The Escapists: An Erotic Fantasy Novel

Adult Erotica
Rated 4.83/5 based on 6 reviews
On an unnamed resort island frequented by wealthy women seeking sexual thrills, Esme will lose her heart to a man paid to deliver them. If she isn't careful however, she and everyone involved may lose more to the ancient gods at war on those grounds. More

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About Anthony Beal

My 15 years of publishing credits include contributions to multiple print and online publications, as well as all three volumes of the Dark Dreams horror anthology series edited by award-winning horror novelist Brandon Massey, the Chocolate Flava 2: Succulent anthology edited by New York Times best-selling author Zane, Las Vegas-themed erotica anthology Sin City, and the bisexual threesome erotica anthology Some Like It Bi, both edited by The Dark Duet Trilogy author Jennifer Roberts.

My other interests include drinking, graphic novels, Japanese language and culture, cooking, poetry by Paul Lawrence Dunbar, and fiction by Gabriel García Márquez, Charles Bukowski, Edgar Allen Poe, Anaïs Nin, and Henry Miller, the latter three of whom I count among my most significant writing influences.

My debut novel-length work titled The Escapists: An Erotic Fantasy Novel, has garnered multiple 5-star reviews and continues to earn praise. I'm currently working on the next book in that series (more often than not at times when I should be asleep), a planned trilogy.

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D.L. Baker reviewed on Aug. 2, 2014

Your mind will be reeling after you read this story. Full of sexual fantasies and desires, witty characters and more to the point - intelligent writing. There are gods and goddesses, a fantasy island retreat and compelling plot. That's not to mention the erotica, smut, or steamy sex that is so well written, I find it hard to explain. This isn't your normal erotica, where you can read with a numb mind and take in the words. The writing is so intricate, and different, than what I am normally used to, that I was blown away as I read it. Expect the unexpected when reading this, and don't go into it thinking it's anything normal. There's sex and plot, but more importantly, everything is so effectively woven together that it's brilliant. I must admit, as a fan of many genre's, I would be interested in seeing this author try out an epic fantasy novel.
(reviewed 19 days after purchase)
Tanya Jones reviewed on Aug. 5, 2013

Sophisticated, Mesmerizing and Altogether Erotic! A Must Read!

Author Anthony Beal sets before the reader a sophisticated and classy work or erotica, "The Escapists". There's smut, porn and erotica, but Mr. Beal's clever pen forges a new genre for sexual content which is intricately executed while intensely wanton and hauntingly amorous. With well-developed characters and an well-developed story line which he unfurls with agonizingly unexpected twists, the author draws the reader into the labyrinth of the tale and guides (or misguides) them along from one dead end to another only to finally arrive at the unforeseen conclusion.

In a setting with Club-Med-èsque undertones and libertine overtones, the reader becomes acquainted with Esme, a wealthy heiress escaping the boredom and emptiness of real life. With brief flashes of perspective from the points of view of other guests at the resorts and the "rentals" who service these female clients, one comes to realize the reality of the characters being much like the pieces on a chessboard that are maneuvered in a grander scheme of play.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Gwendolyn Cummings reviewed on June 25, 2012

I loved this story with its sexual fantasy throughout the story. It was different as it tells a type of mythological story about gods and goddesses. This story has everything I like to read, action, intrigue, and sex. I enjoy reading from Anthony Beal and recommend this book to fantasy lovers who enjoy strange and wonderful tales.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
Jennifer Roberts reviewed on May 11, 2012

Anthony Beal is a writers, writer. His work is not for the masses, but neither is the work of Anais Nin or Walt Whitman. And yes, I put his name in that company. He won't like me doing so, probably, but tough, because it's what I believe.

To give away the plot of The Escapists would be to deprive you of a thorough mind f**king (as you can read, I lack Anthony's finesse). Let me just say that his writing is incredibly smart.

If I have anything negative to say, it's that sometimes it can be TOO smart and a reader can get lost in what he is trying to say.

One such paragraph might be:
"Reverent house lights dimmed. She took the stage like a wanderer returning home from a trip around the world. Her dress she peeled off like old paint, like the skin of the most sensual and luxuriant fruit the world had ever seen; one tasted by none but kings. Oh, the hours that any man watching would have filled alone with her, naked with her, and oh, the things with which he would have filled them! Forceful acts held at bay only by consideration of their consequences played out with lurid specificity in the heart of each observer. Were these premises not devoted to entertaining gentlemen of the highest caliber, then much sexual criminality might well unfold nightly here." -- Anthony Beal, The Escapists

It can be like finding the meaning in a poem sometimes, but if you can be patient and let the words crystallize in your mind, the experience is well worth it.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Rhonda Welborn reviewed on April 29, 2012

Escape into the brilliant mind of Anthony Beal!!

I got my first small taste of Anthony Beal in an anthology, Sin City. I knew right away he was different, and loved his voice. When the opportunity presented itself for me to read and review a full length piece from him, I was more than happy to do so. It’s not often I read male authors, so this alone is a huge compliment to this author that I wanted to.

After reading this book, I found the blurb and decided that it does a great job of outlining the story, so I’m not going to touch on that.
What I do want to talk about is the skillful talent that resides in the mind of this author. Beal puts words together and forms these beautiful sentences that create a thought provoking story with dark undertones. There were times that I found myself so immersed in his story that had every bit to do with poetic flair of his writing.

The author gave quite a bit of depth to the emotions of his characters. On a island holiday where emotions aren’t suppose to be part of the lascivious encounters, this time the emotions not only come into play, they run deep. In fact they are life changing for Esme, and eye opening for Reynaldo. I also enjoyed some of the bantering between the guys, and the interactions between them. Beal even threw in a few bits of humor to lighten the mood.

This is a story of sexual fantasy, with an element of fantasy involving a God and Goddess and myth surrounding the nameless island. There’s bad guys, drama, and fighting, chaos, and lots and lots of sexcapades!! Beal holds nothing back when it comes to this aspect of his story.

I really liked this book, these are my opinions and look forward to more from Anthony Beal. If you’re in the mood for something a bit different from the mainstream erotica, and intelligent writing, I would recommend giving him a shot.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Drunken Fairy reviewed on April 29, 2012

I really suck at reviewing books because I hate giving the story away by going beyond the author's plot description. If you've made it this far I am assuming you've read it already. However, since it seems to be required in a book review here's a lil' bit of plot for you...
Once upon a time a god became obsessed with a goddess. Unfortunately the goddess Xial wasn't fond of Zanji preferring her human husbands over his godliness. Zanji turned out to be a bunny boiler and made it his mission in his immortality to stalk Xial and eliminate his human competition. As a result of their actions he and Xial are banished to an island by their big kahuna of gods Rahal’Nu . An island that many life times later is now revered by those in the know for its sexual tourism. While vacationing on the island 45 yr old Esme due to her involvement with island resident Reynaldo becomes part of the legend's current history.
That is all I am going to reveal about the legend surrounding the island that The Escapists takes place on. I want you to experience the story as I did. I went into this book not knowing a darned thing about it except that it was an erotic fantasy written by Anthony Beal and that was enough for me. I am a huge fan of Anthony Beal's writing style. His writing is so phenomenal that when he describes something not only can you see it in your mind but you can smell it as well. Yeah, he is THAT good.

As The Escapists unfolded I found myself literally gasping as details were revealed connecting the characters to the legend especially Reynaldo and his friends. Just a note, I have never ever gasped out loud while reading a book before but I more than made up for that with this book as it all started falling into place for me. I had a hard time putting The Escapists down and think you will too.
Now click on that button and order the book, you won't regret it.
Happy reading!
(reviewed the day of purchase)
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