Lancelot And The Grail

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“I was once called, Wolf. Now I am damned to a half life of madness, grieving and broken. If I have to return to my King, he will want the greatest Knight of Camelot, but I am not that creature. I am a man who has learnt to hate what he once loved. How can I help my betrayer kill my fey father, even if it is to save Camelot and her people?”
Lancelot's journey continues in the third exciting volume More

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About Sarah Luddington

I've been writing for twenty years on and off, but it is only the last five I've been serious. So, I'm still in my apprenticeship. This website is to give all those interested a way to access my writing, read snippets and learn how to download to Kindle or purchase some of my work. I have published and unpublished works here, some still being written, some in the editing stage. Browse as you wish but be warned, I write both violence and erotica.

I have also been accused of writing love stories. If love is half as painful as some of the stuff I write here, then maybe it ought to come with a health warning. There is love in these tales, I am an old romantic who thinks love makes the world go round. However, love generates passions which aren't always so physically pleasurable. My stories, some about redemption, some about saving the world from the ultimate evil, some about obsession, are fun, fast paced and pure urban fantasy - FOR ADULTS! A theme I've thought of in one is often carried into the next. I have a style, I have a subject I enjoy. If you like the same things then great. If not then good luck and thanks for visiting.

Personally, I have been everything from a tree grower, to a book binder, a barmaid and cleaner. For the last few years I've been running an award winning full time martial arts company and taught three disciplines within my club. I hold three black belts and have a degree in Medieval History, which comes in handy if I ever need to use either an English or Japanese sword. I have achieved all this despite having once lived in a squat in an abandoned Victorian schoolhouse. My husband and I now live with three cats on the Somerset Levels, just down the road from Glastonbury, the centre for inspiration in everything esoteric and strange.

Music is my inspiration and my love. Live music the one thing I will actually leave my house for voluntarily. My links page is full of the bands I think should be compulsory listening but apparently I'm in the minority! One thing I will say - any reference to a band is made with due respect and reverence.

If you want to comment on my work then do get in touch:

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Review by: Debra Kemp on March 10, 2012 :
The “Lancelot series” by Sarah Luddington: My impressions; or, a pesudo-review

Lancelot and the Wolf
Lancelot and the Sword
Lancelot and the Grail

Sarah Luddington

Mirador Publishing

Genre: fantasy

Began reading: February 5, 2012
Finished reading: March 9, 2012-03-10

The books drew my interest because they are Arthurian and I enjoy reading the vast variety of versions. Each is unique to the author.

An interesting twist to the familiar story and characters. The author begins Lancelot’s story—told in first person—in the aftermath of his punishment and exile from Camelot as a result of his affair with Guinevere. Interesting in that this is the point where traditional versions are typically ending the tragedy of King Arthur. So I was interested to see just where the books were headed.

I was neither shocked nor surprised when it eventually became apparent that Arthur and Lancelot have always had a sexual attraction to each other. And the basic thread of the novels is their love/hate relationship and the conflicts both within themselves and the social pressure against them openly showing their love. I have often wondered about the homoerotic aspects in the medieval texts. Maybe it’s my modern conventions that make me read that sort of subtexts at times. But apparently I’m not alone in my curiosity over this theme. Over all, the theme was treated quite well by Ms. Luddington. Sex was never gratuitous.

But the characters were quite flat. As a reader, I made no emotional connection with any of the major characters. To me, the author did much better breathing life into many of the secondary characters that we got to know through Lancelot’s encounters with them.

The plot did keep me turning pages. And each book has its own plot along with the overall story arc of all three. But I think I kept reading more because of my Arthurian curiosity than anything else. If I had not Arthurian interest and had picked up as a fantasy or romance, I would have abandoned the first book for technical reasons: anachronisms, American slang, lack of punctuation, improper word usage, poor sentence structure, etc. (But that’s me, the writer coming out.) That and the cardboard characters.

A fourth novel is due later this year. I doubt I will pick it up. My Arthurian curiosity wore out with this one.
(reviewed within a month of purchase)

Review by: Bradley Blackthorn on Feb. 25, 2012 :
I read this book in five hours of marathon reading- I just couldn't put it down!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and how she reunited Tancred and Lancelot was unexpected but PRICELESS! When Lancelot finally reunites with Arthur- sparks fly- and not so much in a good way... at first. How will Lancelot handle his relationship with Tancred while forced on a quest with Arthur to visit the "Land of the Dead"? Especially since the ghosts of those he's killed have been haunting Lancelot's dreams, leaving Lancelot refusing to carry a weapon or risk killing again and returning to madness. If that isn't enough, what will happen when they finally venture into the land of the Fey to kill Lancelot's father who has the power of the "Holy Grail"?

In this book we see Lancelot's heart ripped open time and time again as he faces his past, present and future... and what does it all mean for Tancred and Arthur?

It truly is a thrilling story from start to end, but I will caution you on the final chapter and synopsis of the next book. DO NOT read too much into it as far as Lancelot's desires- keep in mind the title of the next book is "Fey's Curse". What kind of curse will Lancelot have to endure and overcome in order for him and Arthur to finally have peace together and fulfill their heart's true desire to be together- forever two sides of the same coin?

I am looking forward to the continuing adventure as these two men fight ever increasing odds which are always trying to pull them apart.
(reviewed within a week of purchase)

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