First Light - Rising Sun

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After Jacob’s decision to follow the Cullens to Alaska, Leah’s world begins to spiral out of control. While attempting to create a life for herself outside of La Push, an unplanned reunion with the Cullens reveals the dark secret which has haunted her since the confrontation with the Volturi. This is the exciting conclusion to First Light – An Unauthorized Sequel to the Twilight Saga. More
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Words: 73,430
Language: English
ISBN: 9781476388656
Tags: twilight
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Review by: Roze 123 on March 31, 2014 : (no rating)
I like this book at least I got to know what happened after the
break down.
I your fan really good
keep up the good work
I want some more pleaseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
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Review by: savannah ford on Sep. 03, 2013 :
This was well written but not a fit in for twilight the people were lovable and likeable on there own but not a good fit with twilight.... why add to someone elses book when you can create your own world and people not a fan....2 stars for the writing only...
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Review by: Cindy Webb on June 05, 2013 :
Wow what an amazing book! Full of awesome twists and turns that are definitely unexpected. I loved reading this book and couldn't put it down.
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Review by: Zenei Amadeus on April 16, 2013 : (no rating)
I'm sorry. This is the dumbest book imaginable! I am still cracking up at the total ridiculousness of it all. Leah and Demetri??? Are you freaking kidding me??? And having the wolves lose their phasing power is just dumb. This book was so disjointed and just all over the place, as if the author was was writing off the top of her head as she went along. The long and boring part where Renesmee was in school, just seemed like a filler to stretch the book out, maybe because all she had was Leah imprinting on Demetri and she had to build her story around that. She would continuously go places that had a dead end. Write in happenings and conversations that had no relevance. Like, what was the purpose of Renesmee getting attacked by humans? And the manner in which she incorporated the Cody vamp and his story was unbelievably amateurish. The worse offense, I think is that she had characters that we have come to know and love, say and do things that we KNOW they would not even consider. Also, the way she started and ended chapters made me think that she had no clue how to do that. And her sense of timing was just awful. Throughout this book I would bang my head in disbelief at some of the more preposterous things she wrote. But it's free right? And so far Ms Meyer's wont give her fans what we so desperately want. :-( And the ending! Uggghhh! Could it have been worse? YES! The epilogue! Leah having twins by Demetri!!!!! This is so unbelievably ridiculous! This book was much worse than this author's first attempt at trying to prompt Ms. Meyer into writing sequels to this series. If I were Ms Meyers there is two things I would do. I would sue Ms. Rush, not for copyright infringement (after-all, the book is free) but for taking her characters and creating this farce of a tale! And secondly, I would DEFINITELY write a REAL sequel to the twilight series. Ms. Meyer's.... We are waiting....
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Review by: Tracy Gutierrez on March 09, 2013 :
I do agree this is a good book. Although I caution people! These books will not leave it up to your imagination about what happens to the character's. Without giving to much away just know the wolf's die by natural lifespans.
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Review by: Christopher Estrada on Jan. 08, 2013 :
Much like the first book, this was a great read. I look forward to more from this author.
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Review by: hrhsophia on Oct. 13, 2012 :
Very good read.
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Review by: Frenchy31 on July 02, 2012 :
I really liked this sequel. Though it uses characters and story lines from the Twilight series, it could stand on its own. I really liked the conflict playing in Leah's mind and the development of the story as a whole. Keep them coming!
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Review by: anastacia shearer on April 19, 2012 :
Ok so i thought that was awsome but it needed to be longer because i finished it in less than an hour.
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Review by: Gusti Rizky Fajar on April 11, 2012 :
This is a very great sequel of First Light.

I like how you use Leah's point of view since she's quite minor both in movies and novels. This change how we look at Leah. This sure is... :D

To be honest, I like Renesmee's point of view better since I've been wondering what'll happen in her daily life with Jacob after their story in First Light, and you bring it here in Rising Sun.

I'm wondering if you'll make a story about Seth or Embry from their point of view since they still haven't imprinted anybody yet. xD
Of course if you do, please add Renesmee's point of view even if it's just a little.
I think Renesmee's point of view is crucial since she's the one the Cullens (and Jacob) are fighting for in Breaking Dawn, and I would like to see (or read) her role in your Twilight books again...

Good luck!
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