The Deliverer

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The only way to get to Marenon is to die, and Silas Ainsley has just arrived. More
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About Jason D. Morrow

Jason D. Morrow is currently writing the third and final book in The Starborn Ascension. He is the author of The Starborn Uprising and The Marenon Chronicles. He enjoys playing guitar, shooting video, and spending time with his lovely wife, Emily.

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Review by: Sheila Deeth on Feb. 11, 2013 :
The Marenon Chronicles begins with the tale of a young teen learning he has a serious destiny to fulfill. But first he has to survive the transition from fleeing armed enemies in trucks to battling scarily alien creatures, with only his grandfather’s well-taught swordsmanship to aid him.
Soon Silas is a reluctant mercenary in Marenon and the peoples and wildlife of an alien land are smoothly introduced, adding depth to the tale. Chapters switch between interlocking storylines, and the author does an excellent job of keeping his extensive cast of characters well-defined. Lengthy nternal dialog, though slow, probably helps in keeping the various motivations clear. And careful descriptions add epic scope and visual enjoyment.
For myself, I’d have liked the story to flow faster, but I couldn’t put it down or skim because I was enjoying the plot. Occasional typos might annoy or amuse, but I suspect readers will ignore them likewise in favor of a really good story.

Disclosure: I was given free ecopies of these three books by the author and I’m sorry it took so long to read them. I enjoyed them all.
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Review by: Heather Boustead on April 16, 2012 :
The Deliverer
By Jason D. Morrow

What if death was only the beginning of your story? That is where we find Silas Ainsley, he is being hunted down by creatures and the only way to save him his protector stabs him through the heart. Silas is then transported to Marenon where anyone who has died prematurely is taken to keep living, “life after life.” Once Silas is there it turns out to just be the beginning of his story that he had actually been born there and it was prophesied that he would be the deliverer, of what we do not know.

For years people have debated on what happens after we die and Jason D. Morrow has come up with a very interesting answer, we keep living in a separate world full of magic and strange creatures. Though this book was interesting and Jason D. Morrow jumps right into the story submerging you completely, it does need some more editing. All in all it was entertaining, leaving you wanting more and ready to read the next book to see if Silas can fulfill his destiny.
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Review by: jodie nielsen on April 11, 2012 :
I really enjoyed this book! It was a great story with great characters and a really good and original plot. The descriptiveness of the world Jason has created is excellent! I was surprised to find myself on the last page and I am so glad the next book is now available. I would have been disappointed if I would have had to wait.
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Review by: Tammy on April 07, 2012 :
First things first, I got a free copy of this book from the author via Goodreads group Shut up and Read, for a fair and honest review. I do not know the author personally.

This book made me think of the series of The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis and The Circle Series by Ted Dekker.

As the first book in the The Marenon Chronicles, The Deliverer is jam pack full of information, characters and history including a map of the land Marenon. This is at times a bit intimidating and challenging to the reader to absorb. I read this book once through, but feel that I will need to re-read it again before I start the next book in the series just to make sure I picked up all the pieces.

This is a fascinating story. It is an intense, fast pace read.
I found the characters to be reasonably developed and believable (but not always likeable). Their human frailties provided us the means to examine the books over all questions of morality (what is friendship, what is ones moral obligations to others, and so on).
My only complaint about the book was the large amount of material contained within this one book, which caused me to suffer from information overload. I had to force myself to slow down at times, because the compactness of the information can be a little hard to follow. Now that might just be my older mind, others may not have had this experience.
Overall I say the book is a good read and am giving it four and a half stars but because there is no option for that and its better then a four I moved it up to five stars.
I recommend this book to High Fantasy, Suspense, Mystery fiction book lovers.

***Synopsis and potential spoiler below****

17 year old Silas Ainsley has been raised by his grandfather, Garland.
The book opens with Garland and Silas on the run for their lives.
Garland is fatally injured but before he passes he tells Silas that his protector will arrive in three days time, to stay alive and follow this unnamed protector.
Silas protector arrives as promised, but not before a lot of hardship befalls Silas.
Silas is uncertain as to if his protector is truly a friend or an enemy trying to fool him into revealing an amulet whose where abouts are only known by Silas.
In the chase and run that follows, Silas is murdered and then wakes up in the land of Marenon.
Marenon is a small realm inhabited by the Erellens, the Stühocs, the Nestorians, the Anwyns and humans.
The land of Marenon is at war within itself.
It has been prophesied that the Meshulan (the Deliverer) would come to deliver Marenon ... but from what they do not know.
Each group of people seek the Meshulan in hopes of winning him over to their side.
Upon his 'arrival' in Marenon, Silas finds he must immediately battle to stay alive in this new world.
He makes allies with a band of thieves and agrees to help them on a dangerous job if they help him locate his grandfather when they are done.
After being reunited with Garland, the prophecy is explained to Silas.
Silas struggles with this new information, his new role and his sense of feeling betrayed by his grandfather, who had kept this all a secret from him for his whole life.
Silas learns that in order to defeat the evil Stühocs and their general Maroke, the Marenon’s Map must be reactivated and to do that takes the six medallions of Marenon.
Each of these medallions are with in various locations through out the world of Marenon and Silas (and his friends) must gather them before the Stühocs do and conquer the world of Marenon.
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