A Lady Pays Her Penalties

Adult Erotica
Rated 4.92/5 based on 12 reviews
Three stories about a woman who likes to play backgammon on the Internet. When she gets bored, she spices up the games by giving herself painful and humiliating penalties if she loses. These stories feature consensual bondage and masochistic activities. More
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  • Series: Cruel Games
  • Category: Fiction » Erotica » BDSM
  • Erotica themes: None
  • Words: 61,010
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781452369815
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I am a post-modern woman who lives a vanilla life but fantasizes about adventures in masochism. I appreciate readers who purchase my books but, more than money, I need your honest response to my writing. Review my books or contact me at ashleyzacharias.com and let me know what you think of my stories. Good or bad, as long as you are not indifferent, your honest response will help me to write more and better stories.
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About the Series: Cruel Games
Leslie is a sexual masochist who loves games. To make backgammon more exciting, she designs cruel penalties that she must suffer if she loses.

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Francis Haley reviewed on Oct. 7, 2016

Very well written and engaging.
(review of free book)
LexxiKitty reviewed on Aug. 6, 2016

This was a book containing three short stories involving the same characters. Well, same two then an additional third in the third story.

There’s a forward in the book about sexual masochistic people. And about how this book contained stories involving one such woman, Leslie. I’ve one small problem with that – for the most part, the first two stories appear less to involve a sexual masochistic person, and more to involve a woman who, at a minimum, is super competitive and felt the need to punish herself when she lost games. Such a person is not exactly the same thing as a sexual masochistic person. The third story also seemed more about self-abuse that was not in any way enjoyed and only suffered through because of how super competitive Leslie is about stuff. At least until she accidentally and unexpectedly found some pleasure spring upon her during the humiliating scenes in the third story. All the way up to that point, she got nothing out of it. At least she was described as having gotten nothing sexual out of the events. I would assume, maybe wrongly, that a sexual masochistic person would ‘get something’ out of being a masochist. To reiterate, Leslie got nothing out of the first two stories but punishment – which, I know, can be what a masochist wants, but I mean sexual pleasure from the events, and from the punishments. Leslie got pain, humiliation, disgust, more pain, and what she wanted – punished for losing. As I said, she seemed like a super competitive woman who didn’t take losing very well.

I just read a story about Aaron Rodgers, a professional quarter back. It mentions how super competitive he is. How he turns everything into a competition and hates to lose. I do not exactly imagine him punishing himself when he loses so much as I could see him as the kind of person who, if he felt the need to punish himself for losing, would do so and feel no pleasure in it. I mean, that kind of defeats the purpose of punishment, yes? To get rewarded for losing?

So, to a large extent, that’s my problem with that forward about sexual masochists and calling Leslie one. Because she was described, shown, and revealed as someone who was super competitive and who needed to punish herself. She was revealed as someone who needed to punish herself, not reward herself. Even if the ‘reward’ would be seen as others as punishment. If she got ‘something’ from punishing herself, orgasmic release, anything like that, I doubt she would be happy with that. To put it another way, if she ‘enjoyed’ finding pleasure from self-fondling/pleasuring/etc. and that was the way she got enjoyment/pleasure/etc. then I doubt she would have, as a punishment – self-fondling. Similarly, if she got enjoyment/pleasure/etc. from having someone whip her, I doubt she would feel she has been punished by having someone whip her. And, to a large extent, Leslie was described as someone who got nothing except punishment from the actions that occurred. That is, as noted, up until a moment in the third story when she found herself – while in great pain/humiliation/degradation, - found her body responding through the pain to find pleasure.

The third story revealed someone who might now follow up on this revelation and find that they are a sexual masochist. The first two stories did not involve a sexual masochist, or at least, they didn’t except in the sense that they built on themselves and lead to the third story which lead to the awakening of a sexual masochist. I’m lifting that word directly from the forward and the description – masochist. I’m getting annoyed that it keeps being underlined red as being incorrectly spelled.

Right, as normal I included little notes to myself as I went along.

"First story completed 4 stars. Well written. Not arousing, & not sure about erotic.

Note: Introduction mentions some people just love pain. First story involves woman who is competitive to point needs to punish self. Seemed to get no enjoyment from pain. POV - helper, though." - The point of view was from the helper, Craig, who spotted for her so that she didn’t accidentally kill herself. She almost lost a hand due to self-bondage gone wrong, and Craig had to break into her house to save her – this was an event prior to the start of this book. The point of view of the first book was from Craig’s perspective, so I do not know if pleasure would have been revealed if the first story would have been from Leslie’s point of view. I kind of doubt that, though, based on how things were described. Not because I can’t imagine someone getting pleasure from the events, but because the reactions did not seem consistent with pleasure.

