The Mighty, Humble COMMA.

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Probably no single punctuation mark is so misused and misunderstood than the mighty, humble, COMMA. This guide is for ALL writers to ensure that their work is prose, not comedic. An omitted comma can lead to hilarious results. Don’t become the laughing stock. Use the COMMA properly! It’s quick, simple, and easy to learn. The correct use of the comma is the hallmark of an experienced writer. More

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Graham Murray reviewed on April 8, 2012
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@David – There are numerous reasons why authors may chose not to make their work available in multiple formats; plagiarism and copyright theft being two reasons.

Only recently did someone here steal an entire book of mine and publish it in its entirety on Amazon! The reason they could do this was because I had made it available as both a PDF and a TXT file, which allows for copying/pasting into a new document.

The MOBI and EPUB formats make this much more difficult. Also, if a book has active hyperlinks, then formats other than MOBI, EPUB and PDF are redundant as the links will not work. In any event, this is the digital age; I am not expecting anyone to want to print out my works as some run to many hundreds of pages.

Being as these are ebooks, the idea is to read them either on hand-held readers or on a PC in applications such as “Kindle for the PC” and “Adobe Digital Editions,” specifically designed for those who do not own hand-held readers.
Even better is the “Calibre” application, which allows for PRINTING of ebooks from ALL formats.

Surely, as an editor, you are familiar with working with multiple open files? As an author, I work with multiple open files all the time. It is a necessary evil. Besides, searching through a digital book is much quicker than flipping through a pile of papers.
It’s different strokes for different folks, but I’m betting that most people want their books in digital form and not as printable documents.

However, if you do need a book in a specific format for whatever reason, I suggest you contact the author and request that they make the book available in the format you prefer. Most will oblige or even send you a coupon to download it in that format. Some may even email it to you, especially if it is marked as ‘free’.

I am no longer making my works available other than in the main industry standards as these now ALL allow for printing, copying and pasting, making all other formats unnecessary and redundant.

Thanks for taking the time to read this particular ebook and I hope this information helps you.

Graham Murray.
(review of free book)
David H. Keith reviewed on April 7, 2012

Murray has written a very timely book particularly in light of the comma abuse epidemic that is currently running amok in this nation. My congratulations to him for that.

It is just too bad that he has apparently decided to not offer his book in printable form - .pdf or, at the very least, .rtf - for those of us who do not, for some reason or other, have e-reading capability or who simply prefer having a hard copy handy to which to refer without being forced to interrupt our writing or editing to open up another e-file. That oversight of Murray's is most unfortunate, and it has cost him in my opinion. His book is timely, yes, but he failed to make it universally available. For that, I can only award him two stars.

David H. Keith
(review of free book)
David H. Keith reviewed on April 7, 2012
(no rating)
This is a useful book, especially given the epidemic of comma abuse in the nation today. As a professional editor, all I can do is shake my head sadly and try to stay with the copy as much as possible. If I'm editing a piece, I am most picky about commas, apostrophes, spelling, and all those "little things" that enable our writing to serve its primary purpose: to communicate *something* to the reader.

My thanks to Murray. He has done a service to all writers, and maybe - just maybe - helped make our jobs as editors a bit easier. It's just too bad that he has chosen to not make printable versions (.pdf or, at the least, .rtf) available for those of us who do not, for one reason or another, possess either a Kindle or even internet access, or for those of us who simply prefer having a hard copy reference "book" handy when writing or editing. For that reason, I am forced to give him only two stars. His oversight seems somewhat a slap in the face to we who still prefer the printed page.

David Keith
(review of free book)
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