Vengeance of the Wolf

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Detective John Yardley and FBI agent, Frank Williams are on a quest. They are determined to stop a manipulative, unknown mass murderer, whose targets seem to be specific politicians in a bizarre and maniacal killing that draws them into a world of dreams and nightmares beyond their wildest imaginations. Awaiting them is a scope of destruction that they would not have believed possible! More

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About Solitaire Parke

Solitaire Parke is an author of Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy, Poetry and Larger World books. He is a lover of dragons, the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, and has a large collection of science fiction books and movies. After becoming an award winning photographer and earning a degree in music theory, he worked in graphic and web design, but he always returns to writing. When he is not writing, you can find him reading, watching a sci-fi television show or movie, or researching a new “techno gadget” on the internet. He now resides in Arizona with his family and is the proud owner of Tairobi, his Manx cat, who has been an enormous help in the writing process by lying on the computer keyboard - always willing to lend a paw or two!

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"Vengeance of the Wolf," by Solitaire Parke - Book Trailer
Detective John Yardley and FBI agent, Frank Williams are on a quest. They are determined to stop a manipulative, unknown mass murderer, whose targets seem to be specific politicians in a bizarre and maniacal killing that draws them into a world of dreams and nightmares beyond their wildest imaginations. Awaiting them is a scope of destruction that they would not have believed possible!

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Heather Boustead reviewed on Nov. 10, 2012

Vengeance of the Wolf
By Solitaire Parke

Politicians are being murdered one by one in mysterious ways that cannot be natural, for instance the man whose heart has stopped that could have been explained as a heart attack except for the fact every bone in his body has been broken. Detective John Yardley, an FBI agent, and Frank Williams are determined to put a stop to these murders at any cost, but when the killer enters into a man’s dreams how will they ever find out who is responsible?

This is truly an original paranormal mystery, I had thought it would be scarier than it actually was but it leaned more towards the mystery side rather than the horror genre. All in all Solitaire Parke does a wonderful job bringing her scenes to life, drawing you into the nightmares of men and a bringing each instance to the forefront so vividly you will cringe. I just wish there had been more action, sometimes it can read rather slow but for the most part it is truly fascinating. With such a story line the novel is absolutely riveting; my favorite scene is when several vehicles run a woman over go around the block to do it again with the drivers having no control over themselves. I would give this one a try it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is so unique it is worth the read.
(reviewed 7 months after purchase)
Bella Dollar reviewed on Aug. 21, 2012

I loved this book. It was riveting and exciting. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I was drawn into the story from the start. The characters were well written an developed. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great paranormal.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
MaryAnn Schroeder reviewed on Aug. 16, 2012

Vengeance of the Wolf is a story of a mass murderer who kills his victim's in their dreams... it touches on the paranormal realm and was an interesting story. The murderer has a plan and goes in a sequence with his murders. It was pretty creepy, describing the murders. The author does flashbacks of the murderer's childhood and ties it together at the end.

I really enjoyed this book, it was intriguing! I kept reading because I wanted to know how it ends. The ending was good, however there were a few things that were not answered and I was hoping to learn more; Celeste and her family, and how she taught the killer to "dream kill".

I was given this book by the author and the goodreads group Shut Up & Read for an honest review.
(reviewed 8 days after purchase)
Mallory Heart Reviews reviewed on Aug. 13, 2012

“Vengeance of the Wolf” is a terrifically lyrical book, with vivid imagery which makes the reader feel both part of the scene, and in tune with the characters. The Paranormal elements and the intrinsic mystery are capably interwoven, keeping the reader riveted, anxious to find out what’s next. A seemingly implacable force of doom is destroying politicians in office, yet doing so in a method that seems physically and medically impossible. Yet, like a juggernaut, the killer continues, hopscotching from one U.S. locale to another, seemingly without rhyme or reason, at least none apparent to the local law enforcement communities, nor to the F.B.I. agent in charge of this multi-state case.
I especially liked the escalation of the Paranormal elements, beginning with what might be possible and moving on to become both deeper and more extensive. Of course, any mystery that so baffles law enforcement (think Jack the Ripper) is going to be conducive to reader enjoyment, because we know that eventually we’ll find out the facts, whether the police agencies do so or not.
This is a novel that will engross readers of many different genres, and I highly recommend it and anticipate more from author Solitaire Parke.
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)
wanda reviewed on Aug. 12, 2012
(no rating)
Vengeance of the Wolf by Soltaire Parke was not an 'easy' read.
I loved the book description and couldn't wait to get started.
Who wouldn't love to read about a serial killer, ' a manipulative, unknown mass murderer...a bizarre and maniacal killing spree...a world of dreams and nightmares beyond their wildest imaginations.'?
I was intrigued but was not thrilled with this book; I found myself struggling to get through it.
(reviewed 11 days after purchase)
Lorrie Schumacher reviewed on Aug. 6, 2012
(no rating)
Ok. I struggled with this book. I loved the whole ideal behind it, I loved the premise of a killer attacking thru dreams. But frankly it was just too confusing (I don't even know if that is the right word.). My first impression (and final) was that it was just too hard to follow what is going on.

This book would be a great discussion book to slowly read and analyze, maybe in a book club or some such setting.

