines the payment, Corso is drawn to Benedetta. From here anything could happen.

I LOVED the premise for this set of books. To think someone is terrible and then fall in love with them is wonderful. The chemistry between them is undeniable from the beginning, but it takes something drastic to realize what they mean to you. The stories are full of heat and excitement. You'll want this book on your shelf.

I didn't find anything wrong with any of them.

I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it was a fun read.
(reviewed 33 days after purchase)
Jean Paradis reviewed on Feb. 28, 2012

I'm not normally into sci/fi, but I did enjoy the sci/fi elements in these stories as well as the romances. Definitely one to read.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)
Amy Valentini reviewed on Feb. 27, 2012

This science fiction romance anthology is a wonderful compilation of three talented authors' writing abilities. Science Fiction is not an easy genre to write, it takes not only imagination and skill but knowledge of scientific workings to pull it off convincingly. These three authors did it and did it well.
I enjoyed all three stories and so am hard pressed to choose one as my favorite. Each was my favorite in its own way but I suppose if I had to choose one that was slightly more a favorite than the others it would have to be Jessa Slade's ENSLAVED BY STARLIGHT. It was a truly wonderful reading experience. Jessa Slade brought to life an imaginative world with triple moons, thin planetary rings of icy dust and caves of sharp dangerous crystals of intense beauty that can kill. Jessa packed more story into this novella than I've read in some full-length novels. Brava, Jessa, for taking this reader on a trip to a far off world wrought with danger, intrigue, and passion. I highly recommend this novella for anyone who has enjoyed science fiction romance in the past or would like to experience it for the first time now.
HOTTER ON THE EDGE, an anthology of novellas by Erin Kellison, KC Klein, and Jessa Slade is packed full with action, danger, intrigue, and passion. These three authors have pooled together to create an adventure into science fiction romance that I hope will be repeated again and again.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Meag reviewed on Feb. 14, 2012

If you're looking for some great SFR to read, get this book. It has three fun/sweet/scifi-y books just waiting to be read.

"All That Glitters" by Erin Kellison - This was my favorite of the three, and it deserves 5 stars on its own. This is a returning lovers story, where the heroine and hero were in love years before and circumstance tore them apart. They meet again, each seeing large character changes in the other, which helps bring about their HEA for good in the end. The world building was neat (would love to see more in a full-length novel), the plot line believable, and the characters endearing.

"To Buy a Wife" by KC Klein - I waffled between a 3.5 and 4 stars on this one. The world building was cool, but more for sake of coolness than anything else. I had trouble seeing how this particular society had developed, with women basically being breeders/currency in a post-tech age. Maybe a longer story would have time to justify the ideas more, but it just didn't work in a novella format. The hero and heroine fell fairly flat for me, and I spent most of the novella wondering how the heroine would fall in love with the hero. The ending was well done, though, so I think that moves the rating up to 4 stars.

"Enslaved by Starlight" by Jessa Slade - This one rated about 3.7/3.8 stars for me, and mostly for one big, flaming reason--I could not stop comparing to/thinking about the TV show Firefly, mostly the characters of Mal and Inara, while reading this. That alone ruined my reading for two reasons. 1) I kept overlaying the stories in my brain, and then becoming upset when the Mal or Inara character acted "out of character." 2) It felt a bit like the author cheated and reused the Mal/Inara theme, and didn't work enough to develop her own characters. If you've not seen Firefly, or if you enjoy Firefly fan-fic, though, you'll love this. The world building was pretty good for a novella, and even the minor characters had some depth to them.

Overall, I do really recommend this book, because its damn hard to find decent SFR today, and you should support the people who manage to do it well.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
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