Journey To Light: Part I of the High Duties of Pacia

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I actually would rather have people enjoy my stories than make money. That is why I write. Therefore, you can get "The High Duties of Pacia," "A Princess of Fae," and "Jesika's Angel" all for 'reader sets the price.' Naturally, I would love reviews but you have no obligation to write one if you don't want to.

When he was a child, Bob Craton’s teachers often remarked (not always favorably) about his day-dreaming. He spent much of his time lost in his own imagination, often creating elaborate elementary school tall-tales, and the habit never went away as he grew up. Coming of age in the 1960s filled his head with dreams of saving the world and having a career in academia. Then the real world closed in. With a family to support, he took a job at the corporate grindstone, just temporarily until he could get back to grad school and earn the PhD he desired. Somehow ‘temporarily’ turned into thirty-three years of stress and boredom but he kept entertaining himself by creating stories inside his head. Interestingly (well, he hopes it’s interesting anyway), his best ideas came to him while he was stuck in rush-hour traffic during his daily commute.

At age fifty-seven, he retired early (a euphemism for ‘got laid off') and had time to put his tales on ‘paper’ (an ancient product now replaced by digital electronics). The ideas in his head were all visual, like scenes from a movie, and as he began writing, he learned to translate visual into verbal and improve his skills. Or at least, that’s what he says. He admits that sometimes minor characters – or some who weren’t included in the original plan at all – demand attention. Frequently, he agrees with them and expands their roles. Many people believe he is bonkers for believing that fictional characters talk to him, but he calls it creativity and remains unrepentant.

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Sophia Martin reviewed on on June 25, 2013

This first part of Craton's trilogy begins an intriguing story, with strong, multifaceted characters and a complex plot. The characters are likable and the interactions refreshing and believable.

I often balk at the flaws in indie-published fiction, but Craton's writing is high-quality in terms of grammar, structure, style, spelling, etc. There are some shifts in point of view within scenes, but nothing that confused me, as well as some creative use of quotation marks, but nothing that would jar most readers in the least. I've docked a star for one reason: Craton could tighten up his writing considerably. There is a preface, a cast of characters, and a prologue. The first two could be eliminated entirely, especially since the information they contain is not only repeated but also better explained later. The prologue provides a flashback scene that I enjoyed very much, however, so I would keep it, despite my general dislike of prologues. After that, throughout the novel, Craton often uses ten words when he could use two; some descriptions are over long and some sedate scenes linger on. However, these issues are a matter of style and taste, and may not trouble some readers at all. I recommend Journey to Light to anyone who enjoys fantasy in a well-developed setting, with likable, complex characters.
(reviewed 25 days after purchase)
M Mancey reviewed on on May 28, 2013

An original and refreshing tale, written in meticulous style with attention to detail, this book tells a story of a great civilization long past and the mystery left behind. It is a civilization based on nobility and the power of kindness and wisdom. Even after its demise, some of its remaining people possessing great but untold talents live in secret and in constant danger. There is a strong mystical element with the main magically-able Sisteres, possessing the power of compelling the mind.

This book is particularly great for readers who like a tale rich in characters and many different elements. The plot is complex with many well-defined characters, some of whom are deeply intriguing and to whom the reader gets easily attached. I particularly liked Holder, a man with a significant background and an incredible past, but yet cannot recall it. He wanders the roads before meeting up with some of the Sisteres who try to help.

I got hooked as the story progressed and by the end, as things really got wound up the last chapter ends. I can't wait to begin with book 2 to find out the truth behind all the mystery and to see what happens to my favorite characters in this perilous and intriguing world.
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)
Lorraine Beaumont reviewed on on March 8, 2013

I will be honest, this is not what I normally read. However this was written well, it kept my interest and took me on a journey into an unexpected realm. This book is more of an introduction into a complex story-line. I enjoyed it so much I will definitely be reading the second book in the series. If you like a book that makes you use your brain a little this is definitely your kind of read!
(reviewed 4 days after purchase)
Noree Cosper reviewed on on Jan. 31, 2013

I would have to say that this book just wasn't for me. It has gotten some good reviews so this goes to show that everyone has different tastes. (If not this world would be a boring place.) There is a sensible start with the preface, solid description of a world and its peoples. The only detracting point to that is at the end of the preface where the author breaks with the entrance into the world by explaining to the reader that the story is full of disconnection in both location and character, but will all make sense in the end. It is not necessary to inform a reader that things will make sense in the end and sends the wrong message as to what to expect from the story.