My problems with the story:

Date/Time/Place- Over and over and over again. "Seattle, Washington - March 3rd, 1990" sometimes as often as a few sentences. I understand that the author has to convey the killer's flashbacks/views and other characters in the story, but there has to be a better way. After a few pages, I just started ignoring it all together.

Frustrating- It was not an easy read. Somethings you had to re-read and think about to understand what they meant. Such as "Back off Williams, or this little exercise of futility ceases making whatever sense it used to during the format change."

Sympathy- I just had very little sympathy for the senators, usually I will feel real pain for what the victims are suffering regardless of who they are or what they have done.

Basically I just was not able to connect with (besides a small connection to Williams and Cullen).

I usually give books around 100 pages to decide whether to read on or not, because you just never know. Sometimes it takes a while to create characters and their worlds so you have to give it a chance. I did. I struggled thru over half the book before giving up.

I think the writer has great promise and with a little direction could be a best seller one day.
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)
Yzabel Ginsberg reviewed on Aug. 6, 2012

3.5/5 stars. I might have given it a 4, only it was frustrating in some aspects.

I was drawn to this book by the concept of dreams and nightmares, which is something that usually catches my interest, and I indeed found the method of killing quite interesting as well as thrilling. Troubling as this may be, seeing the killer in action, the way he picked at his victims and toyed with them, the way he thought, was just as interesting. The chilling feeling I got out of those scenes was reinforced by the descriptions, which were detailed enough to allow me to easily picture places and dreamscape. The ‘bad guy’ is clearly pretty deranged here; there was something almost touching to the reason behind his killing spree—a tiny spark that could’ve died quickly, that might even have seemed laughable to many people, yet blossomed instead into something terrifying, served by means beyond normal human scope. (The nursery rhymes quoted at the beginning of each chapter made me feel this even more strongly: they’re definitely reminiscent of something child-like, with an added creepy edge.)

All the characters had their part to play in the plot, with more or less spotlight, of course. Although it took me some time to get a real liking to Yardley and Williams, they are interesting personae, with spunk and potential, along with willpower and resiliency (how many people would’ve gone on trying to put an end to such an eluding case?). There were a few moments when I was confused at whose point of view I was following (in instances where “IT” and “the man” appeared); otherwise, the dates, places and POVs were clear and evident.

Overall, I had a good time reading this story, and wanted to know how it went from beginning to end (the epilogue was chilly, by the way—it screams for a catastrophe in the making, really). However, I remained frustrated at some things that I wished would have been more elaborated on. For instance, Celeste and her family (there’s something mysterious here, and I was hoping to learn more); the exact mechanism of the killer’s abilities; or Anthony’s motives and involvement, that were partly explained only, in my opinion. I think I’d have enjoyed the novel more if those loose ends had been tied. Last but not least, I managed to guess who the killer was fairly early; once I had it in my head, my hypothesis kept on being validated regularly. I’d have wanted that mystery to last longer.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
Lisa Schuch reviewed on July 3, 2012

Solitaire Parke’s “Vengeance of the Wolf” is a mind swirl of suspense. You will be on the edge of your seat the entire time you are enveloped by the author’s mind. It is brilliantly written and is a pleasure to read.
The author’s words bring you into the story as the plot tantalizes your mind, not knowing what is coming next. While the characters, will become a welcomed friend or a known foe.
I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great suspense filled story. It is truly a great book; one, in which, I shall enjoy re-reading.
(reviewed 6 days after purchase)
Brandi Parke reviewed on June 22, 2012

This book was an amazing supernatural thrill ride. It follows Dorian, one man and his undeniable quest for revenge against the people who wronged him - mainly politicians. It reminds me of the movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and Dreamscape, which I really liked. Dorian has the ability to enter people's dreams, and when he does, all hell breaks lose. He goes from continent to continent to get his revenge, and keeps the authorities guessing all the way. It is a great read and keeps you guessing until the very end. I would recommend it to anyone who loves horror/thrillers. Very innovative and exciting.
(review of free book)
Brittany Weaver reviewed on June 5, 2012

* I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes. The review is based solely on my opinion and was not influenced by author or publisher.

Politicians of the world are falling victim to an 'imaginative' serial killer. Detective John Yardley and FBI agent Frank Williams are on the case, then they are off the case and finally they are put back on the case. They get kicked off the case (and in the case of FBI agent Williams, fired) because they fail to apprehend Dorian before he kills the President. They get re-assigned to the case because the rest of the world seems unable to get their hands on Dorian as well. Dorian has a special skill set that enables him to exact his vengeance and elude the authorities. It will take some unique individuals to bring Dorian down, do such people exist?

I wish we could rate in 1/2 stars because I wanted to give this book 3.5 stars. I loved the idea behind the story, it was smart and imaginative. The reason that Dorian was looking for vengeance was unique and inspired and something I could get behind. Minus the horrific murders of course. The characters were interesting but I would have liked to see more development of Yardley and Williams. There was a lot going on in this story and at times it got a little confusing bouncing between all the locations and trying to sort through all the information.

Overall this was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it to readers who enjoy thrillers, police stories, horror and a little bit of fantasy.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)

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