You're Welcome to Date My Daughter IF...

R U a desperate dad, terrified that your daughter is growing up in an over-sexed world? Both a personal journey and a Bible Study dealing with sexuality as one of God's crowning gifts-- when preserved as the treasure of marriage. “Daughter...” is a fun and user-friendly tool for dads, pastors, youth leaders, and even daughters, a reminder that ALL our kids are hormone-crazed at some point... More
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About J. Richard Lewis

J. Richard. Lewis, PhD., L.S.M.., M.Div.

AKA: Rev. Jim, Chaplain Lewis [US Army Reserve, Chaplain (Lt. Colonel], PJ (Pastor Jim), JJ (Just Jim), my mom still calls me Jimmy, “Jimbo” is reserved for brother and sister, or “call me anything, just don't call me late for dinner!”

A long time ago in a galaxy (or at least a state) far, far away, I was born at a very young age... Youngest of four children growing up in Florida, PK (preacher's kid) until my dad left the ministry a drunk, and PK again (mom, brother, wife and I all started seminary at the same time in 1988). I grew up in the United Methodist Church, which lived out its calling to be the Body of Christ in this world in the midst of my dad's alcoholism. For a time we were barely shy of being homeless and didn't know where the next meal was coming from-- yet God through the church carried us through.

I started my illustrious career flipping burgers at McDonalds where I learned a great work ethic that stays with me today (“if you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean...” with the bywords of Quality, Service, Cleanliness shaping everything...), and worked my way all the way up to scraping tar off the sidewalk and doing the stock truck. Great for my career, BUT not so great for my relationship with God. Joined the Navy after high school, where God finally got my attention while sitting in an empty barracks in the Philippines waiting on an early discharge. Romans 8:28 and 8:38 became my beacons through dark times.

Went to college in FL starting to explore a life of ministry. Worked at a church camp where I met a really cute girl with whom I thought I'd have a “summer fling.” Didn't work out that way-- after 3 years of dating then courtship, we married, and more than 30 years later after a roller coaster of ups and downs, my “summer fling” is still getting better (though I don't claim yet to really understand her very well...).

After exploring then pursuing our calling to ministry, we both started seminary in 1988, which is where our adventure and challenges really began. Our marriage almost didn't survive, but PRAYER literally brought us through. We served in a variety of church settings while in school, and four local churches full time after seminary. Served in campus ministry at Kent State where I joined the Army Reserves as a Chaplain, have had three deployments to Iraq, and am now one of "those" sr. Chaplains helping bring in and train up exciting new Chaplains. When not in uniform, I continue my research and writing in spiritual fitness and resilience formation, pastor a small church, do a little writing every once in a while, coach others along in their journeys, and am looking for ways to bring goats into the family and resilience work.

Along the way and after other struggles, we brought two beautiful children into the world. Our youngest grew up quite the athlete, culminating as a Rugby player at West Point, moving into being a "professional athlete" as a US Army Officer, and our oldest, who has turned his Asperger's Syndrome fueled passions into a successful IT career. Darling Wife is one of the leading Christian Formation clergy in the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, and while our directions in ministry, often differ greatly in context, are both build firmly around common themes of spiritual formation.

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