Leave me alone: Memoirs of an Exmormon

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Popping fights and picking cherries—cutting ties with the Mormon church is culture shock at its finest. In this new trans-genre form that combines short stories, short prose, and poetry, B.E. Hewson anthologizes the memories, emotions, and imaginings of a faith-failed adolescent colliding with an uninviting world.
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Review by: Silver Pen on July 19, 2011 :
"Run, Forrest run!" It's not even a 1 Star. Memoirs of an ex-Mormon had nothing to do with the Mormon experience and gives you no background about the Mormon culture, good or bad. It could've easily been titled, Leave Me Alone: Memoirs of an Ex-Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Agnostic, Baptist, Wicca, cat lover, bag lady, garbageman because it had so little to do with the Mormon experience.

It does give you the mishmash thoughts of an confused, psychotic soul using misplaced poorly written poems, profanity, nonrelated stories and illogical psychobabble. VERY, VERY boring. It's the only book I have deleted from my eReader because it had less value than the advertisements on it.
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Review by: Aaron Sanchez on April 18, 2010 :
This is a good book, well, more like pamphlet. It is a little disjointed in construction, but maybe that's the point, as the stories seem rather fragmented themselves. Perfect they're not, but the talent here is undeniable. As previous reviews have noted(all tonight it seems?), the writing has a lyrical quality to it. It is fresh and invigorating. I like it but am rather disappointed it not an actual novel. I'd like to see what this author could do if they really stretched their legs.

On a side note, seeing on how most of the main characters are young and female, I wonder if the author is too?? If that's the case, and she's single, give me a call.
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Review by: Casey Jones on April 18, 2010 :
This book made me uncomfortable, but in exactly the way a book should! This chillingly, cutting-edge genre mash-up is exactly the breath of fresh air I was looking for. I spent all last semester interning for a literary agency reading lousy fiction like most of the stuff on this site. But, this, I would recommend this in a second if I was anyone of importance.
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Review by: Franny Glass on April 18, 2010 :
Haha, I downloaded plain text without realizing it and damn! You actually scroll sideways with no indentions what-so-ever, but that's beside the point. On to the book!

I picked this book because I liked the cover and while I expected it to be normal "my childhood was so hard in a religiously strict family", so I was pleasantly surprised when it had little do with actually being mormon. Instead, they're stories about twenty-something year old girls dealing with the normal situations and insecurities you'd expect them to deal with. The writing is honest to today's generation of young people, and more than that, it's actually good, which is more than you can say for a lot of crap that parades on this site.
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Review by: Brenda Monson on April 18, 2010 :
Being a devout member of the LDS faith myself, I wanted to investigate the fiction on Smashwords that target LDS audiences. When I first saw "Exmormon" in B.E. Hewson's title, I was afraid of what slanderous material this book may hold. But, I'm not one to make ungrounded judgments. Once diving into this phenomenal work, it was obvious this wasn't just some petty payback. The struggle and genuineness conveyed in B.E. Hewson's voice is as true as I've ever heard in all my years of teaching. I am deeply impressed by this youthful work that speaks to the oldest issues of my culture.
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Review by: P.J. Brown on April 18, 2010 :
Not going to lie, I know the author, but I had no idea they could write so well. The writing conveys immediate emotion wasting no time in these short stories and poems. It is lyrical and potent and I can't wait to read more. Good job B.E.!
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Review by: Darcy Williamson on April 14, 2010 :
I don't normally review books, leaving the task to those who are more academic than I. However, the first story in this author’s compilation caught my interest. And having read it, I looked forward to the following stories, reading my way through the pages in awe of the emotions and feelings they evoked. I will ponder over B. E. Hewson’s words for many days to come.
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