Daniels Secret

Like the End Times vision of evenings and mornings in the Bible’s Book of Daniel, Daniel’s Secret is a modern day revelation about the shocking secret of the Creation. More

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About JW Farquhar

High School: Haddonfield HS, Haddonfield, NJ 1952-1954
High School: Woodrow Wilson HS, Camden, NJ 1956 (GED)
Spring Garden Institute, Philadelphia, Pa, 1957 Engineering Drawing
Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa, 1959-1960 Accounting
Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pa. 1962 Electrical Engineering

Work History
Williams, Brown, and Earl, 1956-1957, Order Fulfillment- Scientific Instruments
ITE Circuit Breaker Corp.,
1958-1962, Design Draftsman – Power Plant Generator to Transformer Bus
Structure Design
1963-1965, Electrical Engineer – Power Transformer Design
(Received US Patents for transformer design inventions)
1966-1968, Electrical Engineer – Automated Transformer Design using
Fortran programming for the IBM Mainframe. Project leader and programmer.
Peerless Dying Corp. 1969-1977
a) Automated Dyeing processes and machines by designing and building
electrical controls.
b) Automated accounting by writing software in BASIC for Wang computers.
Functions included Payroll, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts
Payable, Order Entry, Inventory, and Bill of Materials.
Automated Design Systems, Inc. 1978 - 1995. Started and incorporated a
new business to design and sell accounting systems written in BASIC for
Wang computers.
Phase I: Sold accounting systems to product distribution companies,
manufacturing companies, and custom fabrication companies.
Phase II: Sold Wang mini computers bundled with ADS software.
Phase III: Specialized in loan servicing software and expanded to
national client base.
Phase IV: Converted software from BASIC to COBOL and ported software
to Wang VS, DEC, IBM mainframe, and PC networks.
Phase V: Expanded software beyond mortgage loan servicing to commercial
and consumer loans. Expanded functions to include Loan Origination,
Secondary Marketing, and Collections.
During this time I managed ADS’ 50+ employees, sold hardware and
software systems as large as 3 million to banks, and other institutions.
Broadway and Seymour Corp. 1993-1995
Sold banking software to this company and contracted to work 2 years as
employee for system design and support.
Automated Design Systems, Inc 1996 to present.
Phase VI: Designed and sold government database for county parcel maps.
Clients included counties in SC, NC, AL, VA, and TE.
Phase VII: In 1999 created www.golfholes.com, a national Golf Course
Directory for all major cities in the US. Golf tee times on-line sales
produces revenue.
Bible Scholarship

Teaching Experience

Led “Joy” Bible study Sunday School Class at Philadelphia Methodist Church in Fort Mill, SC 1997-1999. During a class studying Romans from “Life Change Series”, I discovered the basis of divine reason. The text of Romans is constructed around six ordered questions of reason—WHO, WHY, HOW, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE, and finished with a seventh—WHICH. Later I was to discover that the first six sentences of the Bible, as well as the entire Creation in Genesis I, as well as the text in the entire Bible follows this same order. It was this key discovery that sparked my interest in Bible scholarship.

Research Experience

In 2000 I joined the Central Church, a Pentecostal church in Charlotte, NC. Here I continued my private study of Bible structure and became interested in the numbers in the Bible that related to and were supported by divine reason. I attended many Wednesday night series of Biblical teaching by the preacher. During one series on the Creation the preacher proposed that each day in the Creation was really 1000 years, so that there was about 6000 years from the Beginning Creation to now. In another series on Revelation the preacher identified the Antichrist as the only one who received the number 666.

I was not convinced, so I started my own special research for the recipient of the number 666. This continued for months until I became fixated on the idea that evening and morning counted on the sixth day of the Creation was 66. One night in a dream a voice called me to count the day, not once but three times. I woke, and accepted the count for evening, morning, and day on the sixth day as 666. In the morning I realized that the number 666 was assigned to all humans, since mankind was created on the sixth day when the count was 666 for evening, morning, and day. This further sparked my interest to research more about the origin of this number.

I set out to identify each attribute of evening, morning, and day, and it was easy to conclude that the morning was morning in the order of Jesus Christ, since in Revelation it is written He is the Bright Morning Star. Also in the beginning of the Gospel of John it is written that the Word, who is Jesus, was in the Beginning Creation. However, when I discovered that Eve and evening are written the same way in Hebrew, and Eve is the “mother of all living”, I realized that evening, morning, and day is the introductory name of God—the God of Time who introduced himself in terms of time. However, it was when I realized the third attribute of God is the Holy Spirit of Light who God separated from darkness and called to Himself as Day before even the first creation day, it became clear that my research revealed the 4-way God of the cross—EVEning, Morning, Light, and Day.

But I am an engineer who is not easily convinced of anything. So I began objectively researching the Bible to prove that I was wrong. What I found was that the numbers of God that emanate from the Creation support the God of Creation who is the 4-way God of the cross—evening, morning, Light and Day. I also realized that salvation (man-Jesus-God) is a 3-way path for man’s image (body-soul-spirit) that is the same 3-way image of God (evening, morning, day) so that man can find salvation in and with the name and image of God, just as man was created to do. There was evening for the body of man who leads to darkness, and there was morning for the soul of man who leads to Light in man’s spirit and a new day—The New Day.

I found that the problem is this 3-attribute introduction (evening, morning, and day) of God, who is also the 4-way God of the cross, is not the same God recognized by the religions of men. My discovery reveals the numbers in the Bible as the engine for understanding—a new philosophy of holy doctrine that has been heretofore beyond the imagination of men. Therefore there is no existing curriculum or Ph.D available to teach this truth. To address this problem I first wrote the book, “The RC666 Bible Code” in 2007. A more organized book followed with the thesis “The Hidden Mathematics of the Bible” entitled “The Genesis I Window”. This book is my dissertation that was published in 2008.

Books Authored by JW Farquhar:
The RC666 Bible Code 2007 by Mark 7 Publications
The Genesis I Window 2008 by Mark 7 Publications
The Creation of Man 2010 by Mark 7 Publications
Daniel’s Secret 2011 by Mark 7 Publications
Web Sites managed by JW Farquhar
The Formal Female 1971 by Brainblobra Records
AgentX 1997 by Automated Design Systems

Presentations and Lectures

Society of Biblical Literature – Mid-West February 11, 2012
Creation Based Interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar

Carolina Golf reporters Association (Executive Board Member)
Society of Biblical Literature (Full Member)

Other Interests

Golf, Scuba Diving, Snow Skiing, Slalom water Skiing, Coaching Football, Baseball

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