Forced Awakening (Forced, Fucked, and Bred Trilogy Part 1)

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While enjoying the summer at her grandmothers cottage Sophie falls captive to a sex-crazed Werewolf. Still a virgin, Sophie is reluctant to give in to his sexual desires. Hopeless and without a plan of escape she begins to crave the wolfs depraved needs. More
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About Bree Bellucci

My name is Bree Bellucci. I'm a nurse by day and a sex fiend by night :) Writing sexy smut has been a hobby of mine for years. I started out writing stories for my own pleasure and eventually began sharing with friends. There is no better way to get me horny than reading about a slut doing whatever it takes to please her partner, or partners. The greatest erogenous zone is the mind, and erotica is the best way to turn it on!

There can never be enough good smut, read on, and check my site for updates and new releases!

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Review by: Nenia Campbell on July 19, 2014 :
My first introduction to the monster porn genre was CUM FOR BIGFOOT. It was pretty awful--at least, I didn't like it--but I also got the sense that the author was winking at the audience the whole time, like, "You don't seriously believe this, do you?" (Incidentally, Virginia Wade is a lovely person.)

I got CUM FOR BIGFOOT free from Smashwords during a site-wide promotion, in addition to several other books of various genres. Then I went on a downloading binge and added all the books the site currently had listed as "free."

FORCED AWAKENING was one of these.

I should point out that there are trigger warnings for this book. Rape is heavily romanticized and eroticized in FORCED AWAKENING, which I'm sure many people will find offensive.

"Listen closely," Rylan said, "If you try to fight me, I will not be gentle and I will take you here and cause you pain" (5).

"No, I don't want you to," she said weakly, pushing his hands away.

"Yes, you do, Sophie," he said forcefully (13).

Sophie just wanted to take a nap outside on her grandmother's property. Apparently, you can no longer do this without getting raped by a sexy--but evil!--man who claims to be a werewolf. He carries her off back to his lair, but Sophie is so sexy that he has to keep stopping for sex breaks.

The sex scenes...well. Imagine you took a thirteen-year-old girl aside and asked her what her favorite book was. Imagine that she said TWILIGHT. Then imagine that you told her to go ahead and write some porn. (Note: don't do this--pretty sure this is illegal. Also, gross.) FORCED AWAKENING is probably a pretty close approximation of what you would get.

"Sophie lay on the ground feeling like a dirty whore as Rylan panted and rubbed his hard c*ck against her. Sophie whimpered, her thighs quivering, feeling the juices running out of her and onto the dirt" (6).

He tossed her panties aside, saying, "You won't be needing these any more" (6).

"Arrgh!" Sophie cried out. She had never felt such pleasure and she trembled from his hot mouth on her most delicate parts (8).

"Oh, Sophie, you're [sic] ass is so tight. I'm going to take it soon, but not now" (13).

Sophie collapsed onto the damp earth, a heap of sex (22).

"I own your breasts, pussy and ass" (22).

It's all totally worth reading, though, if only for this line:

"I came so hard that I shifted," Rylan said, dazed. "I've heard stories of that happening, but I never believed them. An orgasm has to be so intense, that it shifts our molecules" (17).

He came so hard that it shifted his molecules, guys!

(I'd probably be more impressed if I hadn't already read another shape-shifter romance that also employed the use of special snowflakey magic orgasms.)

FORCED AWAKENING is pretty bad. The writing is bad. The grammar is bad. Entire phrases are repeated multiple times (and since this book is only 23 pages, it's really noticeable). The sex is terribly written and basically romanticizes the act of rape. There's something in here for everyone.
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Review by: Sylvia G. Walker on Feb. 08, 2013 :
I'm itching to read the rest of the series
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Review by: Onasmusic on Feb. 07, 2013 :
A nice twist on Red Ridinghood and the wolf. What starts out as just a need for a woman to provide energy and strength ends with true feelings. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.
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Review by: JC Davenport on Oct. 03, 2012 :
A great introduction to an imaginative series: Rylan is a werewolf who gains power from a willing female sexual partner. This turns the timid and retiring Sophie into a cock-hungry slut in short order. A great setup for much more satisfaction in the future :)
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Review by: Cj Diaz on Sep. 21, 2012 :
Great read! ;)
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Review by: chrishia brewer on May 11, 2012 :
That was great!!!. I hope you write another one.
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Review by: Tammy R on May 08, 2012 :
I enjoyed this short story and I am excited to read book 2. I am hoping for a little more meat regarding the characters but over all it was a good read.
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Review by: Yenny D. on May 04, 2012 :
From the beginning pages, I understand that this book is the first of a trilogy but I don't think I'll be reading the rest. There's very little character development and practically NO development on the main male character. Basically the story reads as boy meets girl, boy kidnaps girl, boy and girl have lots of sex with some paranormal dangers thrown in on the side.
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