Oh. Right. Second story got completed and all I wrote was “2nd story completed. ~4.35 rating”. Well, that’s disappointing that I hadn’t included more words. Hmms.

Okay then. The first story involved Craig watching Leslie play backgammon. Several games played. When she won she continued, when she lost she got a sealed punishment envelope. She wrote . . . I can’t recall now how many, but . . um, at least four phases.

The story then turned to the basement wherein she entered wearing business attire and high heels. Got herself positioned, bound, and, through phases, had her clothing cut off, and much strain put on her body from being hung by her arms/shoulders. Wait, it didn’t start in the basement. Bah. See, I read this slower than normal so it’s been a while since I actually read the first story. Various punishments occurred in the house. This included being spanked, hung up, clothes cut away, etc. Actually, maybe it began in the basement then went upstairs, I now recall that as what occurred. Leslie did not seem to get any enjoyment from this activity. – 4 stars.

Second story – mostly from Craig’s point of view, but some from Leslie’s when Craig couldn’t see what was happening. Leslie ‘stuffed’ by butt-plug, dildo. Locked onto her body. ‘Slutty’ dress pulled on. Off to a hotel. Whipped. Nipple piercing. Then walk to nearest car dealership to test drive a car and beg to suck some cock. Then walk home. Many miles. In high heels. Even from her perspective, no pleasure/enjoyment appears to occur. 4.35 stars.

Third story – locked in her own house. As in a chain on her ankle. In living room. With uncovered windows. Bright lights on. Naked. For weekend. Another guy enters the picture on Saturday. I didn’t particularly like having a third person enter the story, but whatever. POV from Craig and Leslie. And partially from the third person, whose name might have been Alex. An unexpected moment of pleasure occurred during the activities. By this point, Leslie might be growing into becoming aware of being a sexual masochist. 4 stars.

Overall, that means I gave the three story book a rating of 4.1166666666667.
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Nicole Bush reviewed on Jan. 14, 2012

Thank you Ashley xxx
(review of free book)
co2van reviewed on Dec. 26, 2011

I read it twice! Fantastic! Wow! I cannot put enough exclamation marks in this review of your incredible book! You have put a bit more excitement in my marriage, both my wife and have read this and it's done some things! Wow!
(review of free book)
Mayo Kolamathy reviewed on Nov. 4, 2011

Really liked it. It avoided the trap that many books in this genre fall into - either the action is so mild that the protestations of pain seem pretentious and meaningless, or they seem abusive of the sub - to the point where it ceases to be amusing or even interesting. But the author has developed a brilliant device here, where the action is really quite extreme but the sub genuinely controls it too.

Well-paced, exciting, titillating and with a certain sense of lightness about it.

Great read.
(review of free book)
Doris Holmes reviewed on Sep. 13, 2011
(no rating)
I couldn't finish reading it. Stupid!!!!
(review of free book)
Nathan Fisher reviewed on Sep. 4, 2011

Definitely on the extreme fantasy side as far as I'm concerned - I wouldn't dare to try anything like this! But even so, I couldn't help being fascinated and couldn't stop reading.
(review of free book)
phas diva reviewed on Sep. 1, 2011

this story was great i loved every moment of it i am ready for pt 2
(review of free book)
Risque Taker reviewed on April 3, 2011

I have personally been exploring the BDSM world for not quite a year yet, and while at times I thought the punishments to be extreme, as I continued through the entire book, I found myself more and more intrigued by what Leslie would cook up next.

Being an extremely analytical person by nature, I visualized all of these punishments, and looked for ways to use them in my own life, applying my own unique twist to the act.

Unlike some of the BDSM stories I've read, there was a certain fluidity in each of the stories, showing that the writing was well thought out from beginning to end. But I do need to agree with another review, in that the final story was a bit weak. The role changes were great, but it started off so...matter of fact.

I look forward to more work from this author.
(review of free book)
Penny Graves reviewed on Feb. 19, 2011

An excellent read. I found there were a few bumps to be expected in a free unedited book. about a dozen typos total in all four stories, (a few misspellings, an occasional word repeated, and one instance of a British spelling in a book that is otherwise all American English) not much worse than some books that are professionally edited.

The stories are not so much titillating as they are intellectually stimulating. The first three stories are a wonderful collection of an extreme control freak who after an accident, resigns herself to being supervised and assisted in sexual punishments she has predetermined as the penalty for losing online backgammon games.

The fourth story is some time later after she has married and begins to play a game with her husband, to spice up what he considered a marriage gone bland. The fourth story was not quite as good as the first three in my opinion but the previous easily carried the last story. The ending of the last story isn't a surprise but certainly makes you wonder.

This collection is by far the best free ebook of this genre I have read.
(review of free book)
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