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Another True Story of how God, in His infinite wisdom prepares before hand the answers to some of our most immediate problems. The KEY is one such story that Proves beyond doubt that God, even before the foundations of the world, knew that on this exact day at this exact time and in this exact way, I would ask for help. He provided the KEY 3 years earlier just for me.
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About Tim Hicks

Tim Hicks is a native Texan who grew up living life to the beat of a different drummer. He has mastered the art of speaking four languages: English, East Texan, Country and sometimes a little Hillbilly. He's a wanna-be country boy whose roots are in the big city. He comes from a loving family and is the middle kid of three. Never getting to be first but not quite coming in last either.
Over the years, Tim has developed a genuine love of writing and one day hopes to actually turn that love into something more than doodling on the bathroom walls at the nearest Walmart.
Tim Hicks is feeling right about now how strange it is to be referring to himself in the third person writing this bio so Tim is going to stop this nonsense and get back to doing what Tim loves doing the most...."Where's the nearest Walmart.?


My Video Testimonial
This was filmed as a video testimonial the week before Christmas.

God Still Does Miracles
My testimonial video. May it Bless everyone who still believes and may it cause those who don't to reconsider.

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Review by: Sandra Renee Hicks on July 30, 2012 :
Hi Tim -

Wow! Thank you so much for posting this story. It is precisely what I need at this season in my life.

Your key episode is mind-blowing, Tim!

Adequate words cannot describe how amazing our Lord is... Truly, He's a wonder.

In particular, this piece moves me because I have a home based business called Solid Journey with a department called Photo Flourish. Well, of late, not much is flourishing and our Lord assured me today to wait on Him and the flourish will happen. And then He led me here to read your story about how you were living by faith with limited or no money. Presently that's where I am...

Your story is such an encouragement as it confirms what our Lord assured me of today.

And another beauty in this is that you and I have the same last name.

Only GOD, Tim, only GOD.

Bless the Lord!
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Review by: todd tomasella on April 16, 2012 :
Thank you Tim for sharing this miracle. God cares for every single detail in the lives of His children! Alelleiua! Regrettably, Bronnie Wu is a very misguided soul at this point. This is a deranged review out as usual. Bronnie is making up a false god in her own depraved image, having no idea who God is or what He told us in His blessed Word. HE, the Almighty alone can and will fix the worlds problems so please stop trying to play God Bronnie. By the way, "global warming" is a proof-less myth perpetrated upon gullible souls to exploit, manipulate, and cash in on their ignorance. This is the LORD's world and not yours. You are just blessed that He made you and still allows you to exist this side of eternity. What have you ever created Bronnie? Of course He created all and you have never created even a spec of dust or blade of grass. So, perhaps it's time you cease talking and begin to listen to the One who created all that is and holds the breath you now breath in His power. "The earth is the LORD's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein." (Psalms 24:1)Only the "Prince of Peace" will heal and restore and bring peace to this sin-cursed earth (Psalms 2; Isaiah 9:6-7). He called no human being to love the earth or HIS creation but to love Him with all of our hearts, souls, minds and strength (Matthew 22:37-40). In fact, the LORD says that we are fools if we attempt to deny and honor Him supremely - "Professing themselves to be wise they become fools." (Romans 1:22) He came the first time as a Lamb, the Lamb of God, to die for the sins of the world (your sins), to redeem those who choose Him (John 1:29). He will soon return to judge the earth severely and clean up all that is amiss as only He can do (Revelation 19:11-15). Man has never nor ever will solve his own problems which are rooted in his sin which Jesus alone came to solve. The LORD told us to "Let your requests be made known unto God" and so by this and many other Bible verses we know that He cares about all the desires and elements of His children's lives (Philippians 4):

"Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.

5Let your moderation be known unto all men. The Lord is at hand.

6Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

7And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:4-7

I get excited just thinking about how much the LORD loves His children and how that He delights in them and says they are the very apple of His eye (Deuteronomy 32:9).
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Review by: Bronnie Wu on April 16, 2012 :
God moves in mysterious ways and this is never truer in this parable of the twenty-first century. Whilst children die in Africa, while terrorists slaughter innocents in Manhattan and while the earth groans under the impact of global warming, God cares about one man's little dilemma and whether or not his key is locked in the car. If this is an advertisement for God then sack the advertising agency. Oh, it is also suffers from typographical errors.
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Review by: Kylie Reynolds on March 25, 2012 :
A wonderful story. Inspirational and oh so true. Right at the end of his tether came a mystery key to save the day.
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