Sweet,Decadent Fire

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Jake Mann, an ancient vampire, abandons his people and his honor to satisfy his forbidden sexual hunger for Lee Ann Parker despite knowing she belongs to a powerful, high-ranking leader of his people.

Now, far beyond the point of no return, does Jake have what it takes to survive his ex-leader’s fury to prevent Lee Anne from spending a lifetime tortured for the sake of revenge? More
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About Candice Stauffer

I live in Zeeland, Michigan where half of the year is winter and other, much shorter half, is summer. Yippy summer! It’s a wonderful place to live as long as you own a four wheel drive vehicle and you happen to get a kick out of measuring the snow fall in feet rather than inches. I write paranormal romance because I love to explore and manipulate the limitless possibilities of the genre. To be completely honest, I’m also very fond of taking a totally hot, powerful immortal hero and using a strong, confident, beautiful heroine to turn his world upside down and make him fight like hell for a victory that seems impossible to achieve. Some might call it torture. I call it entertainment and character building. Regardless, it’s great fun!

I have a strong aversion for helpless heroines. Though she’s afraid, a heroine must always be willing to fight like hell. And yes, even if the fighting is against the hero. I’m not sure why, but I tend to really enjoy it when the heroine fights against the hero. Hmm…maybe that deserves a little thought. Nah. Putting a hero through the wringer builds personality, right? How else could anyone empathize with a powerful, wickedly sexy immortal male that possesses the wherewithal to stand against and conquer the most dangerous forces of darkness and seduce the most beautiful women in existence? My thoughts are always wandering from one world to the next. I love to frequently visit my imagination, I’m happy to be me. I appreciate complicated. For me, entertaining those little voices and wickedly hot delusions in the middle of the night are an imperative part of the writing process. How else would I know what comes before the end?

I’m often accused of being a little bit naughtier than nice and slightly rough around the edges. Okay. I lied. Very rough around the edges. Life has been a challenge. But I’m grateful for every challenge I’ve faced. Through them, I’ve learned to focus on the goal rather than the walls surrounding it. Basically, I figure that as long as I enjoy life and do all that I can to encourage and help the people around me enjoy life, it’s all good.

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David Enochs reviewed on on July 30, 2012

Ok let me start this out by saying i'm not really a great reviewer, but... I do love to read a good book. This steal (and i do say steal, because once you get your hands on this Hot title) you wont want to put it down. The author has such smooth writing ability, I had no trouble reading this short, even at 3 am.
Anyway to sum it up a little, Jake is a vampire that throws it all out the metaphorical window so to speak for the love of Lee Anne. Lee Anne being a woman(a true thing of beauty-meant to be desired and loved)shows you the passion that only a true woman is capable of showing.
Jake had first taken the assignment from the Blood Brotherhood as usual, but this one was far from usual. He was only supposed to watch and guard over her but instead he did the unmistakable...he fell in love with her.
Going against tradition and honor; the question i leave for you is can Jake protect her...Mr. Knight in Shining Armor Can't Kiss Worth a Damn does his best even though the love a woman is not so easily taken back once she gives it.

So I don't give you too many spoilers i will tell you there are some very adult situations in this wonderful hot read not meant for under age readers.
Oh also to note at the end is a preview of Candice's next book which i have already picked up and started after flying through this one in a hurry.

Hope you enjoy and happy reading, friends!
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
Dee Doyle reviewed on on July 25, 2012

This is the first that I have read from Candice Stauffer, but it won't be the last! I truly enjoyed this book. Yes, it is short, but it makes me want to read more! I think this is a great introduction to the author for me. The writing was fluid and smooth. It was a sandstorm of a romance that left me wanting to read what may be in store for them in later books.

Let me tell you, Jake, one smooth hottie! I just wished he had realized more about Lee Anne. They are truly meant for eachother. Theirs steamy sences were just that, super steamy!

An awesome read that I would definitely recommend to a friend that was over 18! :)
(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Jutzie reviewed on on July 21, 2012

Sweet, Decadent Fire by Candice Stauffer
It all came down to this….Jake Mann was going to tell her good-bye tonight. Take her dinner and be done. Of course he would continue to watch over her but she would never know it. She wasn't his to have. Never was….never will be. So what does he do? Kisses her. What a fool. How will he let her go now that he has the memory of her lips on his? And being a vampire…. he will live with those memories a long long time.

Lee Anne Parker has really fallen for this hunk that rescued her from her car accident. Only he seems to prefer friendship. Until that kiss tonight. And wow what a kiss it was! Now she wants even more, much more. Only he don't seem to be moved by it at all. What's a girl to do? Drink too much wine and go find someone who wants her….that’s what. Only her night don’t quite end like she wanted.

This book was on the shorter side but packed full of humor, adventure, romance and much more. Joseph and Mia from Eternal Breath of Darkness join them for some fun and danger along with the rogue demon, Demetri. The next book is Exquisite Breath of Darkness where Candice will take the readers into the world of lycans.
**Sexual situations and language

(reviewed 2 days after purchase)
Laura Young reviewed on on April 7, 2012

My thoughts:
This was the first book I've read by Candice Stauffer and I have to say, Yay to the find. :) Her writing style is fun to read it's light and I like it if you can tell. :)

The Review:
This story was cute and different. I've read lot's of Paranormal Romance and always enjoy a break from repeated series. Jake Mann and Lee Ann Parker were fun getting to know and easy to like. Normally in romances I like one character more than the other because they're completely different. If you want to read a smoking hot book then this is one for you. >:-)
Would I read more? Yesss!
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
Claudy Conn reviewed on on Feb. 14, 2012

5 stars for this wonderful short story. You will love all these characters and the plotting is amazing. I couldn't put it down and then I read it again. Hot and hotter but also filled with excitement, supernatural and adventure.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
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