Beyond The Blue, The Blue Series Volume 2, Part 1

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Book 2 of 9 in the Blue Series. One devil, one angel, and two brothers, born thousands of years apart, will serve together in a timeless experiment uniting them for one purpose. More
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Words: 170,970
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476436678
About Josephine Dillon

"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” —Ernest Hemingway

7/19/16 Blue Dawn Part 1 is now available for FREE, along with the Blue Series for a limited time. I normally would not say this, but PLEASE do not read Blue Dawn if you haven't already read the Blue Series because I don't backtrack much in the storyline.


*******SPOILER ALERT!!!**************

Blue Dawn Part 1 will encompass the 22 years' time near the end of Volume 8, Blue Flame, when Azmodeus and Gabriel get sent to live as human hybrids. The book starts with Dillon in Nine and ends with David and Louis at the Oceanside Pier.

I will be starting Blue Dawn Part 2 later this month, with a tentative release date for Christmas, 2016. After that, I will take a break from writing because I need one. These books are my life's work, and as such, I have not lived much outside my head since I started writing them.

2/18/16 Beyond The Blue, The Blue Series Volume 2 is split into two books, Part 1 and Part 2. Please do not miss it when you download the others. There are NINE books total in the Blue Series, but this book has not been grouped with the rest of them.

8/18/15 Hello Everyone!
I wanted to let all potential readers of The Blue Series know (hopefully before they read a book of mine), a few important points before deciding to embark on my story.
First: My entire series deals with God and humanity. He is an interwoven theme in the books, more so towards the end in Vol 7 and 8, but nonetheless, God is a very important character in my series. With that said, if you do not feel comfortable reading about my version of Him, please do not read my series. Good versus evil is a major play between some of my characters therefore, God has to be involved.
Secondly, My books are listed as dark fantasy, but I've also listed them in the LGBT section because there is both straight and gay sex in my series. Book 1 and 2, not so much, but it does heat up as the series goes along, however this series is NOT gay or straight erotica. If that is what you are all looking for, there are PLENTY of books out there to choose from.
And speaking of sex, my main characters are teenagers, and yes, they are placed in adult situations. They grow up in this series, which is why the first two books are limited in terms of the sexual content because obviously they are young. If this makes you uncomfortable, please do not read the series.
Lastly, there is bondage, rape, sexual violence, regular violence, profanity, and dark themes in this series. You may not see much in Volume 1, but trust me, it is dark. Please do not read this series if any of that offends you.

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Bio: The story for The Blue Series was first created in my head as a teenager growing up in Oceanside, California during the mid-eighties.

After graduating from SDSU as a registered nurse, I married, had two children, and raised a family after relocating to Boise, Idaho where I currently reside.

After so many years had passed, one day I decided to write a single page of the story. It then turned into a novel. Not realizing the story was so big, I wrote a second Volume. Forced to split Volume 2 into two parts due to its size, I continued to write Volumes 3 and 4 during the years 2006 through 2009, but the story still wasn't finished. After taking a break, I wrote Volumes 5 through 8 in the last two years, completing the series in late 2014.

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Review by: Jeremy Shale on April 06, 2016 :
Here we go again like on the first book. I just cant find myself smile and got a lot more annoyed ans angry.. David is stupid, he's just dumb to involve too many people with him; I hate Joel's clingy bullshit, I seriously rejoiced when he supposedly 'died'... Dillon is playing too hard to get and what the fuck is wrong with all of them?!!!! And this book fits a heterosexual romance more than a homosexual one..

Okay,, I'm just stating how I feel cause I feel likr exploding at the moment...

On the positive side, it is a GOOD book, clearly written and described with all its unexpected twists...
(review of free book)

Review by: José Amores on March 02, 2013 :
(Review for the complete "The Blue" series until book four)

I'm not really into the 'teen angst drama' type of stories, and it took me a while to download and read this series. It become quite a pleasant surprise the excellent quality of the writing and the superb ingenuity of the plot.
This is no "Twilight". The story actually evolves and its characters grow, make mistakes and become lovable, despicable, surprising, etc. Sometimes even all the prior at the same time.
"The Blue" it's not a teen story, despite the age of the main characters. It is at most a young adult series, not because of the so called "adult situations" portrayed along the series, but mainly because of the depth of some situations that those characters face.
The biggest challenge of this series is not the sex between the characters (the few instances of it) but the way as religion and mythology are interwoven and displayed.
"The Blue" is one of those series that you should not miss, and the biggest reason for read it is that from book to book the story get better, bigger and, best of all, more relevant.
(review of free book)

Review by: Rick Petrey on Oct. 11, 2012 :
still good still reading
(review of free book)

Review by: Brea Nicole Bond on Aug. 09, 2012 :
At the end of the first volume of The Blue Series, Josephine Dillon promised readers a closer look at Hell; the author's take on the Underworld, however, defies all preconceived notions of fire and brimstone. In the first half of "Beyond the Blue," the second lengthy installment of the series, Hell is occupied by all manner of fantasy creatures (many of them strongly reminiscent of Tolkein or Jordan), witches, vampires, flesh-eating zombies...even a Kung Fu master!

And who better to face them all than witty punk hero David Smith? With his usual charisma and dark charm, David scraps his way through the levels of Hell, always with the Dark Lord at his heels. Meanwhile, angelic Dillon Smith remains on earth, still grappling with the sudden death of his beloved older brother. To make matters worse, his soul is now also desired by the Dark Lord. Somehow, Dillon's experiences navigating the halls of high school and the host of demonic forces that plague him there are every bit as harrowing as his brother's parallel journey through Hell.

The imagination behind this novel is astounding; Josephine Dillon transitions from one nightmare to the next at a dizzying pace, often with graphic, skin-crawling detail and ALWAYS with a strong sense of humor and a quick wit. One word of warning to readers, though: do not attempt to read this book without first tackling Volume 1 "Under the Blue," as the author offers little in the way of back story. Instead, "Beyond the Blue" begins as a direct continuation of the story, albeit with an increased pace and a new tilt toward epic-style fantasy. That caution aside, prepare to become absorbed in the visual feast of The Blue Series!
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Review by: jon bayliss on June 09, 2012 :
Book 2 it is getting better all the time, I did not think Josephine Dillon could improve but she has. The story line is tighter and the flow is faster. It is very difficult to put this book down.
(review of free book)

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