The 4 main characters felt flat and 2 dimensional. The progression is jerky and without rhythm that would give the flowery descriptions a hand in fleshing out the world. I also felt the descriptions were over drawn for places that were mentioned in passing. This story is constantly shifting between character, locations and time periods to the point of almost utter confusion, with some level of connection to events most of the story gets left by the wayside. My personal opinion is to remove a lot of the superfluous material and stick with the story of the boy, as it has the most powerful plot
(review of free book)
ACWinOH reviewed on on Dec. 18, 2012

Wonderful introduction - you can kinda tell that's what it is from the description - to the characters and land. And the characters are so likable and real! Well, except for their powers, which aren't that extraordinary as a rule. I've read the other two books and can truly recommend this series as one guaranteed to entertain to the very end and keep your interest throughout.
(review of free book)
Vanna Smythe reviewed on on Dec. 2, 2012

A Very Entertaining Read

I'm a big fan of stories told from multiple points of view, so this book is exactly they type of book I love to read. All the voices of the main characters are well diversified and easy to distinguish between. Another thing I really enjoyed was the descriptions and set up of the world. It was very vivid and I could clearly picture the scenes in my mind, which to me is a sign of a great book!

The plot of this novel is complicated and multilayered, and is not yet resolved by the end of this story. But that's to be expected, as this is only the first part of a longer series. I can't wait to start reading book 2 to see how the story continues.

I don't want to reveal the storyline for fear of spoilers, but I loved both the main protagonists, Holden and Grace. They really came alive on the page, and I kind of miss them now that I'm done with the book.

Overall, I highly recommend this book. It is well-written, well-edited and very entertaining. And at its current price you can't go wrong!
(review of free book)
Amethyst Puri reviewed on on Nov. 28, 2012

This story has a mystical old world feel. This story is fantasy but with a spiritual glow. There is magic to the scenes in this tale, and you can tell that the author is highly intelligent as the book is well written.

My favorite character at this point is Holder; found in the slums of a dirty, medieval city, by Graice; a gifted pure woman, after he tried to protect her from some drunks. His character is the most intriguing, since he cannot remember his past, and because it seems clear in the story that he possess some abilities that are extraordinary.

This book is a wonderful adventure and it is only the beginning since it is part of a trilogy.

Loved it!
(review of free book)
Jamie Marchant reviewed on on Nov. 10, 2012

This novel reads more as an introduction to a novel rather than a full novel itself. It forms the characters, but we don't yet understand the central conflict. Nothing much happens. However, the characters are so fascinating that it full kept my attention from start to finish. My favorites are Rafe and Belo, a wolf and a bat-like creatures with human level intelligence. This download is free, but once you're done reading it, you'll want to buy the rest of the books in the series to find out what happens to the characters you've began to fall in love with. I know I did.
(review of free book)
S. R. Cronin reviewed on on July 22, 2012

This is a complex and intriguing tale of politics, sacred duties and gifted chosen ones in a fictitious land with tantalizing parallels to our own. The strength of the story lies in the many rich characters and in enjoying the development of their only partially revealed destinies.
Because in this first book of three the author is weaving together several story lines that will certainly intertwine eventually, the reader has to be a little patient and be willing to not always move through the plot in a direct fashion. Some story lines are stronger in this first book, and better developed than others. My favorite, and the one that carried the book for me, involves an amnesiac fighter and a prudish sisterhood that will make anyone raised catholic chuckle out loud. Others, like the story of two quasi-human creatures who resemble a wolf and a bat, are sketched more lightly. I am sure more will come later.
A reader should consider this full tale to be a three book endeavor. After enjoying the author's wit and imagination throughout this first book, I am anxious to pick up the next one.
(reviewed 49 days after purchase)
Richard Dodds reviewed on on May 21, 2012

A masterfully told story that draws you in and keeps you reading. So good I've bought the two sequels as well!
(reviewed 12 days after purchase)
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